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{{Infobox Character
{{Infobox Character
| name = Xerxas Jade
| name = Xerxas Jade
| image =  
| image = [[File:Xerxas Jade.jpg]]
| homeworld = [[Dac]]
| homeworld = [[Dac]]
| race = [[Togruta]]
| race = [[Togruta]]

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Xerxas Jade
Xerxas Jade.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Togruta
Homeworld Dac
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Transgendered
Political Information
Affiliation Arden Interstellar
Positions 2IC
Prior Affiliation Mandalore, Anzatan Commonwealth, Rothana Heavy Works, Rothana-Allegra Starships, Allegra Confederate Starships, Tion Hegemony, Breviin Hauling,

Xerxas Jade was born a Mon Calamari male however they underwent extensive DNA therapy and training to become a Togruta spy. During this process his outward sexual appearance made him appear female making him a transgendered individual.

Work History

Freelance Freighter Pilot

Mandalore: - Founding Member Started - 2nd Fleet Pilot Promoted - 2nd Fleet Captain Promoted - 2nd Fleet Commander Promoted - 1st Fleet Commander Promoted - 1st & 2nd Fleet Admiral

Left Mandalore and Joined Anzatan Commonwealth

Anzatan Commonwealth: Started - Cerberus Logistics Pilot Promoted - Cerberus Director of Logistics Moved - Outback Industries Director of Logistics Promoted - Outback Industries Acting Vice President Moved - Cerberus Director of Production and Acting Vice President Promoted - Cerberus Director of Sales / Production and Official Vice President

Left Cerberus during the WvI civil unrest and subsequent revolution, Joined The Rothana Union

Rothana Union: Started - Rothana Heavy Works Assistant Director of Logistics Promoted - Rothana Heavy Works Director of Logistics Promoted - Rothana Union Cheif of State Promoted - President Rothana-Allegra Starships

During Rothana Union Collapse, Purchased Rothana-Allegra Starships and rebuilt it into Allegra Confederate Starships.

Allegra Confederate Starships: Allegra Confederate Starships Owner and President

Closed Allegra Confederate Starships due to raw material supply problems. Joined the Tion Hegemony --- During which time Also Founded Breviin Hauling - Sold to Peter Max

Tion Hegemony: Started Tion Mil/Sci Apprentice Pilot Promoted Tion Mil/Sci General Pilot Promoted Tion Mil/Sci Production Engineer

Breviin Hauling: Started (Ongoing) - 100% Owner of Breviin Hauling / Silent Partner.

Left Tion Hegemony when recruited by Geoff Jackson for the Wayfarers Sodality

Wayfarers Sodality: Started - Lieutenant Governor Arden Interstellar Promoted (Ongoing) - Governor Arden Anchorage / 2IC Arden Interstellar