Vito Royan

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Vito Royan
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Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Csilla
Mother Dead
Father Dead
Siblings Salvatore Royan - Brother
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5'9
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Aurodium Legion
Rank [E3] Immunes
Prior Affiliation Faction leader of Horizon Tactical Armaments

The Chiss Ascendancy

Golan Technologies

Black Dust Industries

Telma Tech Shipyards


Outback Industries

Tion Hegemony

Corellian Engineering Corporation

Galactic Medical

Vito Royan starting working in Year 9, Combine years. He started out in Outback Industries, working minimal wage for several months. After that he bounced between jobs like no other, scoring him a good position within the New Republic. The group was called , FreiTek INC. He thought they were a friendly group, but then realized they were all dogs of the New Republic, which made him laugh.

A senior member of New Republic tried to have Vito killed, due to them having a argument over Com's. This person was named Evan Traner, he despised him. They left him for dead, but a good friend from a secret ship building faction came and saved him from the filthy Republic. The funny thing about this, he was also a New Republican diplomat, and they tried to kill him!?

Vito then started to work for Flar Gar yet again. He stuck with the Medical and Mining Chiss factions for too long. He worked hard, and loved working with members of the same race. It was just something unique about it, something most wouldn't understand. Vito started to trade more and more daily, and began to become a small weapons dealer based out of Firro. He did deliveries every once and a while he would help out The Chiss Ascendancy. His NFG was named Royan Holdings, and dealt primarily with weapons. It became a nice little group, it definitely racked in a good amount of credits as-well.

He then join Golan Technologies and started to work for his friend Adrian Kilstar, while trying to run his NFG on the side. Vito became very ill and had to go on extended medical leave for a few months. When he came back, his NFG was in ruins. All the employees left him except for one, but he started to work for Adrian again. The NFG was slow since then, he sold a few weapons here and there but things started to change. Adrian started to grow away from Golan, his tasks were issued slower and slower and Vito had to leave, because one day Mr. Kilstar disappeared from the face of the galaxy.

Vito started to set up communications with old friends and attempted to meet new ones, to build up his faction yet again. They got funding from a good chiss friend from House Sabosen. He then created Horizon Tactical Armaments, which primarily produces vehicles/ships/weapons as-well. They are a independent faction and wish to serve all sentinents in the galaxy.

Vito disappeared for a few months and eventually the faction he ran crumbled. He did some independent work for a short while, before he saw a recruitment ad on the holonet to become part of the legion. He wasn't sure what he was getting himself into, but he joined up with them anyway. Since then, he thinks its going to be his new home in the galaxy.