Adrian Owen

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Adrian Owen
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother Angela Wessel
Father Keon Owen
Marital Status single
Siblings Ben Owen
Children None
Born Year -10, Day 347 12:20 CGT
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.75 meters
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Prior Affiliation Galactic Empire


Adrian Owen was born on the planet Alderaan in the year -10, to his mother Angela Wessel, and his father Keon Owen. His mother was a wealthy aristocrat daughter of Morgan Wessel an Imperial Governor. She married his father 3 year before Adrian was born who, at the time, was just a captain of the Imperial Navy. Adrian stands at 1.75 meters with a fit body and has short black hair. Adrian grew up within a privileged life of luxury, attending social events with his mother while his father worked in the navy and meeting with other imperials in a Coruscanti private school. He decided at 18 to be an explorer,explore all the galaxy and discover new worlds and races. He left all his belongings and escaped in a YT-1300 with a group of smugglers.

Coruscant Life

The History of Adrian Owen in his homeworld Coruscant. His family was wealthy but he wanted to explore the galaxy. Most of this histories are narrated by Adrian's imperial school friends,holorecords,Imperial Family, friends and a long list of Coruscantis who met Owen.

Wessel Family

Wessel Family

Adrian Owen is a proud member of the Wessel Family.

On his 16th birthday, his mother told him the history around his family past and his uncle Feldun gave him one of his holobooks from his great great grandfather Kadrix "dark hand" Wessel. He is part of the 8th Wessel generation with his brother Ben and his young cousin Gravis Wessel.

School Days

Adrian was born in Alderaan in the year -10,at the age of 14 years he went to the S-Sector High School with others many imperials of important families. Owen wasn't very applied to study, he didn't like the Galactic History Class or Galactic Basic Language class but was really interested in Spacecraft Designs and Spaceships Piloting.

His imperial group,the X21 was known because of many famous Ship builders and Ship designers, except for other imperials who grew up to be Navy Officers and Regional Government Assistants.

Adrian was very shy in the High School but managed to make a good friendship with a small group in the X21,Paul Chele, Kevin Veed and Tjin Jerjerrod, they were named the Xector's band in honour to Professor of Spaceships Piloting Dizt Xector.

Derra Virus

The "Derra Virrus" arrived to the system that he was working, first he felt really sick, puked and lost consciousness. Later he was found in the clinic bay of a Imperial Destroyer who was doing a patrol in the area. The virus affected his DNA, he found that its origins were from Alderaan like his great great grandfather Johan Wessel.

He found that his birth place was in Alderaan, but later his mother left the planet to live in Coruscant.

"I dont remember why your mother left Alderaan,something about being sick of the corruption of the Republic. She went to Coruscant to fullfill our father orders ." — Feldun Owen,Adrian Uncle in a Holo-conference.

Latest archives told him that his father Keon, wasnt his biological father

Galaxy Voyage

Adrian wanted to be an explorer and travel all around the galaxy, here are most of the histories and archives of Adrian Adventures in the space. He left is home with a group of smugglers to explore the galaxy

On Smugglers ship

Biological Research Institute

Adrian joined after he left the smugglers band,the Research Institute as they were looking for professional pilots to transport VIPs and scientists. He soon was assigned to the Logistic department where with hard work Owen was promoted to Logistics Director by CEO Jormungand Gand.

The Silver Falcon

After months of work and savings, Adrian decided to own his first ship, reading the holonet he founds an Old YT-1300 for sale in Trax. A Gand was waiting for someone interested in the ship or just recycle it, at least some credits for that junk could be better the Gand tought. Adrian wanted it but hadn't enough credits to bought it so he decided to made a bet with the gand. All or nothing in a game of Sabacc. Owen wasn't afraid of losing, he knew he had the luck on his side and it was time to win the game.

In Trax

The Silver Falcon,was the name Adrian gave it. He fixed the computer system and the battery regulator. His first test was to escape the angry Gand who had contracted 2 assassins to kill Owen.

Running against time Adrian decided to hyperdrive and escape from Trax,looking for new adventures. Years later and being the Silver Falcon anniversary,Owen decided to change his name to Disciplina,in commemoration to one of his Professor Xector lessons.

Sunburst Heavy Industries

Onyx Industries formed by Stephen Garret, year later changed the corporation name to Sunburst Heavy Industries, located in Urce Space, Owen associated with Garret to build many cities in Ficta Prime

Travel to the Center of the Galaxy

Months later,doing a trip on Coruscant he found a tour guide who told him the story about the center of the galaxy and how dangerous it was. Soon Adrian prepared his YT with enough supplies for a month in a new adventure,destination Galactic Center . After his ship arrived from Hyperspace he found himself in a dark deep space,there wasnt any planet or moon, just Wormholes and a super massive Wormhole on the middle of them. He thought it was possible to reach the edge of the system and take some holophotos for the trip,but wasnt careful enough and a wormhole was active near the Silver Falcon. It was time to escape or die. Owen got on the Hyperdrive to get out of the system at least to tell this history later. he used the hyperdrive to reach his next destination, Chamm.

Imperial Life

From the start of Adrian's imperial career to his current life. These archives are recorded by holonotes, Seki quotes or Imperial Records.

Imperial Recruitment

Year 13 Day 26 Owen resigned his last job as Associate of Stephen Garret in Sunburst Heavy Industries,nostalgic and depressed Adrian roamed the galaxy looking for his home. He wanted to see his family again and his father was waiting him in Coruscant.

Day 27 It had been years since Owen visited the Coruscant system, he was amazed by how many Imperial "Sign up with the Imperial Navy! Defenders of order and Peace throughout the galaxy!" Owen went to a Galactic Empire recruiting station,a young lady in army uniform registered and directed him to the Academy.

He knew the only way to reach his father again was to join the Galactic Empire and ask the High Moff about his father. In the corridor he checked his datapad ,wanted to know where his family were. Adrian received a letter from his father Keon "Son,I am very proud of you. Recruit, May you serve the Emperor long and well!"

Day 35 The young Adrian went to the Imperial Academy,with effort and sweat, Owen achieved to end the academy basic courses and graduate. He received from his Trainer Officer, LT Goschmitt, his Crewman Badge and an Imperial Academy Basic Graduate award.

Imperial Navy

Year 13 Day 35-Year 13 Day 84 [CLASSIFIED]

In the Navy

Regional Government

Year 13 - Year 20 [CLASSIFIED]


During Adrian's missing years he kept himself hidden and away from Galactic news. It is still unknown where or why he kept under the radar. When he finally emerged he heard news of the new Emperor. Executor Seele has been captured while he was away and held to ransom by the pirate Syn and was eventually ransomed in return for a Super Star Destroyer. Adrian was very discontented with the Empires's decision to pay a ransom to terrorists when this was against policy and he felt that this was a betrayal and favoritism towards Seele over other people in the Empire and especially to someone who should have known better. With this in mind he decided his life would be better outside of the Empire. He could not prove anything but took the decision to make a move to the New Republic and do all he could to see Emperor Seele in jail.This was not the Emperor his father had envisaged him serving long and well.


"He wanted to be an explorer,thats what he told us so we let him work with us to save for a ship." — Bara Ivola, talking about the first day he met Adrian.

"...I am not my father,but I am really don't know who I am." — Adrian Owen, speaking about his father career.

"Adrian is a young and a brave human but we have much to learn if we want to work together ." — Himalia Seki,the first day she meets Owen in her work.

"You dont want to be a sore looser right? come back to coruscant and join the empire, Adrian." — Keon Owen, message after he left Coruscant.