Vos Keldom

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Vos Keldom
Biographical Information
Race Kel Dor
Spouse Jordania
Died Year 18 Day 233
Languages Basic
Religion Jediism,
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6.7
Weight 130lbs
Political Information
Affiliation The Infinite Empire

Tsis Tvarka Reborn

Title Jedi Mining operations assistant
Rank Diplomatic Assistant,Jedi Student
Positions Commander (formerly)

Vos Keldom was a Kel Dor, the once leader of an infamous Sith cult known as Tsis Tvarka Reborn. In the wider galaxy, he was a student of the Jedi Order. Keldom was formerly held in the custody of Venari Haliat, he was eventually disemboweled and eaten alive by the Trandoshan.