Adrian Kilstar

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Adrian Kilstar
Biographical Information
Race Kuati
Homeworld Adega
Mother Koliri Tarmil
Father Isaac Kilstar
Spouse Evelyn Kilstar
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year 10 Day 166
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.87 meters
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Golan Technologies
Positions Executive Chairman
Prior Affiliation Rendili Stardrive
Awards N/A


Adrian stands about 6 feet 2 inches with a weight setting near 200 lbs (On Kuat). He dresses according to the task(s) at hand. During diplomatic sessions he is usually wearing a maroon and brown cloak with a black face mask. In times of work related travel he is fond of armour and is usually found carrying atleast 2-3 guns (gotta be safe). For normal travel he falls back to his basic grey with gold trim cloak.


Early Years

Detailed history before joining Rendili within TAC (Formaly known as S.R.E.) is vague at best. There are scattered reports he spent most if not all of his youth learning to build ships on Kuat, though it can't be sure. After that there are rumors of a A.Kilstar building ships for private armies thorughout the core regions but it is unconfirmed if it was actually Adrian. It has been discovered that Adrian ran into some hardships on Kuat being the primary reason for leaving the Core Regions and joining with an Outer-Rim Government.

Beginings in TAC

After a long journey from Kuat to Sanyassa Adrian found himself at the Avance Academy. After registering, Zyst Gornuk became his mentor and taught him the essential skills needed to strive in the Outer-Rim. During Adrian's stay at the academy he had met Gideon Bodnari and had several conversations with him. During one of these conversations Adrian asked about the Avance Noble Houses and about House Vigihan specifically. After graduating from the Academy on Sanyassa Adrian was assigned to transport some prospecting equipment. Before leaving from Moddell, Adrian put in his application to join House Vigihan and upon returning was accepted.

Working for Vigihan

Shortly after joining House Vigihan Adrian started building cities to help the house solidify their hold on certain planets. After moving to the rank of Baron he began work on his estate in the Moddell Sector. Upon the begining of construction Avance Coalition lost control of a planet nearby. Adrian responded to this event, restoring power to the needed facilities and scanning the planets surface for any would be intruders. Upon finishing the search he returned to the construction of his estate finishing the first and second of 3 cities. As he worked on his estate cities, Arklari Clise approached him with the oppertunity to take part in the ViShips project, the main goal of the project was to build ships for House Vigihan & members. In the following months adrian pushed forward and it is documented that he built up several cities for the projects use but the location of the projects operations have never fully been disclosed.

Golan Technologies

With some success in ship production and swelling pockets Adrian started to persue the idea of forming a new organization. Meanwhile, the leader of Golan Technologies at the time, Gaeic Vastar was preparing for retierment. When he heard that there was going to be a lead position open within Golan Tech Adrian asked the Owner of both House Vigihan and Golan Tehnologies Arklari Clise for the chance to lead it. It was a tough decision but eventually Archduke Arklari Clise and Duke Gideon Bodnari got together and decided to place Adrian Kilstar as the new Administrator of Golan Technologies. Once announced Adrian took a spot as Deputy Administrator and got used to how things were ran and got ideas of what he wanted to change. Shortly after the full retirement of Gaeic Vastar and Adrian taking on the full responsibilities of the Administrator title Changes started to occur. Adrian started some propsed ideas Gaeic had before moving on. One of which was the switch from producing orders as they are placed to running a standing stock. This project also involved the construction of the a large trade station Gorgodon for the organization to use. Adrian also finished several projects building shipyards and increasing the production output of Golan by adding to their infrastructure.


  • Senior Diplomatic Liason for Avance Coalition
  • Duke of House Vigihan
  • Executive Chairman of Golan Technologies