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* '''Unknown Trandoshan Force-Sensitive:''' This individual is responsible for teaching Venari all he knows and more about the Living Force, she is also a known acquaintance of Tann Halissk, however not much is known about her or even if she is still alive.
* '''Unknown Trandoshan Force-Sensitive:''' This individual is responsible for teaching Venari all he knows and more about the Living Force, she is also a known acquaintance of Tann Halissk, however not much is known about her or even if she is still alive.
* '''Zhad's Mother:''' Not much is known about Zon's mother, all that is known is she mated with Haliat before the Clone Wars and that it is probable that she is still alive.
* '''Zhad's Mother:''' Not much is known about Zon's mother, all that is known is she mated with Haliat before the Clone Wars and that it is probable that she is still alive.
* '''Zon's Mother:''' Much like Zon's mother, Zhad's is shrouded in secrecy, all that is known is that she mated with Venari during the civil war.
* '''Zon's Mother:''' Much like Zhad's mother, Zon's is shrouded in secrecy, all that is known is that she mated with Venari during the civil war.
* '''Anon Drekk:''' Ever since meeting Anon for the first time on the pirate's ship, Venari has treated Anon as a son, and considers him one.
* '''Anon Drekk:''' Ever since meeting Anon for the first time on the pirate's ship, Venari has treated Anon as a son, and considers him one.

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Venari Haliat
Biographical Information
Birthplace: Sakkhor, Trandosha
Born: Year 45 day 264 (BCGT)
Species: Trandoshan
Children: Zon Halissk, Zhad Halissk, Anon Drekk
Languages: Dosh, Galactic Basic, Bocce, Hapan, Mando'a, Ryl, Catharese
Religion: The Scorekeeper
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Height: 218 cm (7ft 2in)
Weight: 145 kg (319 pounds)
Eye Color: Amber
Political Information
Affiliation: Duskscale Clan

◾Pre-Empire Confederacy of Independent Systems (formerly)

Title: Darth Scarr (Undercover)

Scalelord of Duskscale

Notable Info: Force-Sensitive
"Sham Ba Davjäan inyameet"
— Venari Haliat

Venari Haliat (formerly Halissk) is the Force-sensitive Trandoshan scalelord of Duskscale Clan. During the Clone Wars he served the Confederacy, and was to become widely known by his unique position amongst the Confederate leadership in the years of the Clone Wars and after the Jedi purge. Presently, he leads a coalition of Trandoshans and considered to be one of the most widely known Trandoshans.

Venari commanded numerous task groups during his service in the Confederacy, most notably as the Commander of Ashkrik Fleet, which was a name given to it by Venari himself as it meant "To bleed your foes dry" in Dosh. Haliat was responsible for over one million Republic deaths during the war, and the fall of several planets. During the Great Jedi Purge, Venari became a leading member of the Trandoshans in the Galaxy. He fought many battles alongside other members of his species throughout the war who had joined with him.

Returning to Dosha after the conclusion of the Clone Wars, Venari went on to lead his clan to become a superpower on their homeworld using resources he had obtained after the droids deactivation. He attempted to bring in the tribal peoples across the continent in forming a lasting coalition government, which has not been done in thousands of years. Unsurprisingly, he met resistance from many of his people, who felt that they should be independent, or just because they wanted to fight.


Early Life

Venari was born into the Duskscale Clan, the rulers of a powerful region on Trandosha. In his youth Venari was trained in the ways of fighting by his grandfather Tann Halissk, around this time he and his grandfather discovered his affinity with the Force, he would often train with a local shaman. He later joined Confederate military, he changed his last name to Haliat since most seem to have a problem pronouncing Halissk. Venari participated the blockade of Naboo, however his role is unknown. Within a short time, Venari had earned the rank of Captain, and became a scalelord of his clan after the death of his father on Kashyyyk. During one of his days on leave, Venari handcrafted a cloak fashioned from the fur of a D`oemir Bear he had killed, we would wear it as part of his attire through the war.

Venari's role as scalelord was important for Duskscale Clan, as he managed to increase the clan's power and territory twofold. Early in his rule, he was attacked by three Trandoshan assassins wielding double-blades. He managed to kill all three without injury, and proceeded to gather the elders for a meeting. Venari discovered that his one of his cousins had hired them, and after killing him, he showed his Force affinity to the rest of the elders to show his power.

Clone Wars


As the Confederacy began laying siege to numerous Republic worlds, Haliat was tasked with securing a droid factory on Hypori. Shortly after, Haliat assembled an task group and led them into the battle at Hypori, which had commenced prior to his arrival. Clone intelligence was aware of his presence, but was not able to gather more than cursory intelligence. Venari Haliat oversaw the reactivation of the droid factory in the planets southern region. During the re-activation of the factory, Haliat sent numerous patrol squads of Battle Droids to ensure the perimeter was secure. The Battle droids would survive if the area was clear, but if they detected the slightest sign of hostile contact, Haliat would detonate the explosives he had attached to their battery packs to either clear out the hostiles, or to sign an incursion.


Knight Hynes and Clone Commando Charlie Squad were dispatched to the droid facility with orders to destroy the factory using a thermal bomb, thereby turning the factory into a crater. As his droids attacked, Haliat ambushed and killed a lone commando in charge of setting the explosive that would have destroyed the facility. While the rest of the Commandos engaged in combat with the droids, Haliat took on the Knight.

As the fight between the two began, Haliat disarmed his opponent with the Force, leaving the remainder of the fight without lightsabers. However, Hynes quickly used his own Force connection and incapacitated him with a Force push. The Knight, in a rare moment of Jedi hubris, took his time in by throwing him around. The Knight took the knife of the dead commando and drove it into Haliat's body, injuring but not killing him. Feigning defeat, Haliat conjured his strength in the Force and siphoned the life force from the Jedi, killing him. Knight Hynes' corpse was thrown off the platform they fought on by Venari shortly before he killed the remaining Clones with the energy he had remaining, he had discovered a new ability that brought him good times in the years to come.

War's Interim

At some point between 24 and 22 BCGT, Venari's successful leadership and combat abilities earned him the rank of Commander of a permanent Confederate task group. Sometime after this promotion he led his forces into the battle of Hypori. Haliat and his forces caught the small Republic fleet unaware. He landed his ground forces and assaulted the orbiting ships and station before the clones could react. While his gunships bombarded defensive positions, Haliat led an assault on the Clone garrison. He fought the local clone battalion, who were unaware of his presence until moments before. Haliat and his droid forces wiped out the entire unit. Throughout his time as a commander he was responsible for the deaths of a little over a million military lives and the destruction of a fleet worth of ships. Clone intelligence had attempted keep up with him and only succeeded on a number of occasions.

Unwelcome Visitors

Bringing captured Clone troopers back to his BoO, the Trandoshan observed the "interrogation" on the prisoners. After the interrogation proved successful, Venari began to move in a attempt to capture a Republic assault ship. Arriving at the Duro system, Venari deployed miniature electromagnetic pulse mines to disable the assault ship's energy shielding, allowing Venari to begin his boarding action. Once in orbit over the planet of Duros, Venari's Corona frigate was spotted by the lightly defended installation in the planet's orbit. Venari allowed them to send a distress signals to the Republic to lead the a Republic assault ship. Three hours later, the RAS Defendant arrived at Duros. Venari's vessel, Kren'ef, immediately proceeded to bombard the planet's closest settlement, leading the Defendant to attacking in order to prevent further destruction. However, the assault ship's energy shielding and weapon arrays were both disabled by the previously planted mines. Kren'ef maneuvered towards the disabled Defendant and, once the assault ship came into range, proceeded to board the ship along with his ship's complement of Trandoshan warriors and droids, nearly emptying the frigate. The boarding craft left the Kren'ef and were directed towards the hanger bays of the Defendant. Entering the assault ship, Venari and his Trandoshans engaged Republic forces. As the Commander pressed on to the ship's bridge, he was attacked by many Clone Troopers along the way. Venari had most of his troops engage the Clones, while the rest followed him towards the ship's bridge. Escaping the firefight, Venari and his remaining troops soon encountered Jedi Knight Kastrat near the ship's primary elevator. Before he could engage Kastrat, he was attacked by his Clone trooper entourage and his Padawan Menkab. Venari became locked in a duel with Menkab. He managed to kill Menkab with her own lightsaber, but he was attacked by Kastrat. Overwhelmed by Venari, Kastrat attempted to escape, but he was rendered unconscious.

Kastrat was captured and placed in a holding cell aboard his own ship, while Venari's troops hunted down the remaining clones. The frigate's crew captured Defendant and analyzed its data core, where they retrieved valuable information concerning the Republic forces. Haliat would later execute and eat both Jedi, however he was unable to find either of their lightsabers before he handed the ship and its contents to his superiors in the Confederacy.


At the end of the Clone Wars, one of the Separatist Councilors and his bodyguards, including Venari, was ambushed on the world of Mygeeto en-route to Mustafar for the councilor's protection. After some time into the battle, a new batch of Clone troopers had arrived at the battlefield. Suddenly, his droid forces started to fall on their own. As the engagement continued, Venari found himself outnumbered and being backed into a corner. Insisting for the Councilor to stay back, Venari looked for the Jedi leading the ambush, becoming confused when he did show himself. The clones managed to destroy the last remaining vehicle, briefly incapacitating the Trandoshan. As Venari picked himself up, he witnessed the Separatist Councilor being killed by stray blaster fire after attempting to flee. In order to keep his Jagannath points intact, Venari and the remainder of his forces charged the clone lines. The clone firing line swiftly killed the other bodyguards, while Venari did some damage to their local forces. After receiving minor wounds from the Clone captain, an explosive device detonated nearby and its shock wave knocked Venari off the bridge and into the ashy hills below. Venari's fall was broken by a dead clone, but he was rendered unconscious.

Awaking from the massacre, Venari found an opportunity to stow away on a damaged clone gunship. Eventually returning to his command post on the planet, Venari learned of the capture of one of his friends, Cakassk, after regrouping with two other of his Trandoshan brothers, Dere and Gryss. As Cakassk was being led away by two clone troopers, the three Trandoshans ambushed them. Venari killed one with his claws, while Dere killed the other by decapitation. The group escaped through maintenance corridor, where the Clone Captain and his squad caught up to them. Venari and Cakassk fired upon pipes and a series of conduits. The cubes and pipes exploded, killing the clone troopers and knocking the Captain down to the ground. Venari charged at the Captain and ripped him into pieces, thereby regaining his Jagannath points and his worth to the Scorekeeper. The group escaped into a Republic drop ship. The ship was piloted off of Mygeeto's surface and into an Arquitens Light Frigate. Once they were in hyperspace, they secured the vessel by killing anyone they encountered.

Post-Clone Wars

Returning to his homeworld, he planned to visit as many clans to unite his people incase an outside force attempts to seize Dosha for their own; one of the clans he visited was an old rival of his. Unfortunately the local Doshan clans were divided and civil war broke out between the more traditional clans and the progressive clans that wished to expand their species to other worlds. The war would later wage on for decades with many Trandoshans and even outsider mercenaries dead with only but a few factions remaining. However, it should be noted that the majority of Trandoshans did not participate as the war only took place on a continent rarely visited by outsiders and not fully mapped.

The Droid Problem

In 19 BCGT, Venari traveled to Mandalore aboard his Neutron bulk cruiser Gwa Hak. Upon arriving, he descended to the surface aboard his YV-666 to meet up with his allies. Along with Beshk and Toggi, two of his most trusted allies, he greeted the Mandalorians and begun working to go underway for their joint mission to Gyndine. Hours before their arrival, Venari decided to watch the Mandalorians train, alongside Liah Kaar, a Mandalorian scout. By the time the training session was over, the party moved to the observation deck to witness their arrival. Shortly after, Venari noticed a Munificent-class star frigate approaching their position. As the large craft began firing upon their position, they managed to evade the opening volleys, with only minor damage. After destroying the star frigate with some effort, they felt they could not waste time. As they prepared to enter orbit, Gwa Hak was attacked by another star frigate The cruiser managed to destroy the ship and continued through to the atmosphere. Upon gaining a viable orbit, Gwa Hak was attacked by dozens of modified Scarab Droid Fighters and the cruiser was forced to crash land on the planets surface.

The operation's team—Venari, Beshk, Karniss, Zissk, Liah Kaar, Aaryn Averrod, Patiel Kast, Protector Cran Belwynn, Jake Tana, Layson Cora, four Trandoshans, six Mandalorian recruits, and Toggi—departed the crashed ship and began travelling towards the Separatist holdout HQ. After passing a herd of Dewback, the group was ambushed by a pack of Vornskr. The group managed to evade the Vornskr, and they eventually moved on towards the Dewback. However, they were promptly attacked by Gundarks. During the skirmish, Kaar was dragged away by a Gundark. When Kaar's disappearance was noticed, Patiel ordered Venari, Aaryn, and Layson Cora to track her down by using Venari's abilities while the rest of the party continued on towards the holdout. While searching for Kaar, the trio lost contact with the rest of the team and the Gundarks managed to hide their tracks, even from a Force-Sensitive. The trio resolved to continue to the holdout, hoping Kaar out escape on her own. Along their journey, they were attacked by four rare Magnaguards. The droids attempted to kill the group by knocking down trees and throwing large rocks. Having avoided the "attacks," Venari had gotten tired of playing dodge-the-rock and threw the rocks back at them, destroying them. More droids, this time average Battle droids, arrived at their location, though Venari and Aaryn managed to destroy most of the droids, while the rest fell back. Unfortunately, the droid's attack displaced the group even further from Kaar's location. As they progressed towards the holdout, the three were attacked once again by a lone Gundark, which forced them to take cover up on a cliffside. Communications were restored between the two groups, allowing a team to sneak up on the Gundark, allowing Venari to kill it with his lightsaber.

Inside the compound, Tana managed to access a command interface, but they were promptly attacked by more droids. As the droids arrived in waves, Venari, Tana, Cora, Toggi, and Karniss retreated down a service elevator, while the rest escape through a corridor. Finding themselves within the compound's tunnels, they discovered the power station. While Toggi worked to repair the station, Cora is killed by a commando droid which is immediately destroyed by Venari. Utilizing the systems map, Toggi finds the exit. However, the group came across a blast door which was blocking their path, with the control suit on the other side, then the exit. Venari and Karniss manage to destroy the door, using the Force and explosives. While waiting for Toggi to gain access to the controls to open the exit, the two Trandoshans were ambushed and attacked by dozens of battle droids. By the time Toggi managed to open the door, Venari and Karniss had defeated the droids, though they were slightly wounded. While Toggi took control of the local systems, the Mandalorians, Beshk, Zissk and the rest located Kaar and had engaged more droids. After they dealt with the droids, Venari, Karniss, Toggi, and Tana arrived and regroups with the rest of their team. Afterwards, the team returned to Gwa Hak, only being threatened by a pack of Vornskr along the way. Shortly afterwards, the team managed to repair the ship and they headed back to Mandalore to debrief with only five deaths.


On Kelona 1st, 19 BCGT, Venari and his faction allied with a small smugglers group out of pragmatism, as the group, led by Khrukt Vassk were the best equipped to bring in additional supplies for his people. Haliat would later become suspicious of Khrukt Vassk and secretly followed him to Wasskah. After he discovered Vassk servicing his foes, Haliat was discovered and captured by a mercenary Noghri.

Detained and sold to slavers, Venari was interrogated by a Human interested in alien physiology, and his assistant. Haliat was then transferred and sold to an alien "Zoo", where he was placed under observation and captivity under a Nautolan doctor.

Meanwhile, Haliat plotted his escape. While he no longer fought a war at present, he would often study his surroundings, enabling him to learn about the various parts of the facility. During his stay at the facility, he was fed food that normal Trandoshans did not eat, the consumption of it caused him to become ill. Haliat would often have conversations with his follow prisoners; he learned about all other escape attempts, how they failed, and what he could do to rectify said failures.

Eventually, after regaining his strength, he viciously killed a score of his fellow prisoners allowing him to escape and killing everyone in his path, escaping via a docked ship after taking everything he could of value. After re-contacting Dosha, with Venari's rage re-ignited, he convinced a raider band to help him in his quest against his enemies. Venari managed to assemble a small fleet for his faction, with a Clone Wars Era-Acclamator serving as his flagship.

Peace in Pieces

In 16 BCGT, Venari Haliat had entered into negotiations with a Wookiee tribe, along with a Mandalorian delegation. Haliat would once again met with Dannen Guga and the Wookiee Chieftain Merumfull on Taarkano. During the negotiations, an anti-alien group attacked the delegations. When their evac ship was blown out of the sky, they were relocated by their escorts to an abandoned facility on the planet where they were able to evacuate off-world and back to safety. With all parties walking away without agreeing to anything useful.

Liberation of Dosha

In 12 BGCT, following the Rise of the Rebellion, the remaining Imperial forces on Trandosha regrouped and launched an assault on the Duskscale Clan lands. The Imperials used the city of Nakissk as a staging point to launch attacks against the Trandoshan militants, Venari and his people countered this move by establishing numerous operating bases in the ruins across the sea from Nakissk. However, the Imperials attacked first and laid siege to the Trandoshan's base, pushing back Haliat and his forces to the breaking point.

After receiving news of the war on Dosha, the Rebel Alliance landed, and fought their way to the trandoshan's position, while the Imperials started to overwhelm the Trandoshans at their base. With help from the surviving Trandoshan soldiers, the rebels eliminated the Imperial forces around the base and moved inside the inner chambers of ruins; Rebels arrived at his position just as he was finishing off several unlucky Stormtroopers. Returning to their primary base, trandoshan and rebel leaders took council on liberating Trandosha from the Galactic Empire.

While pushing their way towards Nakissk, the Imperials deployed AT-ATs between them an the Trandoshan-Rebel alliance. While the Rebels provided air support, Venari's forces engaged the walkers from the ground. While Trandoshan ground forces pushed the walkers back, the Rebels managed to destroy them. With the walkers destroyed, little else stood in the way of the Imperial's garrison. After creating a line through the Imperials defenses, the Trandoshans and Rebels returned to the main encampment, where Haliat and his people decided they were ready to initiate their attack on Nakissk and push the Empire off the planet. When all their combined forces were ready, they launched their assault on Nakissk and the Imperials. Haliat and the Rebels traveled to Nakissk aboard a stolen Lambda shuttle, avoiding anti-air emplacements along the way. While Venari led his forces in engaging the Imperials, the Rebels destroyed AA guns to allow more troop transports and air support to engage the enemy. However, recently landed Imperial forces, lead by an apprentice to the Sith, engaged the Trandoshan forces and started to overwhelm Venari's forces. Rebel forces arrived at Haliat's location just as he was about to be killed by an Imperial Special Forces trooper. Venari Haliat and the Rebel forces come under renewed attack from Imperial forces and were soon attacked by their Sith leader. The group managed to kill the Sith and his troops, just as the last of the Imperial transports left the surface. Haliat then regrouped with his soldiers and led his forces in eliminating the last of the Imperial forces on the planet.

After this victory, Haliat and his forces celebrated along with the rebels in a feast and festivities rivaling that of any species.

A New Life

A Home Away

Near the beginning of the Second Galactic Civil War, Venari Haliat served in a newly formed navy as a captain of a captured Modular Taskforce Cruiser Ink Byager. Soon after the declaration of Second Civil War, Haliat and his clan were forced to flee after the Imperial retaking of their homeworld.

With a section of starships filled with vicious and trained soldiers and nowhere to go, the trandoshans soon contacted the Mandalorians in order to receive a refuge for his people. Tyr DeMeer, the leader of the Mandalorians, offered the trandoshans a place within their society in exchange for fighting in the name of Mandalore, which Haliat agreed.

Hutt Problems

Main article: Anon Drekk

Having transporting mineral goods to Mandalorian space in a BFF-1 Bulk Freighter, Venari decided to sleep in the hot parts of the ship during the entirety of the journey. Somewhere along the trip, pirates attacked his ship. During the boarding action, Venari first helped Aaryn Averrod repel the invaders. After the ship's defenders were all active and the pirates had been driven back onto their own ship. Soon, Venari and several other troops infiltrated the enemy craft, proceeding throughout the vessel's hallways.

During the short battle, Venari encountered a number of slaves that had belonged to the ships Hutt captain. One in particular caught his attention, Anon Drekk (the name he was quickly given), would be adopted by him later on in the following weeks.

Aliit V'r'caah


Venari Haliat, for a short time, was a member of a sith cult called Tsis Tvarka Reborn in order to see if they were a threat to other force-sensitives. Some time after, the cult began recruiting sentients near starport entrances and exits. During this recruitment drive, Haliat infiltrated Tsis Tvarka Reborn by merely using a Mind Trick against the unwitting recruiter. When their leader, known as Darth Xez at the time, was at a hastily erected encampment on Derra, Haliat found an opportunity to discern the threat posed by TTR as Xez was preparing his combat Armour. However, after sensing in the force Xez's presence, Haliat quickly found relief in that this Darth Lord was merely an impostor and possessed the Force-sensitivity of a Mynock and was merely mad in his own delusions. After the two locked onto each other's eyes, Haliat left the tent after successfully Mind Tricking him into forgetting he was present.

Afterwards, Haliat abandoned the cult, along with a list of names of agents, informants, and advisers from various factions, as well as managing to turn three other members of the cult to abandoned with him. Haliat later engaged in a duel with Darth Xez after having finally realizing his betrayal, however, Xez was easily defeated and fled like the coward he is. Xez would later, suffering from the humiliation of this event, changed his title to Darth Siege and began a spiral of grandeur.

Personality & traits

Venari, like most Trandoshans, hold an obsession with honor and Jagannath points for most of his life. However, he is more flexible than his peers when it came to tactics he would employ, and in particular showed an interest in Wookiee weapons before the Clone Wars. His worldview changed during the Great Jedi Purge from the effect the deaths of so many Force-sensitives at once. While once zealous to the Scorekeeper's will, he became more open-minded about tactics, such as retreats. His experiences as a Commander also made him more pragmatic than most Trandoshans, being willing to accept help from other species.

Venari was a brilliant commander, known for utilizing advanced tactics and studying his foes that allowed for a greater ferocity in naval combat. During the Clone Wars, Haliat was known for his preference to lead battles from the front lines instead of in the back. His unorthodox tactics among the Confederacy military quickly caught the eye of Clone Intelligence, who would later consider him a threat for both his naval and ground prowess in combat.

After losing his Jagannath points, he was ashamed for his lose of status in the eyes of the Scorekeeper, and wished only to regain the favor of his Goddess. He remained adherent to his faith, up until he killed the enemy that caused his lose of status, regaining his lost points. Following the deactivation of his droid forces, Venari developed a hatred of Neimoidians, even after learning they were ultimately not responsible. Despite his dislike of clones, Venari has developed a respect for some, and even a respect for some Jedi he had encountered. He also seems to have a great liking for puns.

Powers & abilities

Venari possess all the natural abilities of his species, such as superhuman strength, infrared vision, and unique regenerative abilities that allows regenerating of lost limbs, augmented with his Force abilities, Venari is a an extremely powerful combatant.


  • The Force: As a result of being born with a high amount of Midi-chlorians within his cells, Haliat has the ability to detect and alter the flow of the Force, a almost supernatural entity that exists in all life in the galaxy and possibly the universe. Venari has mastered the usage of healing, barriers, and force lightning while only just starting on battle meditation and mind tricks.
  • Trandoshan Physiology
    • Superhuman Strength: Venari, like the rest of his species, possesses immense strength exceeding that of most other species. Venari, due to his connection with the Force, he can enhance his strength to the point of rivaling that of even the Wookiees for a short duration.
    • Superhuman Durability: Venari's reptilian physiology is much more resistant to physical damage than other species. He can also survive in temperatures most other species would not survive.
    • Longevity: Venari, with help from the Force, can drain life and the Force from individuals, and has gained the ability of using the Force to regenerate his own life force, granting Haliat with an extended lifespan.
    • Healing Factor: Much like every other individual being in the galaxy, Venari can suffer from wounds. Haliat's reptilian healing factor can regenerate entire limbs unlike most other species. Combined with his Force powers, Venari can heal to an even greater extent.
    • Infrared Vision: Venari can see into the infrared spectrum due to his Trandoshan physiology. Thus, he perceived things due to the heat that they emit.


Venari Haliat is an incredibly skilled Trandoshan, famed as one of the deadliest Trandoshans in the galaxy. His skills in combat and warfare has proven invaluable during his service to the Separatists cause, and later to his people. Trained aggressively in his youth by Tann Halissk, Venari Haliat is a skilled combatant and competent Force user. Since he had obtained a lightsaber, he has significantly refined his capabilities with the lightsaber, along with other weaponry ranging from heavy machine guns to the smallest of knives. Having proven his skills at war, Venari attracted the attention of other Trandoshan clans.

Haliat is known for displaying incredible prowess with his lightsaber and ELG-3A. Known to deftly wield a lightsaber, Venari operates the weapon with remarkable power and speed, enhanced with his connection with the Force. Venari is able to use his lightsaber to block and deflect blaster shots thanks to his Force precognition. During an engagement against an Separatist holdout faction in his Mandalorian territory, Venari engaged numerous BX-commando droids and average droids and succeeded in destroying the droids, despite their swiftness, and the numerical advantage.


He favors his customized lightsaber he had acquired during the war with the republic, however, he still uses a vibroblade that has been in his possession since before the Clone Wars, Clone's Bane. Venari most often uses a DLT-20a in ranged combat, and duel-wielded ELG-3As he acquired from a friend a long time ago. Haliat is also in possession of a number of ships including an YV-666, a Sprint, and a Ginivex starfighter that has been in his possession since he got it during the Clone Wars, and throughout the years has helped him in his war on Dosha.

  • Venari Haliat's Armor:
    • Pre-Clone Wars & During: Venari's first armor set that he wore into battle was almost chitinous and organic in appearance, reflecting its origin on Trandosha. His helmet, which encompassed most of his face, vaguely resembles a Frist shark. A cross-shaped pattern of purplish insets faces outward from a central point on the helmet. A blade-like talon, derived from the teeth of Dosha's predators, is located on the inner toe of either boot.
    • Post Clone Wars: While Haliat at first donned his scalelord armor during the Clone Wars, he has recently been seen wearing a heavily customized Trandoshan-Mandalorian hybrid battle armor, mixing the two cultures into one. This armor is gold in color and more baroque then his scalelord armor set.

Known Associates

  • Tann Halissk: His paternal grandfather, Tann Halissk is the one who trained Venari in the ways of the warrior and even located a tutor for his grandson when his Force abilities began to manifest.
  • Veneb Halissk: His father, Veneb Halissk was the former scalelord of his clan before the Clone Wars, Veneb passed away while fighting off a Clone attack on Dosha.
  • Mundokk Halissk: Not much information has been gathered about his mother, it is possible she passed away but it is unknown.
  • Zhad Halissk: Being the elder son of a scalelord is no easy task, Zon Halissk spent most of his life with his father before he rode off into the galaxy during the Clone Wars to bring new treasures to Dosha, during his father's absence, Zon has proven that his father's skills in battle are hereditary over and over again in the Doshan civil war.
  • Zon Halissk: The youngest of Venari Halissk's two children, Zhad was born during the early years of the civil war that current rages to this day on the small continent.
  • Unknown Trandoshan Force-Sensitive: This individual is responsible for teaching Venari all he knows and more about the Living Force, she is also a known acquaintance of Tann Halissk, however not much is known about her or even if she is still alive.
  • Zhad's Mother: Not much is known about Zon's mother, all that is known is she mated with Haliat before the Clone Wars and that it is probable that she is still alive.
  • Zon's Mother: Much like Zhad's mother, Zon's is shrouded in secrecy, all that is known is that she mated with Venari during the civil war.
  • Anon Drekk: Ever since meeting Anon for the first time on the pirate's ship, Venari has treated Anon as a son, and considers him one.