Aelin Kensen

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Aelin Kensen
Aelin KensenHolocron.png
Biographical Information
Race Diathim
Homeworld Millius Prime
Clan Clan Skelgard
Mother Debbie Vena
Father Robert Vena
Born Year -8 Day 90
Physical Description
Gender Female
Coloring Bright Pale
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Sky Blue
Political Information

Aelin Kensen (born as Aelin Vena) is a female Diathim born in Millius Prime on Year -8 Day 90. She grew up without a mother due to her inexplicably dying during childbirth, which added to the later passing of her father to a terrible disease, was the reason why she eventually entered the Iegonian Institute of Science and received her doctorate in trans-species virology and genetics. During her internship in a local hospital of Millius Prime he met Musashi Kensen when this man's ship crashed on the moon. Aelin and Kensen became intimate during his recovery, and when he was discharged from the hospital, he asked Aelin to go with him. Without much to hold her back in Millius Prime, Aelin left with Kensen.

Early Years

Aelin Vena was born to Robert Vena and Debbie Vena at the homeplanet of Diathims, Millius Prime. Unfortunately for the Vena family, Debbie died inexplicably during childbirth; the doctors were unable to explain why her seemingly healthy condition worsened as she was delivering Aelin. This fact had an impact on Robert, who had a demanding job at the time as the private pilot of a diplomat of Millius Prime. Because of this, Aelin’s father was forced to leave her in daycare more often than not, spending very little time with her during critical parts of her childhood.

Aelin had trouble making friends as she grew older, she became reclusive and shy due to the lack of contact with his family, despite the positive and caring environment of the Diathim culture. But even as her relationship with his father was paper thin, she loved him for everything he did for her. Robert always looked after her every need, and always looked to send her to the best schools in hopes to give her a better future, and Aelin could appreciate her father's effort.

That was, at least until Robert Vena fell victim of the disease commonly known as the ‘’Bloodburn Syndrome’’, worsening after a diplomatic trip to the Core Worlds. Aelin was 14 when her father was hospitalized to treat his condition, but only 3 rotations later, he died to the severity of his symptoms.

Career Path

The Diathim diplomat, Dominik Aodhán, who was Robert Vena’s employer, took pity on the newly orphaned child and took her under his wing. Aelin fit reluctantly in the Aodhán household as the youngest child to two adoptive brothers, but her personality clashed with the rest of the family and thus she became even more introverted than she already was, despite being received with open arms. Little did she know that her inclusion to the family was nothing but a political move for the now Magistrate candidate.

Dominik took a special attention to the adopted girl, Aelin was smart and dedicated to her studies, so she was sent to the best schools that would not have been possible with the Vena family. But Aelin missed her father dearly, and her only reason to excel, was to honor Robert’s memory. Nevertheless the attention she received from Dominik caused friction with her adoptive siblings, who cast her out of their circle from early on.

As Aelin grew older, it seemed like the only one in the Aodhán family who didn't consider her a disgrace, was Dominik himself, who tried to teach her the subtleties of politics in hopes to put her brains to work for his own gain. But Aelin never developed a particularly strong bond with her adoptive father, nor did she interest herself in politics, mostly because her career had been decided for her the moment Robert died. She wanted to study medicine, to save people from the same tragedies that cursed her family. And at last, when she became of age to apply for higher education, she, against Dominik's wishes, entered the medicine program at the Iegonian Institute of Science. Graduating with honors at the age of 21 with a doctorate in trans-species virology and genetics, which she hoped would open her the doors necessary to find the cause and cures for her parent's afflictions and prevent that from taking any more lives.

Turning Point

Shortly after her graduation, Dominik Aodhán pulled some strings to have Aelin enrolled in the most prestigious internship program of Millius Prime, convincing her that she owed him for everything he'd done for her, because he figured he could make use of a doctor if he ever needed so.

Aelin, unaware of Dominik's ulterior motives, gracefully accepted the offer and entered the program, effectively pushing herself back into the Aodhán family. However, with her new status as doctor, and the clearance to the biggest hospital in the planet, she found a way to pull out the medical records of both her parents. Aelin didn't have much luck with her mother's file, since it was classified and most of the information was either deleted or confidential, but she made a poignant discovery in regards to her father Robert.

Aelin had an attention for details, and it was impossible for her not to spot the discrepancies between the admission report and the forensic. Which, with a couple of hours researching, Aelin found to point towards poisoning, instead of the official statement of Bloodburn Syndrome.

Knowing too well the kind of funky businesses that her adoptive father Dominik involved himself in, Aelin assumed that perhaps the target of the poisoning had been Dominik himself, and somehow Robert found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. She confronted the Magistrate with her findings, hoping to get any more information on the matter, but the man only tried to reassure her that it had been the disease, that there was no poisoning involved. Aelin knew better than to believe him and thus began searching on her own.

She encountered many obstacles along the way: dead ends, misinformation, dead witnesses, and the list went on. Along with her frustration, distrust in the Aodhán family grew inside her mind. Aelin began pulling farther away from them, and in particular from Dominik.

The young Diathim was on the verge of giving up, when destiny veered her path in the right direction.

Making It In The Galaxy

During one of Aelin's shifts at the hospital, right when she was considering dropping her investigation on her father. A very well-known incident to the Diathims happened: yet another ship crashed on their planet. The Health Response Team brought in a man with a severe trauma, multiple concussions, haemorrhage, fractures… and even though Aelin was only an intern at the time, she got the chance to assist on the man's surgery due to shortage in personnel that day.

Curiously enough, Aelin took over the postoperative care of the man. Musashi Kensen was hospitalized for a couple of weeks after his surgery, time in which he and Aelin became very close very quickly. Kensen was very charming and won Aelin's heart long before he was deemed fully functional and discharged from the hospital.

Instead of leaving the planet right away, Kensen stayed in Millius Prime, courting Aelin in a short span of time before asking her to leave the planet with him, officially formalizing their relationship. However, Aelin didn't want to leave her father's death to a cold case, and was forced to share that part of her past to Kensen, so he'd understand why she rejected his offer. To Aelin's surprise, Kensen didn't back away from his word, and instead offered to help her find more information about Robert Vena.

Only a few days later, Kensen brought her a datapad describing the detail plan for assassination, schemed by Dominik Aodhán himself as a ruse to undermine his at the time opponent for the Minister candidacy. Something broke inside Aelin after hearing such horrific news, an unknown rage ran through her veins, wanting nothing more than punishing Dominik for what he had done to her. But someone had been a step ahead of her, because that same day, Minister Aodhán's corpse appeared mutilated on the planetary news.

Unable to get an outlet for her rage, she swallowed her emotions, hoping to find another opportunity to let her anger out in something, or someone.

At last, with nothing left to hold her back to Millius Prime, she decided to take on Kensen's offer, and together they left the planet and the system.