Acacia von Ismay

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Acacia von Ismay
Acacia, Wiki picture.jpg.png
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Hapes
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown von Ismay #8
Siblings House Ismay - Disowned
Children None
Died Year 14 Day 288 (Suicide)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5"4' (1.6m)
Coloring Pale
Eye Color Bottle Green
Political Information
Prior Affiliation House Ismay - Disowned

Galactic Empire

Early Life

Acacia was born on the year -8 at The National Andrew Hospital, located on Hapes Prime. Unfortunately she was the subject of abandonment and without her parents formal identity known, being reunited with them would be impossible. Her birth would be the only unremembered experience Acacia would have with her mother and father. She would now be the property of the state.

Log Entry #234, Royal National Andrew Hospital - Data script:Maternity, Labour and Delivery Unit (Year -8)
Baby Girl #1744 was delivered safely by the medical team and is sleeping in Cot Bed 4, Room 12 of the Delivery Unit. Parents (Unknown) have failed to return to the Hospital, during this time relocation to 'The Orphanage' has been established and approved by the Unit Supervisor.
Signed Unit Manager. Signature Code:65547835

Relocation day was moving nearer, during this waiting period Acacia was cared for by the Hospitals nurses. She was fed, bathed and clothed by strangers who had no real maternal feelings for the forgotten child. One instance of personal engagement was for the Hospital to give the baby girl a name.

The National Andrew Hospital

It was required on the authorization forms for the child to have a name before she was relocated into the orphanage. Midwives would usually do this, them being the closest to any unnamed, forgotten child at the Hospital.

And so Acacia was given her name, the only real thing that would belong to her during her infant years. In a matter of two weeks after her birth, she was institutionalized and became a child of the State.

A Residential Institution

Official Public Archives Data: The State Residential Unit for the Orphaned

Unable to locate data

Leaving Home Behind

Acacia had spent all of her life with the Orphanage, not ever wondering out from the cluster and rarely visiting sister Systems within the Hapes Cluster. During the weeks leading up to her 18th birthday, Acacia was encouraged to choose a career within Hapan Society.

She knew that The Consortium was the favoured choice for most of the children at the Orphanage. They had been supported by the State their whole lives, enlisting would be their way of paying society back. She wasn’t about to conform like her orphaned acquaintances, she had to leave Hapes behind and make a life for herself away from her past.

One friend she had made during her years at the Orphanage just so happened to be the Pilot that ferried the children around. He was a past resident of the orphanage and knew what it was like for Acacia, how she yearned for a life outside of the usual routine of society. He was fully devoted on helping her escape.

During the final week before her birthday Acacia’s ‘partner in crime’ handed her access codes to the Corellian Star Shuttle that would be used to smuggle out of the System. She had passed her basic flight operations exam just a month prior to this event and was capable of piloting such a vessel. But leaving Hapes Prime would not be just as simple as flying into orbit. Access codes were needed to pass various checkpoints, these were updated daily.

Security Image the night Acacia left

On the night of her escape she met her friend in the small Hangar. Her just being there would give the Orphanage reason to arrest her, so it had to be a quick parting. There was no time for a prolonged goodbye. The handing over of security codes and a few tears later she was piloting out of the Hangar and transmitting updated codes for the checkpoints to register.

Less than 5 hours later she dropped out of Hyperspace just outside Hapan territory. She was alone in a deep space sector. She had the whole Galaxy to explore, but where would she go?

Baby Girl #1744

After Acacia’s departure, the friend that helped her do it was not finished with giving the young woman a fresh start. Soon after her leaving the Hangar he entered the Records room of The State Residential Unit for the Orphaned and wiped Acacia’s name from its history.

From the point she was brought to the institution to the moment she left, all knowing of her was cast into history, never to be found by specialists. It was as if she never attended the orphanage, only personal memories would survive, however very little was remembered of a child with red hair and a vision of greater things.

The location of Acacia’s friend is now unknown. Records dictate that he was dismissed from the institution. Acacia only hopes he made a better life for himself, like the one he helped create for her.

Groz Warr Golden Hunter

Acacia on a scout with Wookiee Hunter Atti Kazza

During the early parts of her ‘new years’ Acacia spent time on the Wookiee home world, Kashyyyk. Through interaction with numerous tribes found on the planet, Acacia became more accustomed to Wookiee social interactions and day to day activities, hunting being her most favoured.

Though not capable of understanding the animalistic dialect the Wookies used to communicate, Acacia picked up on body language. She could expertly sense what her furry companions needed her to do, this worked for hunting and domestic activities.

Acacia grew so close to numerous tribes, she was becoming a celebrity within the dense jungles that marked the Wookiee world. This was short lived.

von Ismay?

Once Count-Regent Alexander von Ismay had caught word of a new hunter roaming the Galaxy in look for work, he was one of the first people to contact Acacia. Him being so forward enough to send one of his servants to take her to the Ismay Palace and home, Casterly Rock.

Once Acacia was recruited it was routine for the family to have blood samples and formal identification. Acacia had explained that she had come from a small orphanage that had not been given any formal documentation of who she was.

Tests were carried out and after hardly anytime at all she was traced to the not so distant family of von Ismay, being the daughter of Alexander’s uncle. This stunned Acacia, from all this time not knowing who she was or where she came from, the answer fell within the von Ismay family.

She was more than happy to start hunting for the family and in her spare time research more about whom she was and what she had been missing.

However before even a month had passed, Acacia’s presence was not welcomed by some members of the House. It is still unclear why but Acacia was thought to have left Ismay territory and go on in her search for a belonging. She was yet again alone, but this time with no hope in finding the secrets of her past.