Y'Toub (System)

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General information
Sector Hutt Space
Galactic Coordinates (325, -20)
Date of Discovery Before record-keeping began
Planets 6
Suns 1
Moons 1
Asteroid Fields 0
Space Stations 102
Population 73,038,803,164
Controlled By Eidola Pirates
Astrographic Entry Y'Toub

The Y'Toub system — sometimes referred to as the Nal Hutta system — is the adopted patrimony of the Hutt species who immigrated to the area in ancient times. Over a decade ago, the system was governed by Angobba Desilijic Lucar's Hutt Council as a proxy of Emperor Charons Galactic Empire. However, circa Year 5, Teniel Djo's Eidola Pirates conquered the region and the Y'Toub system is now closely identified in the public consciousness with the latter pirate band.

In contrast to the Hutt species' warm sentiments towards the system, the area is widely regarded by the galactic populace at large to be a notorious den of cut-purses, bandits, and smugglers. The area encompasses the bog-world of Nal Hutta and its skyscraper-encrusted satellite Nar Shaddaa (colloquially known as the "Smuggler's Moon"). The system contains a dying amber star and a total of six planets, several of which are habitable.


Planet Position Type Size Population Control
Nal Koska (14, 8) temperate/breathable 12, 12 35,340,152 Eidola Pirates
Nar Shaddaa (8, 4) moon 3, 3 3,908,469 Smugglers Guild
Nal Hutta (9, 3) hot/breathable 17, 17 20,545,967,649 Eidola Pirates
Kiskua (12, 18) gas giant 20, 20 39,913,888,008 Eidola Pirates
Nar Hekka (0, 15) cold/no atmosphere 12, 12 293,327,442 Eidola Pirates
Y`Toub (17, 5) sun 30, 30 None None
Nal Yeshu (13, 13) temperate/breathable 15, 15 12,202,823,679 Mandalore
Esyam (15, 4) hot/no atmosphere 5, 5 43,547,765 Eidola Pirates

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