Void Wolves

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This article is about the Year 21 criminal syndicate. For its renamed successor, see Dreadful Wolves.
Void Wolves
General Information
Status Renamed - See Dreadful Wolves
Leader Robert Reynolds
2IC Werga Revig
Owner Ximaro Jix
Historical Information
Founded Year 21
Political Information
Industry Pirate Outfit
Holosite (Classified)


Created by Zann Consortium, Crime lord, Ximaro Jix. Within its foundation, Ximaro added elements from the NovaBlades Mercenaries, Car`das Smugglers, Dread Pirates and Zann itself before recruiting Jett Blackheart and Joel Mortuus-Aquila as the first council members. To complete his vision of the Void Wolves however, Ximaro later brought in Defiler Wakagashira (Cell leader) Lazarus Grimm and together the four formed Wolves into a special operations detachment of skilled pirates who function in cells or a single cell known as a "wolf packs" operating in both criminal operations and warfare, designated by their leadership. Like its predecessor organizations Wolves do not report to Zann Consortium, only to Ximaro himself and leadership. Though not removed of its allies, the Wolves have been observed acting as a vanguard in space assaults, and guerilla fighters on land fighting along side of Zann Defilers and Dark Star Hellions.


Wolves are designed as a rapid assault raiding crew. Wolves Unlike one of its predecessor organizations Dread, have no individual pirates who act out personal gain. If an individual is observed stepping outside of the crew he is marooned or summarily executed. All objectives are decided by the crew leadership who designate targets for assaults, kidnapping and/or piracy. In addition, Wolves utilize counter - insurgency, tactical striking, special reconnaissance and guerilla warfare during times of war on land and in space.

Hijacked goods and prisoners who have not been paid for after being kidnapped, are given to Dark Star Hellions who fence goods and sell individuals on the open slave market.

Unlike Zann Consortium, who commit large scale acts of piracy , Wolves are less expansive and focus on isolated targets and operations where hit and run tactics can be utilized, so the Wolves can disappear under the veil of darkness, before most even know they were there.


While largely unknown to the masses, unlike Dread and other Zann organizations, very few Defilers exist among Wolves. Those who are members of Zann, are designated inactive agents of the Consortium, and serve only Wolves purposes. The core of Wolves members are individuals selected for their skills in piracy and warfare. Little is known about Wolves numbers, but it is believed the outfit deliberately caps its membership to keep its cells small. It is believed that the VW (Void Wolves) contract outsiders to assist special recon operators with providing Intel to pirate cell leaders.