Vox Populi - The Askaj III Insurrection

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The Askaj III Rebellion
Datec. Year 18 Day 144
LocationAskaj III, Cegul Sector
ResultDestruction of several major population centres, Phyrric Krath Victory
Krath Empire and AlliesALF and Allies
Commanders and Leaders
Krath Talak Kasra Kalzel Gryjiss Cuyan Hulo
Shadow Hunter Task Force: Thearn Nightstaf Sierra Null
Unknown rogue leader†
Fed'eykan: Jaydon TaVolarian (Switched sides to join Krath forces.)
Quasar Fire-class Bulk Cruiser

2x R-41 Starchasers

  • Seraph I
  • Seraph II

Nu-class attack shuttle

  • Guardian

Krath X-wing

Pursuer Enforcement Ship

  • Da Ooba Blarg

Black Sun JM-5000


  • Reliant
Various other passing ships
Ground-based turbolaser Several battle droids
Casualties and Losses
Krath X-wing

Seraph II

Severe damage to multiple ships
Ground-based turbolaser

All battle droids

All crew