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Alani Myrtel is a 25 year old female from Coruscanti descent. In Year 22, she left the Coruscant sector in search of work, and to expand her real life experience. Currently, she works for the neutral nation of One Nation Under Jou.


Alani is a relatively short Coruscanti woman. She is usually found wearing either a comfortable tank top-and-jeans or brandishing a more professional dress or suit. Her natural hair color is brown, but she is known to dye her hair in a, preferably dark, color. At work, she wears her uniform.

From young age, Alani never really did interact much with non-humans. Living on the upper layers of Coruscant and being influenced by her father and the general Imperial society of upper Coruscant, left her to develop a natural wariness for 'aliens'. As time went on, after her departure from the city-planet, she slowly eased into the idea of working together with the other races and organizations, but a general preference to work with humans over aliens stayed. During her travels, she started straying away from the Imperial influence. She gradually formed her own, more neutral standpoint and opened up to the views of other organizational or political bodies. This shift in her views let her to view the galaxy, and most notably the Empire's enemies like the Jedi Order, in a more passive manner. She realized that the Imperial propaganda against the Jedi was mostly just that, propaganda, even though the Imperial doctrine most likely existed to protect its citizens. This view reverted back largly after the assumed death of Nari Noble, Alani's ex-girlfriend, in Year 23.

Generally, you can view Alani as someone who values order and justice, with a generous natural curiosity. She tries to maintain a clear separation between her work and private time.

Alani Myrtel
Alani main image.png
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Amy Myrtel-Sondi
Father James Myrtel
Marital Status Single
Born Year 0 Day 14 (Age 25)
Languages Galactic Basic (fluent)
Coruscant Basic (accent)
High Galactic (limited)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5' 6" (167 cm)
Weight 124 lbs (56 kg)
Coloring Light to Fair
Hair Color Brunette (natural)
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation One Nation Under Jou
Confederacy of Independent Systems
Rank Captain
Positions Member of the Moroa Guards
Member of the Guards' Logistics Division

ON project frontier mid.png Project Frontier Medal, MID
On faithful serivce 2y.png Faithful Service Medal, 2 Years
ON-valuable-service-3.png Commendation of Valuable Service, Lv3
ON jubilee y23.png Monarch's Year 23 Jubilee Medal
ON-valuable-service-2.png Commendation of Valuable Service, Lv2
On project crown jewel.png Project Crown Jewel Medal
ON jubilee y22.png Monarch's Year 22 Jubilee Medal
ON operation showdown.png Operation Showdown Medal
ON project shieldmaiden.png Project Shieldmaiden Medal
ON project phoenix-com.png Project Phoenix Medal, MID
ON letter of commendation.png Letter of Commendation (discontinued)

Signature Alani awards.png



A New Soul

Only two weeks after the official Imperial declaration of war on the Rebel Alliance, on Year 0 Day 14, Alani was born in a Coruscanti hospital to Amy and James Myrtel. Despite the expertise of the Imperial medics that were, at the time, stationed at the hospital, a complication occurred because of Amy's medical history. The mother suffered from an early stage of brittle bones and during the birth of Alani, she fractured one side of her pelvis. A C-section was suggested but was ultimately denied. This left Amy with lingering stability issues. Alani herself was declared healthy after a thorough inspection.

The Years Ahead

Alani and her family had the luxury of being decently-off, living in a family apartment on one of Coruscant's upper layers. Free from most petty crime of the lowest layers, the Coruscanti was able to enjoy the comforts of a well-educated childhood. In the following years, she followed a minor management course, with her free time being spent taking care of her mother. Over the course of those years however, those duties slowly began to fall on droids, with Alani being more interested in going out enjoying the nightly life of the mega-capital when she reached adulthood. It was at this time that she learned she was attracted to both genders. Unable to stay attached to to a person for too long, she decided to not commit to a relationship until she had found the one. Her taste was specific, perhaps too specific.

The Father that Looked

James, Alani's father, was an honest believer of the Imperial morals. Being an ex-trooper, he had his fair share of combat experience. At the time of Alani's childhood, he was employed by a private security corps outside the system. Due to this, he was away from home more than he was not. When his job did allow him to take a few days off, James spent his time at home, enjoying the company of his family. It did not take long for Alani to get interested in James' job. Whenever he sat down and talked about his duties, she sat there next to him, glittering, listening carefully. Alani developed an interest in the security work and some of the Imperial stances started growing inside.

Sprouting Views

The girl formed her views from both her father and mother, her father's Imperial upbringing and her mother's kindness. Both traits made for a mix that was Alani's. While living on Coruscant, she did not interact with many 'aliens', most of the places she went to were populated mostly by humans. This non-interaction, along with the general segregation that many may think of when thinking about an Imperial society, made her naturally wary of those not like her. While not wholly denying to do business with non-humans, she would think twice when dealing with those who bore little resemblance to the people she grew up with.

New Experiences

Departure from Coruscant

The logical route after having been trained in blaster combat, would be to join the Imperial Army. Much to her father's disappointment, Alani was not yet ready to fully commit to the Empire. She felt that it would be better to first travel the galaxy, and get some real life experience beyond the Empire's influence. The Empire would still be at the back of her mind, and her father made sure to remind her not to aid the enemy. It took quite some time to convince him, but hefinally saw the pros in Alani's decision. After all, as Alani liked to put it, "The more experience I gain, the better chance I'll have at enlisting in the Army."

And so she left a few months into Year 22 after having said her goodbyes. Originally, she was meant to go to the Venaari system to rendezvous with a potential employer at Lone Star Industries, but after further research into the company, she decided to change her course instead. While an employment at LSI could have proven to be a lucrative option, she found out the company had a rather grim past, as it apparently shared a history with the Exelis Runners. These, now obvious, criminal ties would make it one of the less-desirable options to work at.

Glacial Distress

Approximate galactic date: Year 22 Day 80-90.

Her travels soon lead her to the frigid planet Polus, a glacial world dominated by frost-covered landscapes. Her purpose was straightforward: seeking employment and gaining experience, whether it be through her skills as a pilot, or as a marksman.

The situation took an abrupt turn when Alani received a general distress signal conveying a grim situation -- bandits had attacked a YG-4210, rendering it defenseless and forcing it into an emergency landing on Polus. After an indecisive minute, Alani diverted her course towards to coordinates the distress signal provided her. Since she was going to Polus, there was a chance she was going to need to face these bandits either way, and the YG's captain obviously needed her help.

With her steadfast droid, the D3-S5, or D3 for short, guiding her ship, Alani prepared for the eventual conflict. She donned a weathered but effective set of Stormtrooper armor her father had left her, her Bryar Rifle within arm's reach. Alongside her, the Dresselian mercenary named Terek readied himself for the unfolding events.

Upon arriving at the distress signal's location, plumes of smoke billowed from the beleaguered vessel. The YG-4210 had indeed been attacked by an aggressive party. A VCX Light Freighter stood nearby, further complicating the scene. Alani realized that the situation was dire, and without hesitation, she descended to the icy surface of Polus. As the Coruscanti's ship, a 578-R Space Transport, landed with its boarding ramp extended, the bandits wasted no time opening fire on Alani and Terek. The pair weighed their options, with an eventual consensus that Alani would provide cover from the ship's dorsal latch, while Terek would guard the entrance. With blaster fire relentlessly pounding their ship's hull, Alani engaged the bandits from her vantage point, catching one by surprise with a well-placed shot. However, the relentless barrage pushed her back into the ship, leaving the hatch open. Moments later, a bandit aimed a rocket launcher at the vessel. A rocket struck the ship's hull with deafening force, causing heavy structural damage.

Alani in downtown Tor Aashrur, circa Year 23 Day 85.

Unbeknownst to Alani, the Defender-class Crusader, headed by Commander Lindemann of One Nation Under Jou, had also picked up on the distress signal. Upon receiving the distress signal, Commander Lindemann and her crew recognized the urgency of the situation and chose to act decisively, choosing to intercept. Their ship descended into Polus's atmosphere, preparing for deployment. The arrival of Commander Lindemann's task force marked a turning point in the battle. A calculated touchdown between the bandits and the attacked YG-4210 positioned the Defender-class Crusader as a protective shield, shielding the vulnerable spaceship from further harm. Swift and precise deployment of ground assault squads, equipped with heavy weapons and jetpacks, caught the bandits off-guard.

The engagement unfolded rapidly, with the jetpack squads descending upon the bandits and employing close-quarter firepower. Meanwhile, the long-range squad provided suppressing fire, ensuring that the bandits had little room to maneuver. The well-coordinated efforts of the Nation's force ultimately prevailed, quelling the immediate threat posed by the bandits. The Commander's decision to extend a helping hand not only saved lives but forged an unexpected alliance on the icy plains of Polus, which ended up with Alani eventually diverting towards the system of Morobe to enlist in the neutral nation's forces. Passing the hundreth day of Year 22, Alani found herself working for the neutral Nation, as an officer cadet.

The Princess in Pink

To be added.


Approximate galactic date: Year 22 Day 295.

Alani, at the time a second lieutenant, found herself aboard the Defender-class Light Corvette Templar during a flight from Morobe to Nimban. As the vessel approached its rendezvous for a routine 'defend the assets' assignment, the Coruscanti's thoughts dwelled on a peculiar event from the previous day: In the Templar's cargo hold, a heavy crate seemed to defy the artificial gravity in her presence, just after it had fallen off a shelf. This left her mystified.

During her cargo duties in the hold, a moment of strange turbulence led to the aforementioned potentially perilous situation. The heavy crate teetered on the edge of falling onto her, but, to her astonishment, it remained suspended in mid-air. The other objects, including herself, remained unaffected. This inexplicable incident left Alani with lingering questions. A glitch in the artificial gravity systems as local as that would be nigh impossible.

As the Templar approached Nimban, Alani prepared herself and her squad for the arrival of Lilith Delcroix, monarch of Vorsia Companion and leader of One Nation Under Jou, whose security was partly her responsibility. Their encounter took an unexpected turn when Lilith sensed a connection to the Force within Alani.

The day unfolded with routine patrols and inspections, until Alani found herself summoned on Nimban to meet Lilith in the Crusader's chapel. Here, they discussed the Force, with Alani recounting her recent enigmatic experience involving the levitating crate. Lilith offered to assess Alani's Force sensitivity, and explained the potential dangers of an untrained Force user. Alani, willing to avoid unintentional harm, agreed to receive at least partial training from the monarch. This pivotal encounter marked the beginning of Alani's journey towards harnessing the Force.

A Darker Side

Approximate galactic date: Year 23 Day 297.

To be added.

Service Record

One Nation Under Jou

Rank Time Held (Combine Time) Time Held (Real Time)
 Captain  Year 23 D148 - Present 2022/04/23 - Present
 Lieutenant  Year 23 D25 - Year 23 D148 2021/12/21 - 2022/04/23
 Second Lieutenant  Year 22 D184 - Year 23 D25 2021/05/29 - 2021/12/21
Junior Officer Year 22 D127 - Year 22 D184 2021/04/02 - 2021/05/29
Officer Cadet  Year 22 Day 99 - Year 22 D127   2021/03/06 - 2021/04/02 

Awards and Commendations

One Nation Under Jou

  Award Name Given By  Date Received 
ON project frontier mid.png Project Frontier Medal, MID Lilith Delcroix Y24 D251
On faithful serivce 2y.png Faithful Service Medal, 2 Years Lilith Delcroix Y24 D173
ON-valuable-service-3.png  Monarch's Commendation of Valuable Service, Level 3  Lilith Delcroix Y24 D49
ON jubilee y23.png Monarch Lilith Year 23 Jubilee Medal Lilith Delcroix Y23 D308
ON-valuable-service-2.png Monarch's Commendation of Valuable Service, Level 2 Lilith Delcroix Y23 D93
On project crown jewel.png Project Crown Jewel Medal Lilith Delcroix Y22 D340
ON jubilee y22.png Monarch Lilith Year 22 Jubilee Medal Lilith Delcroix Y22 D308
ON operation showdown.png Operation Showdown Medal  Ninian DeLayn  Y22 D220
ON project shieldmaiden.png Project Shieldmaiden Medal Ninian DeLayn Y22 D220
ON project phoenix-com.png Project Phoenix Medal, MID Lilith Delcroix Y22 D184
 ON letter of commendation.png   Letter of Commendation*  Ninian DeLayn Y22 D127

* This commendation medal has been discontinued and was redesigned in Year 23 to be the Monarch's Commendation of Valuable Service.