Akheton Medical Service

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Akheton Medical Service
General Information
Status Dissolved
Leader Aylia Trenika
Owner Tabty Haasza
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 108
Dissolved Year 15 Day 139
Political Information
Affiliation Akheton Corporation
Industry Medical Service
Holosite Akheton Medical Service


In the history of the Akheton Corporation one goal stands out: To help the people of Naboo to strive, thrive and survive the conflicts in which they and the rest of the galaxy face. With this in mind it has been a goal for Akheton Corporation to offer health services to the general population of Naboo and to the galaxy at large.

In looking at the creation of this dream it began with a few citizens of Naboo who wished to improve the economy of their planet by exploiting its natural resources. Soon after the mines were profitable, the citizens yearned for some ‘home made’ products to improve their planet’s standing in the galactic stage, and thus, Akheton Vehicle Corporation was born. Due to the inherent success of the vehicle exports, their in-house delivery service was struggling to cope, forcing millions of customers to have to make the long trip to Naboo in order to collect their purchases. The logistical arm of Akheton Corporation was created, and now handles millions of deliveries daily from small packages to heavy Raw Materials.

Now the first goal of the planetary economy of Naboo being stabilised, the next step is to improve the lives of its citizens. So it should come as no surprise when Akheton expands once more to make medical services available to all.