008 Heavy Landspeeder

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008 Heavy Landspeeder
Navigational Stats
Max Speed 110 km/h
Maneuverability 6
Sensors 1
Terrain Restrictions cave, jungle, ocean, volcanic
Weapons 1 Heavy Laser, 2 Medium Blasters
Cargo Stats
Weight 178 T
Volume 170 m3
Weight Capacity 0.1300 T
Volume Capacity 0.6000 m³
Passengers 3
Hull Statistics
Length 8 m
Hull 75
Ionic Capacity 40
Shield 0
Specials None
Raw Materials
Quantum 21
Meleenium 225
Ardanium 43
Rudic 19
Tibannagas 13
Lommite 10
Rockivory 0
Bacta 0
Hibridium 0
Varium 0
Affiliation Aratech

The 008 Heavy Land Speeder is an armed and armored speeder designed and produce by Aratech to fill a variety of roles in armed services. It is ideally operated by a three man crew usually consisting of a pilot, a gunner and a mission specific crew member or passenger. The crew is protected by durasteel plating under an extra thick layer of Aratech Armor (a quantum-based plating). A front mounted heavy laser can clear a path while a pair of medium blasters covers the rear. Due to the extra armor plating and weapons, the 008 was going to be heavier and bulkier than any other speeder Aratech had ever built. A new chassis was designed from the ground up to accommodate the weapons and armor while keeping the same rough dimensions as the average three man speeder. However, the newly designed chassis was built around the same Aratech engines they had always used, which was not built for vehicles with this much armor plating. So while comparable in size to other vehicles in its class, the 008 is slower and less maneuverable. The extra drain on the power plant also means the 008 is prone to overheating when all weapons are fired at once.

Despite this flaw the 008 Heavy Land-speeder has impressed many with its performance on the battle field. In its days as an armed security force, the Antarian Rangers employed squadrons of 008's as urban patrol vehicles, keeping the streets of their cities and bases safe. 008's have also been seen across the galaxy as secure transports for VIP's and as troop support vehicles in armed conflict.

In the later part of Year 13 and early part of Year 14, 008s began to become more common in the galaxy as armies prepared to do battle in the years to come. It is said potentially hundreds of these speeders now serve in various military's throughout the galaxy. For the Third Season of Krieg's Run, Aratech donated six of the speeders to the racing circuit in a sponsorship of the popular race.

It is known that in Year 15 alone, over 500 of these vehicles were constructed with production being spread over as many as half a dozen systems.

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