Vox Populi - The Askaj III Insurrection

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The Askaj III Rebellion
Datec. Year 18 Day 144
LocationAskaj III, Cegul Sector
ResultDestruction of several major population centres, Phyrric Krath Victory
The Krath and AlliesAskaj Liberation Front&dagger and Allies
Commanders and Leaders
The Krath:
Talak Kasra, Kalzel Gryjiss, Cuyan Hulo
Shadow Hunter Task Force:
Thearn Nightstaf, Sierra Null
Unknown rogue leader†
Jaydon TaVolarian (Switched sides to join Krath forces.)
Quasar Fire-class Bulk Cruiser

2x R-41 Starchasers

  • Seraph I
  • Seraph II

Nu-class attack shuttle

  • Guardian

Krath X-wing

Pursuer Enforcement Ship

  • Da Ooba Blarg

Black Sun JM-5000


  • Reliant
Various other passing ships
Ground-based turbolaser Several battle droids
Casualties and Losses
Krath X-wing

Seraph II

Severe damage to multiple ships
Ground-based turbolaser

All battle droids

All crew