Adam Williams

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Adam Williams
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Korriban
Mother [Redacted]
Father [Redacted]
Spouse No kept records
Siblings None
Children Colin Williams

Tom Williams (Deceased)

Born Year 0 Day 0
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}

Early Life

Born on Korriban and raised as a Sith by [Redacted] and [Redacted]. Adam met his most personal and close friend Belia Darzu in the Sith Academy. Adam's teachers and pupils said he was at the top of his class and was sent on many missions by himself at the age of 11 into the tombs of ancient Sith lords where he encountered many dangers, barely escaping death multiple times but found many Sith holocrons. At the age of 13 he built his own lightsaber using the traditional red crystal, of the Sith. At the right of passage in the Sith academy Adam was assigned an off-world mission and a partner, this was when Adam started a new chapter in his life.

Off to Manaan

Adam's first mission with his new partner, [Redacted], were to go to Manaan to assassinate the Selkath leader and establish a Sith rule. Adam's first ship was a JM5000 named the Silver Star. As they entered they immediately requested a meeting with the Selkath leader. They were directed to a room where the Selkath leader would come. After a few hours a group of jedis entered the room and engaged the two Sith in battle. Adam easily sliced through the jedi as [Redacted] did almost nothing. When they made their way to the final room

Behind the lines

When Adam returned to Korriban he heard that the Dark Lord himself wanted to meet with him in private. As Adam entered the Dark Lord's chamber the door shut immediately and the Dark Lord congratulated him on the success of the mission on Manaan, Adam then questioned the Dark Lord when talking about [Redacted]'s death, the Dark Lord then stated that sacrifices will be made for the completion of each mission. The Dark Lord then requested that he go on another undercover mission in the Jedi Council of Dantooine and spy on them, Adam then questioned the Dark Lord again with the failed disguise he gave, the Dark Lord then told him that he should go there wishing to change his ways from the Dark Side and they should accept him, The Dark Lord then gave him the rank of Sith Master and sent him.

Adam then set off to Dantooine, as he arrived the Jedi Temple all the Jedi at the temple came, lightsabers out and told him to halt. Adam then proclaimed that he is a member of the Sith and came to cleanse his evil ways after years of proving himself on Dantooine he was finally accepted and became a Padawan and started to learn the way of the Jedi.

Years pass.

Adam worked his way up to be a Jedi Knight, and under review of the council for Master. Adam was reporting everything to Sith for the first couple years but stopped and decided to join the Light Side. The council said that he must complete one more task before becoming a Master and member of the council, and that was to reveal the location of of the Sith Temple. Adam returned to his chamber and meditated on this, he thought of his past, his friends, and what could happen to him. Days later he returned to the council and revealed the location of the temple he was then prompted to join the attack team on the temple.

All the plots

As Adam arrived with all of the Jedi at the temple it was completely empty they searched the place and as they made it to the the Valley of the Sith Lords thousands of Sith appeared and they realized it was a trap trying to fight off as many sith as they could the Jedi numbers fell fast, as the few Jedis remained the Sith put the last few in custody and Adam was taken to the Dark Lord's chamber where he was thrown on the ground, Adam asked why he was brought here and the Dark lord answered he was all part of a plot to trap the Jedi at the temple and kill the last of them off. The Dark Lord also asked if Adam had turned to the Light Side which Adam answered yes, the Dark Lord knew he would and responded with, so be it. Belia Zaru entered the room, Adam did not know what to think and the Dark Lord then told Belia to kill Adam and she would be his new apprentice, without hesitation she attacked Adam, the Dark Lord gave Adam a lightsaber because he wanted Belia to prove her worth. As they began to duel Adam tried to persuade her to join the Light Side, Belia would not fall and would not stop attacking him, they battled all the way out the temple and into The Valley, near a cliff. Fighting became intense as Belia's emotions became stronger, as Belia took a swing for Adam's head, as she missed he cut her arm off then her head. Adam felt the loss of his most close friend and was to ashamed to go back to the Jedi Temple and knowing he wouldn't be accepted back at the Sith Temple he fled to Tatooine where he exiled and had two children, Colin and Tom records of Adam's wife were never kept.

Peace thrown into turmoil

As Adam's life began to settle down in his late 40s his kids were in their 20s. One day Adam had gotten word that the Dark Lord of the Sith was looking for him and finally found him not thinking anything of it and believing it was a rumor he went on with his life. As Adam was making dinner for himself one day he heard ships landing outside his house, he went to go outside to check expecting his sons. It was a Lambda Shuttle, it opened and the Dark Lord he once knew stepped out and wanted to finish the job he started, killing off the Jedi that were involved on Dantooine. The Dark Lord and Adam engaged in battle but Adam was no much for he had not trained in years as Adam defended from a swift strike on the left side the Dark Lord attacked from the right, killing Adam.

After Adam's death his two sons found his body and buried him next to the house they owned on Naboo, their family had a belief that people buried on Naboo were more likely to become one with the force.

Adam's son Tom traced his death to the Dark Lord, but no action was done, Tom was killed before he had a chance to avenge his father's death.

To this day the only survivor of the Williams clan, Colin, is out looking to make a name for himself and bring honor to his family.