Ala Phas

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Ala Phas
Biographical Information
Race Falleen
Homeworld Falleen Prime
Mother Unknown Name
Father Uknown Name
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown Brother
Children None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.7 meters
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Tresario Star Kingdom
Positions Ministry of Military Operations
Prior Affiliation Hutt Cartel, Falleen Federation
Awards TSKuniversity.pngSmall-3month.PNGMmoribbon2.png

Life Before the Military

Ala Phas is a falleen male that was born and raised on the planet Falleen. He lived an ordinary life with his mother, father, and older brother.

At a young age his brother went off to serve for the Falleen Federation. His brother had wished to follow in their father's foot steps. Although their father didn't serve for the Federation, he had still been a high ranked military officer.

Ala's brother was mearly a first sergeant when he died in the line of duty. He had been killed by a defective explosive weapon. His death caused his parents great pain, but it seemed to hurt Ala even more. He had lost his childhood dreams of success in the Federation.

Ala Phas spent his young adult years exploring the Galaxy with a small ship named “the Aura Legacy”. He would get a small temporary job here and there to pay for food and supplies. Until one day he ran into a mysterious man named Rupert Havok. Rupert was a loyal worker of the feared Hutt Cartel. He quickly became a good friend of Ala, although Ala didn’t work for the Cartel. One day Rupert asked a favor of Ala, and being they were friends he accepted. It was a simple job to deliver droids to a friend of Rupert, and it was easily completed. Then Ala returned and things changed. Rupert began giving commands to Ala and telling him to do what the Hutt s wanted. Ala Phas had been drawn into the Hutt Cartel.

They had good pay and not too complex work, but Ala was still an unskilled worker. So Rupert began to teach him. He taught him a lot Ala needed to learn and then left the rest for him to figure out. On occasion Ala would be confused and Rupert would walk him through it, but on a particular day it must’ve just pushed Rupert too far.

Ala needed help with a job he didn’t fully understand and Rupert attempted to help him but he just wasn’t getting it. Rupert said he'd come to Ala and personally show him what to do. So Ala went to the back of his ship and took a little nap until Rupert arrived. When Ala awoke, it had been days and he was in a space station far from his original location. Ala had been drugged in his sleep. Rupert began to contact Ala again and told him to get a ride back to his job so they could begin again. Ala was afraid of the Cartel now. He quickly communicated to the Falleen Federation that he wished to recruit. The Federation sent an officer to pick Ala up and take him to the Ichigo Military Academy.

the Federation

Ala Phas spent many months at the academy studying for the Falleen Federation Army.

One day his instructor and good friend, Azmatha Secura, came to him and told him that Bisz Aldaris has become outragious and many of the officers were leaving the federation. She told Ala that she was taking some of the better cadets with her and invited him. Ala didn't hesitate to follow Azmatha, he believe in her ability to choose the correct path. Ala contacted his ride,Xyler Zero, and headed to the Tresario Star Kingdom where the officers were also heading to find new jobs.

Tresario Star Kingdom

Ala Phas 200x279.png

Ala Phas joined the Tresario Star Kingdom and took a final exam at their university, because he had already trained at the Ichigo Military Academy. He contacted the Army and requested to join as he had planned with the Federation. the TSK had a ceremony were Ala, along with three other cadets; Heero Hajime, Shuyin Fantasy, and Trandafir Balaur graduated from the University of Tresario. Ala became a Sergeant and was a member of the Ministry of Military Operations.

The Tresarian Army Quickly gave him his first mission for delivering droids. Ala would continue in long weeks in hyper drive travelling to deliver droids and equipment for the TSK

Ala worked as a Sergeant in the Kingdom’s Ministry of Military Operations (MMO) for many months. He worked primarily by picking up and rounding up droids and supplies for the Army. He helped supply the Field Marshal, Xias, with the supplies and workers needed to complete the construction process of the Army HQ on Monbale.

Ala met and made many friends in the Kingdom, including but not limited to; Xyler Zero, Xias, Jude Vatz, John Green, Dob Holla, Jared Wayman, and many more. Ala was a fierce worker and strived for nothing less than perfection, not that he always achieved it. He put his mission first and on day 235 of Year 12, Ala was promoted to First Sergeant in the 1st Brigade of the TSK Army.