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A Chiss Nightclub that started as the officers's club for the CEDF, it now is open to the public. Located in the city of K'eb on Csilla in a Hotel Complex owned by Chiss Ascendancy.


Atraena Sarethi an officer of the CEDF, founded Vocehn as a social gathering for Chiss officers during the Aristocracy of Rachel Keiko-sho. After Rachel's abdication, Sarethi resigned and disappeared. Prard`aga Rono encouraged House Yar to not only purchase the club but move it to a new hotel on Csilla.

A large entertainment complex on Csilla that is the most popular locale for the elite of Csilla and visiting offworlders.


Vocehn was built on Csilla during Year 14 and has since been expanded into an entertainment complex, 25 levels high(not counting subterranean levels).Due to the increased size and growing business,Vocehn has two main turbolifts, plus a secondary system that is Staff-only.

Ground Level

At the Ground level entrance, guards check Identification. In the archway, screens identifying sentients barred from admittance are displayed. Most of the names have the word VESCI stamped below the sentient's image, but offworlders are met with either a frustration, fear or silence when asked what it means.

Level Five

The Fifth Level is the Public and Private Speeder Bays with a Foyer where a droid is present and is authorized to prevent Speeder Access for reasons of Security or Intoxication.The Private Speeder Bay is exclusive to those Vocehn Staff and Special Guests given access by the Patron.

Level Twenty

Level Twenty is the Operation Level, with access given to Vocehn staff only. The Patron's Office connects several main offices for senior Vocehn Staff, including an Executive Conference Room. Separating the Offices is an Operations Centre staffed by CEDF personnel who monitor Security, Operational Systems, and the Pazaak Tables.

House Levels

Certain levels are exclusive to the Chiss Houses and access to them may not be given without prior permission from a senior House Official. Each House Level is divided into an Office Section and a Living Section. The Living Section contains suites for House Personnel and their guests. The Office Section contains the Offices for the Aristocra and Syndic, and a conference room for House Meetings.

Level Twenty-Four

Called "Old Vocehn" by veteran guests, this level contains a Ballroom for special dinners and a dance floor. An Ice Sculpture of the founder dancing sits on the far corner of the Dance Floor. Additional revenue is sometimes earned renting out the venue to local musical talent.

Level Twenty-Five

The top of the club sports landing lights for those interstellar visitors rich enough to afford storage. Two landing platforms are separated only by a cargo lift large enough to contain any light freighter model or smaller, providing access to the storage bays within, large enough to contain a dozen transports at any one time. For larger ships or those not rich enough to land, two long docking booms extend from the tower just below the level of the roof, allowing direct access to patrons without braving the elements. Both of these booms lead passengers to the upper foyer, where other guards perform the same checks as those at street level before allowing patrons to access the turbolift down to the main foyer. The turbolift also stops at the foyer adjacent to the speeder bay, where other guards perform the same checks on incoming patrons from this entrance

The main foyer is always a riot of colour, a mix of exclusive traders and holographic adverts for everything from offworld transport to stocks and shares. From the main foyer are doors that access the Bar, Restaurant, and the Pazaak Tables(the main dancing area has been relocated to a ballroom on another level).


The Chef is a middle-aged human male by the name of Gilrot.

The primary Bartender is a young Chiss female by the name of Hexar. Her R4 Astromech Droid, R4-87 does minor repairs in addition to serving customers.


Vocehn is considered the Sovereign Territory of the Chiss Ascendancy, and therefore all patrons must act in accordance with the Chiss Legal Code. Only authorized personnel may be armed upon entering Vocehn, all other patrons must surrender their weapons to security staff before entering(Wearing ceremonial Armor and Weapons is permitted). Unauthorized use of force abilities or violations of the Chiss Law are grounds for removal. Exiled Chiss will not be permitted entry.