Aaleyah Orsani

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Aaleyah Orsani
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Taris
Mother Elizabeth Orsani
Father Sertuvius Orsani
Siblings One sister - One Brother; unknown locations
Born Year -7 Day 155
Died Year 13 Day 334
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.65 meters
Coloring Tanish-White skin tone
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Serv-O-Droid
Mandroxan Syndicate
Rank Sales Woman

Aaleyah Orsani was a Tarisian-born Hapan.

Early Life

Aaleyah grew up the best way a Tarisian could, living in the Upper City; unknown that there were people rotting below in the Lower City and the Under-city. Her father, Sertuvius Orsani was a wealthy trader who made his fortune on the trade routes that once ran through Taris. Her mother, was a Doctor, trained and supplied to help the citizens of the Lower and Under city. Rakghouls are the biggest fear on Taris, aside from the roaming gangs and bounty hunters. Not knowing all this, Aaleyah grew into a fine young child. Dressed in only the finest clothes, and having only the finest technology, life was good. One occurrence changed the young girl's life. While at school in the Upper City, a street gang swarmed the building. Within three minutes, 12 children died and 3 teachers were killed. 17 Children made it out via a window, falling some 11 feet to the ground. Shortly after the killings, the local law enforcement swarmed the building and got the remaining children out, Then Aaleyah's Parent's arrived. The little girl was traumatized, this is something she would carry with her, her whole life. She learned, and prospered through the years. Her parents told her to grow from it and learn, channel her energy into her friends and school, and that is what she did. For many summer days she played "Hunt the Sith" with her friends; A hate for the Empire and the Sith accumulated on Taris, and has been building for ages. The Orsani family in particular, never liked the Sith, Empire, or the Imperial Union. This opinion will rub off on Aaleyah, and her friends. For many school nights, she studied and reviewed and did her homework, she was one of the top in her class. She, and her parents were very proud of her. Lest they hoped she would carry these values and this knowledge with her throughout her life...

Teenage Years

Aaleyah Orsani was turning into a fine young woman, her parents taught her well. Unlike most of her fellows in the Upper City, she did not become a racist against aliens. Aliens were second-class citizens as far as the populace was concerned. Aaleyah knew this, this unfair and un-equal treatment was wrong. She had many friends that were non-human, infact, her best friend lived in the Middle City, and she was a Twi'lek. Her name was Adona; they did everything together, except go to the Upper City. Aliens were not allowed there without a permit, and the permit costed an extravagant. One day, for Aaleyah's 16th birthday, she snuck Adona into the Upper City. Her parents, did not know about it, but she did it anyways. On the way to her house, they were caught by the police and Adona was fined a hefty sum and Aaleyah was sent back to her house. This is the moment when Aaleyah realized, Taris was a ruthless place, where the rich got richer, the poor got poorer and the Aliens got discriminated against. Even herself living in the Upper city she felt guilty, guilty of all the things she had, of all the opportunities that were afforded to her.

Eventually, her self-reflection was overshadowed by a devastating event. At the age of seventeen, Aaleyah's father became deathly ill. Sertuvius, on his deathbed, left everything of the family to Aaleyah's mother Elizabeth, and Aaleyah herself. Shortly after, Sertuvius died. This event, shattered everything Aaleyah has come to know, and caused a rift in the family. With the Orsani's in-fighting about property and money. The feuds became so bad, that a brawl broke out at Sertuvius' funeral. Truly, it was a complete barbaric display of behavior. Elizabeth, soon after decided to concede some land and wealth to her second cousin, who was the biggest belligerent in the fighting. Soon after, at the age of eighteen now, Aaleyah packed her things and left Taris.