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ARIT stand for Academy Recruit Indoctrination Test. It was a test created by the Imperial Naval Academy (INA) to train new recruits of the Imperial Navy.


The initial version of the ARIT was created under Grand Admiral Veynom's command prior to Year 1. It was a simple test scored on 10 marks. During the middle of Year 1, a second and more elaborate version of the ARIT was introduced to function as a final examination in the Imperial Academy of the Galactic Empire. This followed its predecessor in terms of a 10-point scoring system, and academy graduates receiving a score of 7 or higher were awarded the [ARIT] ribbon. The ARIT became defunct with the development of the Imperial Academy Basic Graduate (IABG) examination at the end of Year 2 as part of a rehaul for the Imperial Academy.

Example of ARIT (1st Gen)

Example of ARIT (2nd Gen)

Year 2 Day 90

1.(1pt) What is the Emperors name?

2.(1pt)Where can u find news about the sim?

3.(1pt)What does ICIS stand for?

4.(1pt)Who is the Navy's CO? XO? CCO?

5.(2pt)What is the RPGEX?

6.(2pt)How does the Merit system work?

7.(2pt)What is the layout of your weekly report?

8.(2pt)What is the only safe way of communication in the Empire? Why?

9.(2pt)What do you do if you recieve this e-mail: "To: Cadet Zander From: LT. Archbishop

Hey, remember me? yah we used to be friends!! Well I am quiting the Empire to join to Imperial Core. Wanna come with me. We talked about it once remember?

LT. Archbishop 1st fleet, company D"

10.(3pt)You are the commander of the Carrack cruiser Panther. Your task force, consisting of your ship, two unarmed bulk freighters, six TIE Fighters and three TIE Bombers, are on a supply mission to an Imperial Platform in the Outer Rim. When you drop out of hyperspace ten kilometres away from the platform, you discover it is being assailed by four Rebel Corvettes and four X-Wings. They have surrounded it and are destroying the last gun stations as you discover them. What do you do? Give reasons for your decisions.



ARIT Scores

Circa Y1 D0 (or before)

Rank Name Score
Crewman Ace Lighening 8/10
Crewman Drago 10/10
Crewman Ingral Kataan 9/10
Crewman Vir Calder 10/10
Crewman Dr Chuckles 5/10 (rewriting)
Crewman Vin Tarsel 10/10
Crewman Ryan Lightdarker 8/10
Crewman Podalire 10/10
Crewman Vold GreySwan 10/10
Crewman Edward
Crewman Kessler 10/10
Crewman Ying Lee 8/10
Crewman Lockholme 9/10
Crewan Sathanas 10/10
Crewman Zephlin A'bath 10/10
Crewman Ice 10/10
Crewman Alun Tringad 9/10
Crewman DeVore 10/10
Crewman Zero 7/10
Crewman Wells 8/10
Crewman Joski Thpor 8/10
Crewman Karrde 9/10
Crewman Condar 8/10
Crewman Patrick Lane 8/10
Crewman Ace Lightening 6/10 (rewriting)
Crewman Phennir 6/10 (rewriting)
Crewman Jospora Manzeen 9/10
Crewman Zoombini 10/10
Crewman Hazard 9/10
Crewman Mirran 8/10
Flight Corporal Drakken 9/10
Flight Corporal Keefus 7/10 (rewriting)
Flight Corporal Machkhit 10/10
Flight Corporal JediMan84 9/10
Flight Corporal Carnie 8/10
Flight Corporal Blackfear 10/10
Flight Corporal Dwarth 10/10
Flight Corporal LocuS 10/10
Flight Sergeant Palleoen 10/10
Flight Sergeant H. Vendrella 9/10
Flight Sergeant A.M. Tylger 7/10 (rewriting)
Flight Sergeant Are Wold 10/10
Flight Sergeant Maarek Stele 10/10
Lt. Count Uebles 10/10
Lt. Samurai 10/10