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AES Prime is the flagship of the Soluun Afraad Personal Fleet. AES Prime is a name that is handed down as the flagship changes. The current AES Prime is a C-3 Passenger Liner AES Luxury.

SAS Prime 1.png


SAS Prime I (SAS Wisdom)

SAS Prime 1.png

SAS Prime I was manufactured on Y17D103. It was a fresh new G-1A Transport. It begun the Soluun Afraad Personal Fleet and the tradition that flagships should be named "Prime". It is still in service and continues to serve Soluun Afraad to this day.

SAS Prime II (SAS Hulk)

SAS Hulk was a ship given to Soluun as Esmerelde Du Bois died. It had a record shortest time as flagship: 18 minutes. As soon as it jumped to hyperspace to get its new paint job, its successor was named.

AES Prime III (AES Calm)

AES Calm was won by a New Republic raffle. It was named successor to SAS Hulk as the flagship as soon as it was won. Since it already had a nice paint job, Soluun decided not to repaint it in standard colors.

AES Prime IIII (AES Luxury)

Soluun bought this ship as her regular transport. As soon as she bought it, she had to use it, and she always uses it to this day.


  • Alternate names provided are for when the flagship is succeeded by the next.