Ali Xen

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Ali Xen
Ali Xen.pyxel.png
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Father Merkak Xen
Spouse Unmarried
Born Confidential
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation CIS, InterGalactic Banking Clan, The Pentastar Alignment
Positions CIS,Member; IGBC,Leader; TPA, Chairman
Prior Affiliation Galactic Bank, TatrisGroup Investments
Awards Sexiest Man in Banking


A man with a good heart, Ali Xen has always been one to be kind to all those who has shown similar kindness to him. Always pursuing a spouse, he is always known to be the one flirting with whoever might give him the time of day. However aside from his search Ali has yet to get lucky and might never find his soul-mate in the galaxy at large.

As a banker and a well known and respected one at that; he has always pursued the truth in everything and has always been a straight shooter to his clients, friends, and co-workers. Definitely one you would want on your side in an argument.


  1. Ali Xen was the son of Merkak Xen a pilot and explorer of many cultures. After Merkak's death at the hands of an unknown assassin, Ali traveled around jumping around the GE.
  2. After finding himself alone in the galaxy Ali Xen has always been looking for an individual to call his wife; to this day such quest has gone without fruition.
  3. Though alone in the galaxy, Ali Xen has managed to create a name for himself in banking. From working with Galactic Bank as a simple Account Manager before its decline to a private bank; to the InterGalactic Banking Clan where he served as an account manager, rose up to the Chief Financial Officer, then became the Deputy Chairman, where soon after became Chairman and now leads IGBC into the future.
  4. Founder of TatrisGroup Investments, Ali Xen always sought to fill the hole in his heart with things as his search for a soul-mate was getting more narrow by the day. His private company, after aggressive negotiations, merged with Damask Holdings where the merger was estimated to be around 120M credits in Year 14.
  5. After the merger Ali Xen moved to serve as a partner at the newly merged Damask Holdings along with Hugo Damask, and Insurik Damask.
  6. When the merger was completed Ali Xen formed Tatris Corporation, a private corporation that works to purchase shares in and acquire other companies and corporations through aggressive and non-aggressive negotiations.
  7. Being one of the few humans in history to have ever found themselves as the leader of IGBC, it only adds to the mystery behind his gifts as a galactically recognized banker.
  8. Trained Cayson Wyatt La`Marke before his untimely suicide due to slanderous claims by Corey Vildras.

Job History

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