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(The Beginning)
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The Beginning

Zrosh was the first-born son of warchief Roohk of the Echas tribe. The Kaleesh were warlike by nature and made their young endure trials of hunting bestial predators and combat with other tribes before they were accepted into manhood. Zrosh was always put to the test du to his father's high expectations. This was something which repeatedly drove the young Kaleesh into frustration as he did not live up to his father's much greater example.

But as Zrosh finally reached manhood, the Yam'ri, or Huk as was their Kaleesh nickname, invaded the planet of Kalee. This drove the tribes into an alliance to repell the invaders. During the war Zrosh excelled in leading his brothers into battle. Through every skirmish and engagement he led his soldiers to victory, and such he got the taste for war. Though it came at a great cost. Many of his brothers-in-arms and comrades were killed by the technologically superior invaders. Eventually Zrosh started acting cold towards the men he led as he did not want to feel the pain of losing a dear friend again.

As the Kaleesh tribes begun evening the odds they foolishly tried for a major engagement in which they lost and suffered severe casualties. Zrosh saw his own father being torn apart by a larger Huk enemy barely hundred meters away. Zrosh blamed himself for his father's death. A question he would forever ask himself was, 'what if?'

As the conflict settled down and peace slowly began to seep into the war torn world once again, the young Kaleesh, now aging 20, found a wife and settled down with what was left of his tribe. He hoped that restoring a stable life would help him forget the foul memories of the Great War.

After a year of happy marriage she became pregnant and they waited, for what they hoped would be a strong son. It seemed the memories and pain would subdue along with the war.

But as everything begun settling down for the Kaleesh, nightmares started taking over his dreams. At first they were just uncomfortable dreams. But eventually he woke up, screaming in rage and anger. His lost comrades visited him more and more often in his dreams, but when his father started to show himself the pain he desperately had tried to forget, truly resurfaced.

One night he dreamt about the battle in which his father had died. But now he was suddenly standing right in front of him. His father looked him directly in his eyes, giving him a saddening expression. 'Why?' he whispered. Suddenly his father tore in two pieces and blood gushed from his open wounds. Zrosh wasn't able to move his body, but as he looked down he saw his hands. They were covered in blood. On the ground lay his father, still staring at him. Why have you forsaken me? Zrosh had woken up with a scream. It was just a nightmare. But he immediately realized that he was standing up, holding his sword. It was dripping with fresh blood, and to his great grief he saw his wife's body lying on the floor in front of him.

As a result Zrosh set their hut on fire and threw himself on his sword, trying to take his own life in shame of what he had done. He prayed to the Deity Shrupak to forgive him as his life slowly seeped out.

But for some unknown reason he woke up in a bacta tank in a medical facility on the planet Rehemsa. Zrosh lay in the machine keeping him alive and whispered silent prayer to his God Shrupak. How had he gotten here? Why had he survived? There was so many unanswered questions. Broken both in body and spirit, he had cried for his deity to allow him to die. But Zrosh was not allowed to pass on to the afterlife and had finally reasoned that the only reason he was alive, was so he could avenge his father's death. He had to destroy the Huk who killed his father! Then, and only then would he be allowed to die and restore honour to the Almighty Shrupak.

The medical staff did what they could and after several months in the bacta tank, they managed to restore his health and mend his wounds, but his body would forever be scarred and scorched by the fires. As soon as he was able to walk he left the facility looking for an opportunity to arrange his revenge. As if by fate or divine intervention, he bumped into a ordinary looking young human male which was handing out applications for jobs in a large company. One of the work categories was 'army personel.' Zrosh grinned menacingly as he applied. It was a perfect start.

Thus begun a long and perilous journey to achieve repentance and build up a force, strong enough to deliver his vengeance.

But which each passing day, his nightmares started resurfacing more and more. In the end, they could engulf him in the middle of the day, making him lose control of himself and potentially hurt the ones around him at the most inappropriate of times. He managed to get hold of a drug which, mixed in a salt based liquid, could ease his emotions and let him stay in control. For now...