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Navigational Stats
Hyperspeed 6
Sublight Speed 55 MGLT
Max Speed 550 km/h
Manoeuvrability 6.00
Sensors 8
Proton Torpedo Launchers none
Ion Cannons none
Heavy Lasers 1
Concussion Missile Launchers none
Tractor Beams none
Turbo Lasers none
Quad Lasers none
Volume 5480 m³
Weight Cap 100T
Volume Cap 500m³
Max Passengers 6
Hull Stats
Length 35 m
Deflector Shields 100
Ionic Capacity 65
Estimated RM Price 386,498 Credits
Affiliation none


Some features of the YT-1210 would be the basis of the YT-1300 light freighter. The ship had the familiar saucer-shaped hull of the YT-1300, but lacked the forward cargo loading mandibles that gave that ship its familiar outline. It also included two sensors protruding from the bow, which could be big, tempting targets for anyone attacking the YT-1210. The YT-1210 was 28 meters in length, and the standard crew consisted of a pilot and a gunner. The stock YT-1210 could carry up to 100 metric tons of cargo, and was armed with a single laser cannon. The ship had a small cabin for the captain, and it came equipped with a small refresher station. Of course, individual YT-1210 could be, and were modified by their owners.

Materals Amount
Quantum 36
Meleenium 358
Ardanium 69
Rudic 144
Rockivory 63
Tibannagas 6
Varmigio 282
Lommite 27
Durelium 94