Albrecht Drayson

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Albrecht Drayson
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Kaiya
Father Rogan
Marital Status Single
Spouse None
Partner None
Siblings Jorus (brother), Lannah (sister)
Children None
Born Year -8, day 210 (Age: 23)
Quote Be bloody, bold and resolute. (Motto of the Blood Angels.)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'5"
Coloring Lightly Tanned
Hair Color Jet Black
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Tion Mil/Sci Industries

Incoming transmission...

Origin: Blocked

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Encrypted file received: Dossier: Albrecht Drayson

Prepared by Solaris Information Services

Report dated Year 15 Day 148

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Credit Receipt confirmed, report unlocked

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Decryption complete.

Transmission terminated.

Biographical Information


Albrecht Drayson was born in Year -8, Day 210 on Corellia. Son to Rogan and Kaiya Drayson, he has a younger brother Jorus and a younger sister Lannah. His family owns a small, relatively successful transportation and courier firm based on Corellia, as such he and his sibling never wanted for anything as they grew up. The Drayson children received the best education that was available and began to learn the family business from an early age. His was a good childhood, as compared to most. His parents could be strict disciplinarians, and constantly drilled the importance of personal and family honor into their children, but they also allowed Albrecht and his siblings a degree of independence. At the age of twelve Albrecht was with his father when clients arrived at the hanger to pick up a shipment his father had imported for them. When his father asked for payment, the men drew their blasters and fired, wounding his father severely. As the men turned their attention to their shipment, Albrecht grabbed his fathers small hold-out blaster and without thinking, turned the weapon on one of the men and fired, hitting him in the back and killing him. He then fired on the second man, who fell dead after being hit in the throat. After the incident, Albrecht was surprised at how easily he had pulled the trigger on another sentient, and was even more surprised at the lack of remorse, or feelings of any kind for that matter, over what happened. Over the next few years Albrecht continued to learn the various business aspects of the family business from his father, negotiations, finance, piloting, computers and management skills, were all covered. Over this same time, it became ever more apparent to Albrecht, and to his family, that he lacked even the smallest amount of empathy towards others and very few things phased him. Albrecht soon came to the realization that he didn't want to follow the path his father was setting before him. So, at the age of 18, Albrecht announced to his family that he had enlisted in the Corellian Defense Force. His father was infuriated upon hearing this new. After a lengthy and heated argument, his father told Albrecht, in no uncertain terms, that if Albrecht were to go ahead with his plans, he would be disowned. Without a thought, Albrecht left the family estate that very evening, and didn't look back. Since then he and his father have never spoken and he has had very limited and brief contacts with the rest of his family.

The Corellian Defense Force

Albrecht initially entered the Corellian Defense Force Training Academy as just another recruit. It soon became clear to his instructors however that his psycological makeup, along with certain other aptitudes, set him apart from the other cadets. He was quickly transferred from basic recruit training to a specialized advanced training program which included training in demolitions, covert tactics, advanced weapons training, sniper skills and small unit tactics and command. Throughout this training Albrecht excelled, completing every task in a cold, calculated manner.

After the year long training regimen, Albrecht graduated and was promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer. He was then assigned to the elite 103rd Special Operations Detachment (Angelus Sanguinem or Blood Angels) as it's operations officer. The 103rd specialized in small unit operations, ranging from anti-pirate sweeps to hostage rescue missions and high risk covert operations. Albrecht saw action almost immediately when the fifteen man unit was tasked with the eradication of a particularly blood thirsty pirate band operating in the sector. No matter what the mission Albrecht proved himself, no risk was too great and when others hesitated he plowed ahead. Over the next four years Albrecht rose easily through the ranks, achieving the rank of Lieutenant and being appointed the Blood Angels executive officer.

In year 14, the Blood Angels were dispatched to the Rendili system on a hostage rescue mission. A little known terrorist group had seized control of the Parliament building and were also holding several members of parliament and their staffs hostage. Upon arrival the Blood Angels surrounded the governmental compound, and then under cover of darkness entered the Parliament building. Initially things went according to plan, however, ten minutes into the mission, everything went terribly wrong. The point man of one of the elements failed to detect a booby trap in time while clearing a suite of offices. The resulting explosion killed everyone in the five man element. The next few chaotic minutes were filled with shouts, explosions and blaster fire. When it was all said and done the terrorists were all dead, most of the hostages were rescued and Albrecht along with five other Blood Angels emerged wounded, but alive, the only remaining members of the detachment. Upon their return to Corellia, the surviving Blood Angels members were called before and investigatory commission. Unfortunately two very influential members of the parliment had lost their lives during the assault, and there were questions that needed to be answered and blame that needed to be assigned. In the end, after almost two days of testimony, the matter was closed and the details of the testimonies has remained classified to the highest levels. Each of the surviving members of the squad received the highest honor available for their acts of courage, the right to wear the Corellian Bloodstripes. They were also each transferred out of the 103rd Special Ops Detachment and into other less 'visible' units. Albrecht took the re-assignment in stride, and when his term of enlistment expired, he left the service, opting instead for the civilian life.

Credo of the Angelus Sanguinem

What is your life? My honor is my life.

What is your fate? Duty is my fate.

What is your fear? My fear is to fail in my mission, or my battle brothers.

What is your reward? Glory is my reward.

What is your craft? My craft is death.

What is your pledge? My pledge is eternal service. While the enemies of Corellia still draw breath, I can have no peace. While traitors hearts still beat, I can have no respite. While the wicked prey upon the weak and the innocent, I shall visit justice upon them."

Post military life

In the year since Albrecht left the Corellian Defense Force he has lived the life of a drifter, never staying in any one place for long. He has taken jobs as a bodyguard, bounty hunter, freighter pilot and mercenary among others. Currently Albrecht is working a pilot for Tion Mil/Sci Industries.

Personal Information


Albrecht is a male Corellian and stands 6'5" with a slightly muscular build. He has smooth, lightly tanned skin, and is clean shaven, but with an ever present five o'clock shadow. He wears his jet black hair in a short, utilitarian style. His cold, piercing, blue eyes scan his surroundings constantly. His stony expression is devoid of emotion and seldom changes.

His clothing choices are very simple and utilitarian. He favors his long, knee length duty coat which still bears his rank insignia and other duty patches from his military service. He also wears his old blast vest and typically a dark t-shirt. His padded utility pants sport the distinctive Corellian Bloodstripe running down each leg. He keeps his black, knee high armored boots highly polished.

Personality and Habits

Albrecht is very self-sufficient and chooses to rely on his own talents. He prefers his own council and does not work with other lightly or on a whim. In most instances Albrecht is cold and analytical in his decision making process. He counts himself lucky that he has never been burdened with emotion. Emotions only serve to cloud things, making difficult decisions even more so. The life he has chosen has no room for them. He is a quiet, stern individual, choosing to blend into his surroundings whenever possible. When he does speak however, it is in a clear, loud, commanding voice. He seldom engages in idle chatter or small talk. His personal honor is very important to him as such his word is his word, and never broken. Lacking in empathy Albrecht is very comfortable with using force when it is needed and he is more than willing to shoot first. His lack of emotion and empathy does not mean however that he is without own code of sorts.

Behold the first and most important commandment: 'Know the score.'

Evil shall always beget retribution.

Your honor is your greatest currency, let none have cause to dispute it.

Never willingly cause harm to innocents.

Known Galactic Comm channels

  1. #Channel-101187
  2. #cmg-tmsi
  3. #tionhegemony

Favorite Quotes and Sayings

Saltan valoramosa n telval mord = 'Assumption is the first step into a shallow grave'

"They don't give out the Corellian Bloodstripe for perfect attendance."

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