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The Adjudicator is a Jump Master 5000 gunboat and has been in use for some time as a security vessel in the Outer Rim, playing a part in numerous minor galactic events.


Originally produced by CorEx, the Ajudicator was originally known by her shop number "50010789." This designation stuck with her while she was sold in bulk to the Galactic Empire. The JM5000 and seven of her sister ships were then gifted to Black Sun for use in the Outer Rim. Assigned to the Iego system, her shop designation was removed and she was rechristened as Angel Dust. Her commander was a quiet Diathim woman named Sela Thane.

Maltha Obex

Shortly after coming into Black Sun's possession, Vlademar von Ismay, territorial governor of the Mieru'kar sector, clashed with The Hutt Cartel over spice revenue coming out of Maltha Obex. Ismay, ever ambitious, claimed that the Cartel owed tariffs on the spices being exported because Black Sun controlled the sector. The Cartel, understandably, had no interest in paying the syndicate. Anticipating a possible conflict, Black Sun transferred Angel Dust and about a dozen other gunboats to the sector. The Cartel protested to the Empire, but Angel Dust and her compatriots interdicted dozens of spice traders, forcing them to pay the tariffs whilst imprisoning those that refused or could not. This state of events could not last, and Angel Dust and her comrades were attacked by a Cartel fleet, led by a Kaloth BattleCruiser, and comprised of four squadrons of Pinook starfighters. It was a massively uneven fight, pitting six Jump Master 5000 gunboats and six Tri-Mark VII interceptors against the frigate and forty-eight Pinooks. Thane's brilliant flying allowed Angel Dust to escape most of the damage, but all five other Jump Masters and four of the Tri-Marks were disabled or outright destroyed. However, the Cartel suffered as well, with the Kaloth suffering heavy damage and thirty-six of the Pinooks were shot down, though Thane was wounded as she retreated in the last Jump Master. After the engagement, cooler heads prevailed and led to the Cartel and Black Sun sitting down to work out the issues without further violence. Neither side wanted to further engage in the ferocious combat that had ensued over Maltha Obex, as hostilities would negatively impact the business of both sides. However, for Angel Dust, the result of these talks mattered not.

Security for Hire

Sela Thane recovered from her wounds, but she and her crew were nursing a grudge against Black Sun for leaving them out to dry over Maltha Obex. They defected with the Jump Master, retrofitting the gunboat with new weapons and armor, rechristening it as the Adjudicator, and setting themselves up as an independent security contracting service. Their name, Angel Dust Security, was a tribute to the Adjudicator's past. Making fairly good credits in the business and a small name for themselves, they were hired by Walzea Klatoo, a warlord on Kinten Beta, as his personal transport and guard when the planet descended into chaous upon the death of its leader. They served in numerous battles, performing well and earning praise for their skill; however, when Bliht Derjo took over the world, Thane and her crew sought service elsewhere.

Irfan F

Political dissidents on Irfan F, seeking to turn the moon over to the Zann Consortium, and backed clandestinely by them, rose against the neutral government. Unable to afford help, and desperate, the neutral government hired the Wraiths and Angel Dust Security. The Wraiths brought the fire power and skill, but Angel Dust Security brought the stealthy power of the Adjudicator. Months of combat yielded minuscule gains for the dissidents. However, in a brazen move, the Adjudicator and her crew slipped through the defenses of the dissidents, and, after capturing the dissidents chief of intelligence and three Zann advisers, blew up the dissident's ammunition depot. This blow brought the dissidents to their knees, and their resistance slowly fell apart over the next year. Angel Dust Security would not be there for the final blow. Walzea Klatoo called.

De ja Beta

The Adjudicator became Walzea Klatoo's personal flagship as he attempted to claim Kintan Beta for The Knights of the Fountain. While Klatoo was killed while dueling the Ryll Runner right at the end of the campaign, the Adjudicator would continue the campaign. Emanon Klatoo assumed command and sought Bliht Derjo. He continued to use the Adjudicator as his personal ship and thus Thane and her crew were present for the final showdown between Klatoo and Derjo, ready to assist Klatoo should he be in need. He was not and killed Derjo. He was anxious to keep the Adjudicator and offered Thane and her crew a large sum for it. After due consideration, they accepted and purchased another vessel.


Klatoo attempted to use the captured Ryll Runner to smuggle stolen raw materials. However, the curse of the Ryll Runner continued to haunt the ship, and he was interdicted and heavily fined by two governments. This forced him to sell both the Ryll Runner and Adjudicator. Adjudicator was sold to Tholme Terik . However, Looma Karwt, who purchased the Ryll Runner, wanted the Adjudicator as well. Thus when Tholme casually wagered the ship on Looma naming the capital of an obscure nationality, Looma felt extremely fortunate to already know the correct answer, winning the Adjudicator from Tholme.