Vaya Pryde

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Vaya Pryde
Vaya 001.png
Biographical Information
Race Twi`lek
Homeworld Ryloth
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Khavi, Deshan, Doo'sah
Children None
Born 1Y 200D
Died n/a
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Coloring Pink
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Veilhal Nomads
Rank None
Prior Affiliation

Bondage to Freedom

Born into a little known clan known as Veesha, Vaya was destined to be traded or otherwise marketed to bondage once she reached proper trading age for the slave markets on her world, Ryloth. She was taught how to dance and perform, and while she could dance and almost fly around the stage she was too prideful to enjoy the hands on viewers and caused more than a handful of fights when she fought back. To Vaya, the dance was an art, and while sensual, it was not meant to be an open invitation for molestation. While others agreed with her in private that she was right to feel slighted, she was property and thus she was not allowed to rebel. After the beating that would nearly cripple her from one such lashing out, the teenage Vaya boarded a spice freighter as a stowaway, seeking a better life.

Life out of bondage is not an easy life, especially for a hungry teenager. The freighter captain did not care that she was supposedly pretty to humanoids, being a Gand, the freighter captain was only interested in working its route and staying out of trouble. The captain would say almost every day that it would space her the next day if she did not work hard, but over time that became an endearing comment as she always worked hard on keeping the old freighter running. Life was looking up for the young Vaya. It was about this time she took on the name Pryde out of spite for those who thought her too pride full.

Good times shine bright in the memory during bad times, as they help us through such times. Such is this era in Vaya's early life. Just as she was about to become a full adult, the hard times came. Her Captain had her offload a bunch of pallets in Mos Eisely on Tatooine, and was about done when her captain came stumbling into the hanger yelling for her to prep the engines. Distressed at seeing her captain wounded she tried to come to its aid only to be pushed away and called the most harmful thing she thought anyone could be called in her situation, "...slave." Had she not been loyal during the Captain's dealings with pirates, smugglers, and even helped it get out of more than one shady deal gone wrong with her hold out blaster? She had patched up her 'Captain' more than once and had saved its life more times than she ever need saving by far. None of it mattered though, she was to get to the engines. Hurt beyond words she rushed not to the engine room of the ship but to her quarters.

In her quarters, tears filling her eyes with the verbal wound, she reached under her bed and pulled out some credits she had saved for a rainy day. In all honesty she had saved the credits to buy her 'Captain' something as a means of thank you. But that was all gone in her mind. She suddenly heard her 'Master' call her in a screeching voice of anger and she rushed out of her quarters and down the dark back passageways to the hanger exit. She dropped out of the large spacecraft and with the screeching of the Gand not too far on her heels she bolted. She did not need to go too far before she was accosted by pack of Rodian bounty hunters. She was threatened with violence before they asked her where her Captain was. She pointed towards the ship that was obviously still warming up, the screaming of the captain profuse and violent. The ramp was closing though, and the Rodians all rushed on board. The ship seemed to get semi off the ground before it suddenly slammed forward. This shook Vaya out of her numbed state and had her running off.

Despite the rumored and very real hardships of a planet like Tattooine, Vaya did well. Her species does very well at not needing food that often, indeed survival on her world is paramount to this fact as few but the elite ever get a full belly. This allowed her to seek employment or opportunities as they would arrive. She was eventually able to pick up a job as a stewardess onboard a C-3 Passenger liner for a short while, this got her to move offworld and she was PAID! This became a brief good period of time, but the press of people were becoming a bit much for her so she tried to transfer to another ship on Kiffex. She was there waiting for the ship, but it never came out of hyperspace. One can assume many things happened to it, but in the end it left Vaya without a way off world and depleted of most of her funds. It was during this difficult time she was approached by a member representing the Veilhal Nomads, and figuring it was a good outfit she began her journey with them.