Yakubu Fista

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Yakubu Fista
Yakubu Image Green Shirt.Png
Biographical Information
Race Nautolan
Homeworld Glee Anselm
Mother Lunlufe Fista
Father Aiyegbeni Fista
Marital Status Partnered
Born Year -3 Day Unknown
Languages Nautila
Galatic Basic
Jawa Trade Language
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.93m
Weight 108kg
Coloring Pale Green
Eye Color Black (left eye red cybernetic retractable lense)
Political Information
Affiliation Nautolan Society
Prior Affiliation Galactica Security Services
Bounty Hunters Guild
Tresario Salvage Yards
Matukai Dragons
Vargheim Enterprises
Tresario Star Kingdom

Early Life

Yak in the swamps as a teenager.png
Yak in the swamps as a teenager

Yakubu Fista was born to a poor family on Glee Anselm. The son of Aiyegbeni and Lunlufe Fista. Around his 6th birthday his family moved from the city to the rural swamps, to avoid capture. It was here he began a life amongst nature developing a love for his new found home. Yakubu was very proud of his species; any bad word directed at his people and he was quick to defend them. Living among many Anselmi, the species that the Nautolan shared Glee Anselm with, he got a lot of fighting experience. He became known as a zealous defender of his people, who while friendly to most, was known be harsh to Anselmi, causing many issues between the two species of his swamp area. It was decided eventually for the young Nautolan to leave in pursuit of trainning and development away from the threat of enslavement. Soon after, he decided that the greatest issue of the world was not Anselmi against Nautolan, but the struggles of non-humans in a "Human" centered galaxy. This further radicalised him, especially towards Aleena, Jawas, Chadra-Fan, Whipid and Wookiee who he in particular grew an attachment to.

Tresario Star Kingdom

After weeks of wandering, he found himself in Tresarian space, and found an advertisement for the University of Tresario. He decided to sign up for classes, hoping to find a new purpose there. He soon graduated at the University, and was assigned to the Anzat Core Fleet under the command of Fooj Iwajo, who he became quite fond of. In his first few months at Tresario, he gained a reputation as a strong community member despite his radical ideology. He would participate in the first war games between the Kingdom and the Galactic Empire, and soon gained a columnist position with the Tresarian Dawn with his own advice column called Yak Ask.

Following the end of the war games with the Galactic Empire, Yak decided that he desired something different to help the Kingdom he had grown to love, he applied to the Tresario Salvage Yards, and was accepted, trading in the life of a soldier for the life of a salvage and demolition expert.

However it was not to be, as Yak’s talkative and annoying demeanour landed him in hot water. Yak who had a great love for the sentients of the kingdom saw no choice but, to abandon his adopted homeland for adventures anew. After 3 months of service he moved on to experience more of the galaxy.

Matukai Dragons

Yakubu then accepted an initiate role with the Matukai Dragons, whom he idolized for their determination and steeliness in the face of danger. However after a short yet difficult time he realized the life of mercenary was not a path he could not follow.

Vargheim Enterprises

Yakubu was then offered an opportunity to become a member of Vargheim Enterprises along with a role as a Lithsmen of Clan Skelgard. The official title of “Captain of the Guard” was a mostly symbolic gesture by his new group who would deploy him to help train security forces and scout systems.

Yakubu tendered his resignation and left via mutual consent.

Galactica Security Service

Yakubu on Day 36 of Year 19 joined Galactica Security Services.

later around Day 68 he handed in his resignation and by day 79 of year 19 Yakubu left.

Having failed to find his home yet again Yak set out to fend for himself as a freelancer.