Wes Nuuk

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Wes Nuuk
Wes Nuuk.png
Biographical Information
Race Jawa
Mother Crist
Father Unknown
Spouse Vic Vee(presumed deceased)
Siblings Tek Yang(half-brother)
Children Yang Nuuk(son), Rosana(adopted daughter)
Born Year -16 Day 221
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.0 meters
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Corellian Transport Services, Freedom Convoy
Prior Affiliation Nuuk clan

Wes Nuuk is a freight pilot, curently employed by Corellian Transport Services as well as being a secret member of the anti-slavery group, Freedom Convoy. Wes has also been known to take up various other odd-jobs from time to time.


Wes's mother, Crist was originally part of the Yang clan. It was there, during year -24, that Wes's Force sensitive older half-brother, Tek yang, was born. During the events of order 66, the clan leader, ex-Jedi Dev Yang, gave refuge to a Jedi master. The Galactic Empire eventually found out about the harbored Jedi and sent a strike force down to eliminate him. The strike force wiped out a majority of the clan, including Dev Yang, as well as the Jedi. Crist survived the attack and wondered the empty desert for three days before running into the Nuuk clans sandcrawler. It was there that Wes was born, two years later.


Nuuk Clan

Do to circumstances unknown to the public, most of the Nuuk clan had met a similar fate to that of the Yang clan while Wes was a young child. Wes has little memory of the events, possibly do to suppression of memories or a mental block. Most of what Wes knows about his clan comes from statements from those that had done business with it as well as stories told by a Jawa who was banished from the clan. His oldest clear memory was of his mother carrying him in the desert away from a distant burning sandcrawler.

Childhood (Year-11–Year-4)

"<One that not be upfront will always be walked over.>"
— Uncle Rikx

After an unknown amount of time in the desert, Wes and his mother eventually reached Mos Espa. His mother, most likely having lost her sanity, ran back into the desert, leaving her son alone. For over a month, Wes begged on the streets before he was eventually given shelter by a Jawa named Rikx, and a one-eyed Ithorian named Arrak, that both lived together in a small hut. Rikx was actually at one point part of the Nuuk clan, but was banished for killing someone. Arrak was once a slave until he was given his freedom by his last master. It is with these two that Wes spent the remainder of his childhood.


Wes's "uncles" Arrak and Rikx.

Teenage Years (Year-5–Year 1)

Wes Nuuk got his first job as an engineer and repairman. He would occasionally replace parts of the items he repaired with more cheaper parts in order to keep the more valuable parts for himself. It is through many odd-jobs that he learned the basic controls of a starship. It is also through these jobs that Wes was able to acquire (and sometimes outright steal) the parts to construct his translator droid, Nut. Some of the parts used for Nut were found at the crash site of a strange unknown ship. Wes continues to carry around several other devices and parts from this ship, but has yet to find any links to any manufacturers.

Living in a starport, Wes started becoming obsessed with the idea of traveling the galaxy. His first ship was a (likely stolen) JM5000 that he named Ysaska.

Adulthood (Year 2–)

"Make your daughter proud, for us both."
Selven Page

Wes became a part-time secret agent of the anti-slavery group, Freedom Convoy. Being a Jawa, he was able to easily blend in with the scum and villainy of the underworld, making him the perfect spy.

He at one point led an entire slave revolt in an imperial mining camp, without even being present at the event. He did this by having espionage droids smuggle weapons and messages into the camps. After the revolt, Wes personally transported several of slaves to the thriving city, Er`edal on Shownar II, where another Freedom Convoy agent provided them with new homes. One of the slaves, a Talz by the name of Val' Munt, swore to Wes that he would one day repay him for giving him his freedom. This was the only time that Wes has led an entire revolt and is likely to be his greatest achievement. Other missions he has done for Freedom convoy have mainly consisted of smuggling one or two slaves off-planet.


Val' Munt, now a free Talz.

Wes was briefly married to a Jawa named Vic Vee. Vic, like Wes, was a member of Freedom Convoy. She resigned after an unfortunate incident in which both her hands were cut off by a crime lord who had discovered her intentions. Their wedding was held on the 9th day of year 3. The wedding itself was similar to a traditional Ithorian wedding, as both found arranged Jawa weddings to be irrelevant to true love. Vic gave birth to a son on year 4 day 22. Wes gave their son the name Yang. Wes didn't know it at the time, but his son was born with a strong connection to the Force.

Wes met his half-brother, Tek, sometime during latter year 4. Information about the encounter is extremely limited. A pirate organization, led by Wes's mother, Crist, kidnapped his infant son, Yang, to use him to control an ancient super weapon. At the same time, Wes's wife Vic went missing. She has never been found and is presumed deceased. Tek led a team made up of Wes, Val' Munt, Tek's son Stecer, and a few other individuals into the pirate's hidden base. This led to the destruction of the base and the rescue of Yang. However, Crist was able to escape the base before its destruction. Wes left his son in the care of Tek, deciding that Yang would be safer with him.

Joined by his new shipmate, Val' Munt, Wes began searching the galaxy for his missing wife. He searched for many years but eventually gave up, excepting her likely death.

On year 10, Wes adopted a shy Caamasi child, named Rosana. She currently still lives with Wes and can speak fluent Basic and Jawaese.


Wes Nuuk's adopted daughter, Rosana.

Wes Nuuk is currently employed by Corellian Transport Services. His application was accepted on year 16 by Head Administrator Luuda Kusaak, who assigned him to the Logistics-wide department under the command of the departments CO, Sha Thoon.

He graduated from the New Republic Academy on year 16 day 154. At his graduation, he was given the Acumen Award by the Academy Headmaster, Admiral Adam Hughes.

On Year 16 Day 2XX, Wes Nuuk, along with T`nok Sarto, Tess Santori, Sienna Lynn(under the alias "Armali"), Ethan Travis, and two other individuals who remain unknown, were hired by a mysterious unknown benefactor to retrieve the navigation recorder of the Republic ghost ship known as "Deviant." Wes originally saw the job as easy money. Aboard the Deviant, the team discovered a Chiss named Grevendar Togl, who was the only survivor of a previous team hired by the mysterious benefactor. Things turned to the worse when they were charged at by animistic humanoids who were covered in cybernetics and rotten flesh. Before the creatures could get to them, Grevendar activated a thermal detonator. Some time later, Wes woke up on Du Hutta, his last memory being his false certainty of his approaching demise. On a table next to him, he found a container full of the broken pieces of Nut. Surprisingly, they were mostly intact.


"My sincerest apologies. I had no intent to be rude. As a child, one of my uncles taught me to always be upfront with others about your thoughts. He said that people who are not upfront will always be walked over. This philosophy has stuck with me for most of my life and although there are many truths to it, It is understandable that it may sometimes be taken as hostility. I thank you for being upfront with your own thoughts."
— Message sent by Wes Nuuk to an insulted Trade Federation employee

Wes is almost always calm, even in tense situations. He has a habit of often not taking things very seriously. However, he is almost always is willing to help a friend and will fight for those he feels are worth fighting for. He has known to be very upfront with other sentients. This has many times been taken as an act of rudeness. However, he usually will attempt to mend the relationships he has with anyone he has enraged. Surprisingly, he often succeeds at this and has made many more friendships then one would expect a Jawa to make.

Although he only speaks Jawaese, he is capable of understanding Basic, Ithorese, Huttese and Talzzi as well as a few words in a couple of other languages.

Wes rarely eats meat, likely do to his upbringing by an Ithorian. He enjoys drinking cider, Circuit Cider being his favorite.

Vehicles, Ships, Droids, and Equipment


YT-1300 Falcon

Not to be confused with another YT-1300 with a similar name, The falcon was assigned to Wes by his commanding officer, Sha Thoon.

A nonfunctional R3 Series droid rests in a small corner of the ship, likely left there by a previous pilot.

YT-1300 CTS Galaxy Freedom

Wes reapprehended the Galaxy Freedom from ex-CTS pilot, Tilara Isisusa-Guajady, who was the only other known Jawa to have worked for Corellian Transport Services.

Sha Thoon assigned the Ship to Wes shortly after.

Wayfarer-class Med.png

Wayfarer-class Medium Transport Fooshi

Wes's personal ship.

Weapons and Gear

Wes wears a orange-brown, baggy, custom-made, hooded flight suit with leather shoulder pads and knee pads as well as a leather bandolier and belt. Holstered in his belt is a DDC Defender. His bandolier, by default, has three pouches. However, additional pouches can be added. Each of his Leather boots conceal two hidden blades: one removable and one retractable. Like other Jawas, his clothing shrouds his face, preventing others from seeing it.

Wes owns several robes and bandoliers that he wears when trying not to stand out. While disguised, only those with the most keen sense of smell are able to distinguish him from any other Jawa.


"Wes wishes to know if you have any cider for purchase and, if so, what types of cider you offer."
— Nut

A hovering translator droid named Nut, that resembles a miniature G0T0 Droid, follows Wes everywhere. The droid has the ability to speak a large number of languages, much more then anyone would expect from a droid its size. Wes built this droid at a very young age. He was extremely lucky to be able to get the droid working at all, let alone working well. A few major parts have yet to be linked to any manufacturer and function much differently to any parts similar to them.