Alejandro Starhunter

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Alejandro Starhunter

Alejandro Starhunter
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Mother Sarra Starhunter
Father James Starhunter
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Born Year -6 Day 121
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.70 meters
Coloring tanned
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation None
Rank None
Awards None

Alejandro Starhunter is a swashbuckling singer from the planet, Kiffex. He is passionate about swordsmanship, all fine arts of fighting, and beautiful señoritas. He travels extensively and enjoys exploring the many lovely sights of the Galaxy.

Early Life

Alejandro Giovanni Francesco Starhunter was born in The Old DMZ on the planet Kiffex. He inherited the title of Cazador de Estrellas (Hunter of Stars) from his father, James, and his mother, Sarra. He loved riding wild animals and exploring across the desert. His mother taught him a great love for music and he cultivated it in his later years. His older brother disappeared when he was very young and he could not find out his name or location. A few months after Alejandro's eleventh birthday, two assassins came to kill their family for unknown reasons. Much to his well being, he was visiting his uncle, Carlos Starhunter, who adopted him after his parent's deaths. His uncle taught him the great art of fencing, and he was also trained to wrestle professionally by his uncle's friend, Dominic Renaud. With his fiery spirit, Alejandro sought adventure to it's fullest potential, and found he had a gift for discerning if someone was underhanded or trying to kill him. He has always accredited it to his parent's sudden death, which affected him deeply. With the help of Dominic Renaud, Alejandro started an organization called The Fires of Kiffex. He managed to be elected the president, and was a shrewd and cunning leader. He was demoted only when the order was dissolved. Dominic was only seven years his senior, and they decided to start a training school for fencing. But Alejandro's uncle immediately dispersed the idea, and Dominic left his friend and student behind without a backward glance. Alejandro could not stand his uncle's forceful nature, being very independent himself. They had an explosive argument, but in the end, Alejandro agreed to follow his uncle's suite and join the army.


Alejandro is tall, muscular and handsome, with a winning smile. He is polite, willing to please, and has a charming, irresistible laugh. It is hard to hurt him, physically or mentally, and he is skilled in many arts, esp. swordsmanship and wrestling. He enjoys singing for friends, but if you meet him, be warned. He might be there to kill you.