A sad day for Kathol/New Anzati relations....

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Posted by Jeraq Moridin - Organization: Kathol Republic

Date: Year 8 Day 11 Onboard the CR-90 Assassin-class Corvette KMS Glory in system Shesharile (-39, -446) on Year 8 Day 116 22:13.

Jeraq eyes the camera set up onbard of the Krath warship, KMS Lightbringer, going over his prepared speech one last time as the assistant counted down the final seconds until the broadcast began... 3.. 2... 1.....

"Ladies & Gentlebeings of the Galaxy at large, today, brings us an unprecidented event in Kathol history. As many of you may have known or heard, several members of the Kathol Republic have entered into an internal struggle within the Republic's political structure. My friends, these minor struggles over political leadership of the Republic have turned into outright treason, and the result may bring war to the Republic. Unknown to but a few, word has reached us that the Anzati government has been approaching these dissident members & trying to lure them into their embrace. Saddly, several member states of the Republic have chosent to join with the Anzati, and by defacto of such a decision, the government of Anzat has gained control of territory within the sovereign sector of the Kathol."

Jeraq took a pause put on a somber tone to his next words...

"My friends, as a Senatorial member of the Kathol Republic, the Order of Krath, foremally, requests, that the government of the New Anzat Order, hastily, and without pause or question, removes itself from this internal Kathol matter at once. Their involvement within this internal Kathol matter is viewed by us as a breach of the Non Aggression Pact signed by both the Republic and the Anzati government, and such a violation, as it continues to be, can only lead to one course of action for us."

Jeraq lowers his gaze for a moment, returning to look directly into the camera, a stern, grim expression of intent now present upon his face as he speaks the unthinkable to many.

"To the Government of the New Anzat Order, failure to abide by the aggreement signed in good faith by your government and ours, is hereby seen as an act of war. I bid you to reflect upon this, and consider the concequences of such actions on the current state of gallactic affairs while we await your response."

Jeraq nods to the assistant, ending the camera feed.


A sad day for Kathol/New Anzati relations.... on the Galactic News Service