Ahasan Shahbaz

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Ahasan Shahbaz
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Thesme
Mother Casandra Shahbaz
Father Herman Shahbaz
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.83 meters
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Freelancer
Prior Affiliation The Order of Kampar

Ahasan Shahbaz is an Hapan by birth, and a former member of The Order of Kampar.

Early Days

Ahasan Shahbaz was born on Hapes in the city of Haporium in Year -15. He was son of wealthy noble family that. A family that with political standing within the consortium. The business owned large business organizations throughout the cluster and was among the elite social circle.

It was around Year -1 when on one fine day he woke up to see both his mother and father murdered in their sleep. The images of it still terrifies him to this day. Soon after the murder rumors circulated that some elements in the Hapes Consortium were behind the death of his parents

Disgruntled by the death of his Parents young Ahasan Shahbaz decided to leave Hapes for good and vowed to never return to this land. He decided to spend rest of his years with his Maternal Uncle who was a Transporter and hauled goods from one place to another. Ahasan Shahbaz lived most of his life on the ship helping out his Uncle in his business and educating himself as pilot.

Present Life

It was Year 13 , Day 60 when his Uncle was shot on the planet by a few bandits who captured the ship. Ahasan Shahbaz wandered here and there for days doing small Jobs until he read rumors of an Order. Ahasan Shahbaz embarked on a journey to find the order and finally met up with Horley Cyan who asked him to serve The Order of Kampar. The fire of vengance burns inside him to avenge the death of his parents and to hunt those who deprieved him of loved ones.

In Year 14 Day 10, Ahasan Shahbaz decided to bid farewell to the The Order of Kampar to focus on his transport business. Ahasan Shahbaz currently runs a Transport service known as AST Transport Co. as freelancer.