Alessandro De Caito

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Alessandro De Caito
Biographical Information
Race Anzati
Homeworld Anzat
Siblings Los Luum (deceased)
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.4 metres
Political Information
Affiliation The Order of Mecrosa
Rank Head of Security

Early Years

Alessandro was born on Anzat. He lost his parents at what would be considered an early age as an Anzati. At the age of 30 you are still considered a child or pre-teen by Anzati standards. He was still learning many things from his parents, but was able to do without them.

Once he hit his 'teenage years' at about 50, he gave up studies and any form of governmental schooling Anzat had to offer. For credits he turned to crime. At first doing back alley muggings, as he got better at them and made more and more credits from it, he moved on to robbing stores. His store robberies led him to make even more credits and with never being caught, he started needing a place to store them. He returned to his family estate, but using the family estate as a hideout would never be a good idea. His father had an old Pelegia assault ship he kept in an underground hanger. He used this as his mobile headquarters. The ship wasn't hugely technologically advanced, but it had lots of guns which made it seem like an ideal robbery vehicle. He used this ship to hit banks and other corporate headquarters' that contained vaults all over Anzat. Using his single ship to terrorize the planet all over, often causing enough damage that the local media wherever he hit would have to make up a story saying the culprit was captured to prevent public outcry.

He later realized instead of terrorizing his own race, he could terrorize whoever he wanted. He repainted his Pelegia so it would not be recognizable to anybody on Anzat. He left the system in the ship, headed for Tatooine.

Upon arriving to Tatooine, he met a fair number of criminal cartels and other various shady merchants that needed help transporting merchandise. This started his legitimate career. His ship made the perfect escort for any transport job.

He picked up lots of work doing escorts for the various criminals of Tatooine that he actually got recognition from authorities that had to deal with his famous flying skills. He was told all known charges against him would be dropped if he instead, worked to help keep legitimate convoys and supply ships safe. An opportunity he decided to take, as huge companies would surely pay more than the local ryll dealers and slave traders.

He made contacts and credits doing this. Eventually expanding his personal fleet to other assault ships such as the Firespray and the Pursuer Enforcement Ship. He now favors his PES, as he opts to keep his old reliable Pelegia under lock and key, it served him well and he wouldn't want anything to happen to it due to its sentimental value.

He can now be seen escorting many forms of convoys through hostile territories in his favored PES. Most notably the medical convoys of Xucphra

Befriending the Doctor

Alessandro's travels once brought him to the system of Candoria to a univeristy run by Spree Razzix known as Phu Sector University, a university complex built on an asteroid. One of his illegitimate employers found it fit to ship some ryll to the asteroid so as to corrupt some of its students and develop a clientele of more educated sentients.

This plan was however thwarted when Alessandro met Doctor Spree Razzix. Spree had mentioned that the university was looking for some people to act as security and that Alessandro looked the type to be competent at the job, this was of course true.

The ryll that was supposed to be distributed to the students at Phu Sector University, or PSU, ended up 'accidently' falling off of his Pelegia. Alessandro and Spree developed a friendship while having many conversations in the staff room of the university campus. This eventually lead to Alessandro doing work for Xucphra once he went fully legitimate. It is believed that Doctor Spree was indeed one of the main contributing factors to Alessandro giving up a life of crime for good to turn to helping people instead.

Current Activities

Alessandro is, on paper, the Owner of Outlanders. However he sticks to his strong opinion that it is only because on paper someone needs to own the organization. He claims Outlanders is actually owned by the club itself and all major decisions are voted on by all full members of the club.

When he is not out on the hunting grounds honing his skills with his rifle or racing around in a pod racer, he can be found helping his close friend Spree Razzix with Xucphra business, this could be anything from overseeing bacta production to actually giving Spree's future medics and apprentices field training on a planet out in the wilderness to better help them should they ever have to enter a combat or survival situation to help people.