Aeryn Odysseus Ekko

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Aeryn Odysseus Ekko
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Clan Clan Ekko
House Ev'reuin Family
Mother Alyssiana Fey Rheineire
Father Alexander Jahn Ekko
Marital Status Married
Partner Lianna Vir'uan
Siblings Tahlia Ekko
Children 0
Born Year -8 Day 5
Languages Kiffu, Galactic Basic, Nev'Quari
Quote 'I once knew a woman who could best me in every way imaginable. She soon became my universe, while I became her sword.'
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.13m 7'
Weight 113.4kg 250lbs
Coloring Tanned
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation House Ekko-Rheineire
Title Clan Leader
Prior Affiliation Tresario Star Kingdom

Aeryn Odysseus "Odyssey" Ekko, is the son of the Former Leader of Clan Ekko, and Husband of the Hapan Lianna Vir'uan of the Ev'reuin Family. A graduate of Theed University on Naboo, Aeryn was one of the few Kiffar to of left their Homeworld for higher education on a planet far away, to have then returned. A son true to the teaching of his father, Clan, and Nobility, he often scoffed at the old traditions and ways upheld by other Clans and Tribes throughout Kiffex and to a lesser extent Kiffu. Seeing them as archaic war-crazed ideals, he often would lead secret operations with Ekko Clan 'Peacekeepers' to help spread humanitarian aid to those who were trapped by Civil War and famine. Known by many as 'Odyssey' for the journies he'd tell through his tales of travel, he garnered widespread acclaim as a talented storyteller and Charismatic speaker, unafraid to say what was truly on his mind in a way that wasn't often found offensive. It was through these public speakings and storytellings while traveling through the Hapes Cluster that he came across a beautiful Hapan that would later in life become his spouse and Co-Conspirator in all things.

Clan Ekko

'Odyssey' is the current leader of the Ekko Clan, son to a grand ancestry of Ekkos that go back to a time before the beginning of the first recorded Civil War. Untouched by the Black Sun due to their Isolationism from fellow Kiffar, and their insurgency whenever they were found, allowed them to remain hidden from the greater Black Sun Syndicate and avoided their massacres that were successful against other Kiffar Clans. When relative Peace finally reached a greater portion of Kiffex, Clan Ekko began working with other Clans to repel the Black Sun occupiers forcing them off the planet. As such the planet is no longer under the control of Black Sun, but now under the territorial claims by the various Clans throughout the Planet including Clan Ekko.

"Crest of Clan Ekko, featuring a rare flower found on Kiffex, with a symbol of a Loth-Wolf that saved the life of the very first Ekko Clan Leader on his travels on Lothal."