Alderaan Mining Corporation

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Alderaan Mining Corporation
General Information
Status Dissolved
Leader Kast Derrnon
2IC Correll Aintab
Owner Kast Derrnon
Historical Information
Founded Year 8 Day 48
Dissolved Year 15 150
Political Information
Industry Mining Company
Holosite Alderaan Mining Corporation


The Alderaan Mining Corporation (AMC) is a privately held firm of the Derrnon family and its associates, headquartered in the the very center of the resplendent capital city of Aldera. Commissioned generations ago to sustain the material needs of a burgeoning Alderaanian civilization, in the present-day its operations are conducted even far beyond that of the Core Worlds; extending outward to the distant reaches of settled territory. Today, the bulk of its industry and manpower lay concentrated in the Bosph Sector, where it serves as the backbone to the pioneering development projects currently undertaken by the Derrnons in that region of the galaxy.

The Bosph Sector itself is administered by the political and military wing of the AMC, the Bosph Colonial Authority (BCA), of which company chairman Kast Derrnon is sovereign and commander-in-chief.[1]


For years the enterprise existed as nothing more than a small business venture of a clan whose priorities lay chiefly in maintaining their longstanding tradition of political prominence in the region, receiving no more attention or thought than various other minor corporate investments and holdings attributed to them. Though known to virtually none outside of the immediate system, the company had always had some measure of success, as did the majority of their miscellaneous industries – bringing a number of circles within the family to advocate for the strong financial backing necessary to significantly expand all of their operations outward. In response, the conservative Derrnon patriarchs debated the issue before shortly dismissing the appeals. Citing a distaste for risk and a satisfaction with what had become a secure, centuries long practice of land acquisition coupled with rent collection, they argued that it was their landlordship that was what was overwhelmingly responsible for the family’s initial rise to the lofty heights of Alderaanian high-society.

Defeated, yet privately devout in their beliefs, those factions seeking a greater corporate profile for the clan whole-heartedly abandoned their modest protests in order to rally resources and support around the candidacy of Kast, eldest of the collection of patriarchs’ sons, whom following a short yet remarkable career as a Commodore in the Imperial Navy had been reportedly named on the Emperor’s list of possible appointments to the position of Moff of the Kuat Sector (now redrawn and delineated into the political units known as ‘Hallu’ and ‘Kuat’). With the zealous, public championing by each Derrnon official in the Alderaanian legislature, coupled with the favor of His Imperial Majesty, Kast rose to the one of highest seats of authority in all of the galaxy and in doing so became the crowning achievement of an already storied political legacy. Throughout his tenure, his approach to administration was met with virtually universal praise as part of a culture of widespread support for the Charon regime and its firm, efficient, and tactful government.

Following his retirement from office, Kast returned to private life as the venerated heir to the stewardship of the Derrnon clan. With the clout to assuage the concerns of the reactionary elders, he openly embraced once discarded ideals and stressed the immense potential for growth that lie in a policy of systematic, committed re-investment into each of their previously peripheral industries. Behind the unwavering support of his entire kin and its finances, Kast commenced this initiative by expanding the Alderaan Mining Corporation`s operating budget by five hundred percent and assuming direct control of the company – immediately elevating the much overlooked company’s status in the galactic consciousness. The firm now boasts a solid network of mines throughout known space, more than adequately helping to cater to the needs of an ever-expanding commercial sector and growing populace.[2]


Regrettably, the AMC does not, nor intends to, make any quantity of extracted raw materials from its private supply available on the galactic market at this or any foreseeable point in time. This policy is strictly enforced without exception, and appeals to any company officials will be disregarded without reply.[3]


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