Alderaan Master Battle Plan

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So far, the following people have been granted access to this file.

Emperor Charon
Executor Uebles
Grand Admiral Black Lodge
Vice Admiral OVERMIND
Commodore Skice
Captain Syn Becket
Lieutenant Commander Dravin
Lieutenant Commander McLairson
Lieutenant Colonel Kharn
Lieutenant Commander March
Lieutenant Stanov
Lieutenant (jg) Rath
1st Lieutenant Feali
1st Lieutenant Alvaro
Lieutenant (jg) Nevag Blackhole
Ensign Roktiken
Warden General Soven



SKTF has taken control of three cities on the surface of Alderaan. They also claim that the Alderaanian Royal family is the rightful ruler of the planet and they support their quest to get in control of the planet. The Alderaan Task Force has been assembled in a orbit very near the planet with the purpose to eradicate this rebellious threat to our mighty Empire.

The enemy forces are mostly composed of squadron of fighters and some capital ships. Let's see more details about this.

So far my main concern was the fact that the enemy had around six or seven squadrons of JM-5000s. We can not deny that it puts us in great disadvantage. We have a little more than double of such number in our fighter ranks, but that is not the ideal condition. According to my calculations, we should outnumber them 3 to 1 in order to have a comfortable position to fight with the better changes to win. With our current balance of forces, we will have loses, serious ones, but it is still a winnable scenario.

However, there are some reserve squadrons that the 2AF has (3 TIE Ln squadrons and 2 TIE Bomber squadrons) plus some reinforcements in the way of JM-5000 squadrons that are currently on their way to Alderaan, with ETAs from January 27th on. I have already spoke with Jubar and he told me that if we sign up those ships to the scenario and we keep them in our docking bays, we will be able to use them as replacements. For example, if squadron Prueba of Flight Sergeant Test is mostly destroyed and he only has two or three fighters, once cleared with the overall Wing Commander, he will be able to use one squadron of those reserve squadrons. That will allow us to replenish our loses and keep the upper hand.

Recent Intel reports place some Jedi units trying to make their way to Kuat Sector. We are still uncertain about their final destination, but for this reason a similar operation has been planned to be launched against rebel targets, almost at the same time as our operation. That way we will catch them off-guard and having to split their forces in two fronts.


The mission is very simple and straightforward: eradicate the opposition in Alderaan. For that we will be splitting: the Naval forces will engage the hostile in order to guarantee space superiority while the Army operatives, with the protection of the Naval forces, will make a run to the planet and then deploy themselves them to take command of the cities. As soon as space superiority is achieved, the Naval forces will provide air support to the units led by Lieutenant Colonel Kharn.

In case the enemy ground forces are superior to the ones Lieutenant Colonel Kharn is deploying, the Avenger will move to geo-sync orbit and proceed to initiate orbital bombardment of targets designated by Lieutenant Colonel Kharn.

IOCI operatives will try to get a hold on a certain Jeff Knight who has been very elusive in the past. IOCI believes that it is possible that they can capture him here. While IOCI operatives' main task will be to capture said person, when and if possible they will provide support in anti-fighter operations.

In the unfortunate situation that space superiority can not be achieved, we will fight for as long as the situation gives us reasonable odds to turn the direction of the battle. If that is not possible, we will have to abort the mission. For that, all the units of the Task Force will move to the edge of the combat grid BEFORE engage the hyperdrives. The order of pullout will be dictated by the units that have sustained the most damage. They will be the first ones to jump out, while the ships in better condition set a protection perimeter and wait for retrieval of the fighters.


The enemy is not presenting battle with large number of capital ships, which give us superiority in that field, since we are counting with 1 ISD, 6 VSDs, plus several support ships. However, the fact that all enemy ships are equipped with missile launchers is indeed a threat for our capital ships. That is why we will concentrate our efforts in dealing with the fighters since second one.

We will use the Fire Barrier tactic, that was tested in the Operation Defent S-X119, in the Zhar Proving Grounds, with excellent results. When we are in visual contact with the enemy fighters, they are going to start runs on our capital ships since they will present themselves as juicy targets. However, they will need to fly on a direct path to our capitals in order to acquire the target. Our tactical officers will be making the calculations to determine in which point of their trajectory they will be able to launch their ordnance.

When the enemy fighters are getting close to that position, all our capitals will create a Turbolaser barrier just in front of them. Even counting the granted fact that Turbolasers are not suited to track fighters, the barrier will cause several loses among the incoming fighters. Besides that, most of the fighters will have to break their runs in order to avoid being destroyed. In that very same moment, our fighters will fall on them from above and below, causing more havoc among them.

The Fire Barrier will be deactivated in that moment to allow our fighters to engage in combat under safe conditions, but the enemy, not knowing what happened, will have its ranks broke and thus we will gain the advantage. The Fighters are going to be divided into Assault Wings (AWs) and Defense Wings (DWs).

As soon as the Fire Barrier is disengaged, our forces will come from above and below the reference horizon of our ships and try to create havoc within the enemy fighters. As soon as the confusion is over, the enemy fighters will recover (even if they are rebels, their training will kick in a little bit later of their initial shock). In that moment, their numbers will be reduced, so the AWs will hunt down the remaining fighters, while the DWs will return to fly near the capital ships. This last movement will be necessary in case one or more enemy fighters or even squadrons manage to escape the AWs and start runs on the capitals. The DWs will take care of them.

As discussed in a previous chapter of this document, there are several fighter squadrons kept as reserve on board the Avenger and onboard a couple other ships. In case fighter pilots receive severe casualties in their squadrons, they can return to said ships and change squadrons. It has been cleared with Jubar so there will be no problem at all.

The Star Destroyers that will constitute the Main Capital Ship (MCS) group will be protected by their support ships as follows:

CR-90 (Scout)

Carrack - VSD - Lancer - VSD - Dread - Lancer - ISD - Lancer - Dread - VSD - Lancer - VSD - Carrack

The particular designations of the ships and pilots, as well as the Reserve Capital Ship (RCS) group will be discussed later on this document.

This arrangement will give us the advantage to have support ships within our punchers, thus helping us reduce the threat that the enemy starfighters are to us. The rest of our capitals will be arranged behind the main force and will serve operate to watch our back in case the rebels are trying a nasty surprise.

In case any of these ships is seriously damaged as a result of attacks with ordnance, said ship will slow down and the rest of the ships will close the formation, thus giving protection to the damaged ship, that will then move to the reserve formation.

Regarding flight operations, all squadrons will operate teamed. That is two squadrons will attack one of the enemy squadrons, improving their chances against the superiorly shielded and armed JM-5000s. The details of the starfighter strategy were formulated by Lieutenant Commander McLairson and his command staff who will follow the guidelines of our Master Battle Plan. The details are discussed at a later part of this document.

Once we have reached space superiority, we will start ground operations by deploying the elements of the 3rd Sector Battalion leaded by Lieutenant Colonel Kharn. If possible, they will try to make a run for the planet while the enemy forces are busy engaged with the main Naval group. An Escort Wing has been prepared for them in case they need to make a dash to the planet even if we have not finished conquering space superiority. That will take care of possible enemy fighters trying to stop them and also will provide air support to ground operations, in case needed.

When the ground forces land, they will do so at the Citadel. LT Alvaro and SFC Uofisa will be remaining in the city as the reserve, and will secure the Citadel against any threat. The rest of the landing party will move to secure SKTF HQ, the first target, preceded by LT Feali and CPL Jimenez, who will be the eyes.

Lieutenant Colonel Kharn will spearhead the way into the city by way of the AT-ATs brought from Kuat, and SGT Johnson, and CPL Centurion will follow directly behind covered by the walkers. SGT Johnson and CPL Centurion will be the main infantry groups.

After they have liberated SKTF HQ, they will proceed to the other cities on the planet. LT Alvaro and SFC Uofisa will be standing by their landing craft to reinforce them or extract a squad from combat if necessary. Should things go bad, the AT-ATs and craft at the Citadel will be used for squad extraction.

IOCI operatives will use the confusion of the battle to approach their prey and try to get a hold on him.

As already mentioned, in case we do not achieve space superiority we will have to abort the mission. For that, we will be retreating to Zulu Point. The coordinates of Zulu Point will be determined one we enter the combat grid. Once reaching Zulu Point, ships will jump to hyperspace and they will plot a course to Galactic Coordinates -98,112, called from now on Yankee Point.

Once we enter the Combat Zone, several waypoints will be set, starting with Alpha Point and so on.


Even though it was already presented in the general mail sent through the 2AF-Missions list, let me remind you about the CoC currently in place for this Task Force.

Task Force Commanding Officer: Vice Admiral OVERMIND (
Task Force Executive Officer: Commodore Skice (
Third in command: Captain Syn Becket (
Starfighter Commanding Officer: Lt. Commander Cidnee McLairson (
Starfighter Executive Officer: Lieutenant Daelis Stanov (
Starfighter Third in Command: Lieutenant (jg) Nevag Blackhole (

The Ground forces will be subordinated to the Task Force Commanding Officer, or Theater Commander, and will have the following CoC:

Commanding Officer: Lt. Colonel Kharn (
Executive Officer: 1st Lieutenant Feali (
Third in Command: 1st Lieutenant Alvaro (

Capital ship Setup

Main capital ship group (MCS)

CR-90 (Scout)

Carrack - VSD - Lancer - VSD - Dread - Lancer - ISD - Lancer - Dread - VSD - Lancer - VSD - Carrack

CR-90 IMS Vindictive Inv Karl von Roma

From left to right:

Carrack IMS Excalibur Ens Eulen Mirtash
VSD IMS Blacksword Lt Jeroen Veers
Lancer IMS Celerity Lt Jackson
VSD IMS Illuvatar Capt Syn Becket
Dread IMS Conquistador Lt (jg) George Cross
Lancer IMS Invader Fl Cpl Mark Weaver
Lancer IMS Resilient Fl Of Olennikov
Dread IMS Berator Lt Jumper March
VSD IMS Dauntless Cdre Hack Skice
Lancer IMS Obdurate Fl Cpl Corran Rann
VSD IMS Relentless Lt (jg) Ya Scorpe
Carrack IMS Harridan Ens Andrew Fel

Reserve capital ship group (RCS)

NBF - VSD - Carrack - VSD

From top to bottom:

NBF IMS Vindicator Fl Of Saroed Jaeger
VSD IMS Illustrious Lt (jg) Tacitus
Carrack IMS Forever Knigh Warden General Soven
VSD IMS Reverence Lt Cmdr Dravin

Starfighter Setup

Assault Wing I:
LT Stanov (WCO, GXO) (
FOFF Randor
FOFF Karde
CWMN Vogel
FCPL Dannar SherGarr

Assault Wing II:
ENS Blackhole (WCO) (
ENS al Din
FOFF BesKost
FCPL Takao
CWMN Derek Roguelight

Defense Wing I:
FSGT McMulder (WCO) (
FSGT Isley (WXO)
FCPL Reaper
FCPL Riker

Defense Wing II: Flagship Defense
ENS Roktiken (WCO) (
FSGT Treidum
RCT Bren

Army Escort:
FSGT Hoffner (WCO) (
FSGT Shinigami
FCPL Voislav (WXO)
FCPL Morgarr

Ground forces Setup

MAFT LtCol Parcelus Kharn
INF 2nd Lt Alvaro
INF Cpl Charles Jimenez
INF Sgt NA Johnson
INF Sgt Uofisa
INF Cpl Mark Centurion
Recon 1st Lt Ralic Feali
Recon SFC Qui Soran

As already mentioned in the mailing list, NO ONE within our Task Force will be accepting orders that do NOT come from this CoC. A strong observance of this rule will prevent confusion and chaos within the battlefield. Contradictory orders are usually the fastest way to get people killed. And since I do not want to see my people killed for a confusion that we could have avoided in the first place, we will enforce our CoC to the letter.

You pretty much know what the respective elements of your forces are, so I will not go into detail there in an effort (probably futile) to keep this MBP to extend more that it has already.

About the equipment we will be using, there are going to be some modifications to the proposal of equipment I sent you on previous occasions. I am checking with him right now to see if there will be a need for our gunners and NPC soldiers to use comlinks, since the first ones should be able to use the internal communications system of the ship they are manning and the second ones should have built-in comlinks on their Stormtrooper helmets.


As mentioned in the previous point, the orders will flow from the top of the CoC and down to the rest of the members of the task force. All of you are my command staff. That is that you will be my consultation council.

Even if your name has not been mentioned in the official CoC, that does not mean that you will not have a job. I trust all of you to be the extension of my eyes and ears. You will supervise and monitor all the people that come from your respective forces and will make sure they are performing according to the directions we are giving for the development of the battle. You will have to make sure that your people are active and post at least once per round.

Jubar informed me that in the case someone goes inactive, his character will continue doing what the player declared he was going to do. There will not be any chance to modify his course of action. Therefore, we need to avoid people going inactive. Besides, people going inactive means that they will not receive XPs, and of course, they will not get to wear a [BEA] if awarded.

When the scenario is started, there will be a posting order at the beginning of each round. The Task Force CO will post first. After he has posted, the Task Force XO and then the Task Force Third in Command will be able to post. The Starfighter Command Staff will begin by the Starfighter CO, the XO and the Third in Command, who will post in parallel to the Task Force Command, after the Task Force CO has made the first post. After the Task Force Command Staff has finished posting, any capital ship commander will be allowed to post. After the Starfighter Command Staff has finished posting, any pilot will be allowed to post. If any of the members of the Command staff does not post within 24 hours of the time he is supposed to, then the next member is allowed to post.


As already mentioned, we will be using the mailing list for the general coordination of the operation. The e-mails of everyone of the command staff, in case of need is the following:

Vice Admiral OVERMIND (
Commodore Skice (
Captain Syn Becket (
Lieutenant Commander Dravin (
Lieutenant Commander McLairson (
Lieutenant Colonel Kharn (
Lieutenant Commander March (
Lieutenant (jg) Rath (
Lieutenant Stanov (
Lieutenant Feali (
Flight Officer Roktiken (
Warden General Soven (

The first board for our men to register is: “Exordior Bellum” (Latin for "To begin war") located in the Combine Roleplaying Center. The password is “1lb8oz”.


Allied or Neutral Parties belongings

Imperial property or belonging to Imperials

Lambda Shuttle - Icy Shadow
Lambda Shuttle - Storm
YT-510 Sancho Panza - Moff Mak Davar
YV-666 #71682 Rocinante
YT-510 - The Relic I
YT-510 - The Relic II
YT-510 - Hurricane
YT-510 – Equalizer
YT-510 – Marine One
HAS Blackrazor 5
Sentinel Class Shuttle - Cordoba
FireSpray - Highlander
YT-510 - Fist of Rage
17384 - Berkut
Y-TIE - Nemesis Enforcer
13011 Marauder-class Corvette Air Force One None unmanned -110 100 Denevar 4 7 Denevar
15800 YT-510 Savory Stratus None unmanned -110 100 Denevar 4 7 Denevar I
16020 YT-510 Gem of Denevar None unmanned -110 100 Denevar 4 7 Denevar I
11477 L-500 Space Liner President's Pride Jim Stratus unmanned –110 100 Denevar 4 7 Denevar I

Owned by Lynda Arn

Trilon Aggressor Arn - 15264 -100 110 Alderaan 7 6 Alderaan
Trilon Aggressor Arn - 70284 -100 110 Alderaan 7 6 Alderaan
Trilon Aggressor Arn - 70382 -100 110 Alderaan 7 6 Alderaan

Owned by Nebular Enterprises

R-41 Starchaser Arn - 75579 -100 110 Alderaan 4 1 Arthethorn
R-41 Starchaser Arn - 75886 -100 110 Alderaan 4 1 Arthethorn
R-41 Starchaser Arn - 81402 -100 110 Alderaan 4 1 Arthethorn
R-41 Starchaser Arn - 75891 -100 110 Alderaan 4 1 Arthethorn
R-41 Starchaser Arn - 75890 -100 110 Alderaan 4 1 Arthethorn
R-41 Starchaser Arn - 75580 -100 110 Alderaan 4 1 Arthethorn
R-41 Starchaser Arn - 75586 -100 110 Alderaan 4 1 Arthethorn
R-41 Starchaser Arn - 81401 -100 110 Alderaan 4 1 Arthethorn
R-41 Starchaser Arn - 81399 -100 110 Alderaan 4 1 Arthethorn
R-41 Starchaser Arn - 81398 -100 110 Alderaan 4 1 Arthethorn
R-41 Starchaser Arn - 81397 -100 110 Alderaan 4 1 Arthethorn
R-41 Starchaser Arn - 81400 -100 110 Alderaan 4 1 Arthethorn
R-41 Starchaser Arn - 81392 -100 110 Alderaan 4 1 Arthethorn

Owned by Adam A Flynn

Y-TIE 82219
Y-TIE 82215
Y-TIE 82214
Y-TIE 10778
Y-TIE 82211
Y-TIE 82213
Y-TIE 82216
Y-TIE 82217