Alicia De`Kova

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Alicia De`Kova
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Kiffex
Marital Status Married
Spouse Aylee Stewart
Died Year 20 Day 20
Languages Corellian
Religion Alissma
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue Eyes
Political Information
Affiliation Shadola Sector Security
Title Major
Rank Major

Alicia De`Kova was born on Kiffex many moons ago, her life started as normal as any young sentient in the galaxy would. Her two parents raised her in a traditional Kiffar household, as she reached the age of maturity, her mother and father separated and through a tragic turn of events, she was left alone in the galaxy. Young Alicia had to adapt to her new surroundings. As the times changed so did she. After finishing school she went off in search of her mother who had abandoned her while she was a teenager, years of war and hatred had led her mother to fight causes of many other groups.

When young Alicia caught up to her mother, she had changed, she begged and pleaded to her not to steal, but in vain. Her mother started to steal from all the factions she did not like. Alicia vowed to kill her one day after Katya had smeared their family name. She searched long and hard and finally apprehended and killed her mother. On a remote moon in near the Orus sector, a cold and heartless Alicia felt no remorse, this was one of the harder times in her life. Feeling shame, she left for service with the New Republic's faction: Talost Night Watch. She lived many moons and enjoyed the company of the faction, comradery and a sense of family filled her heart.

While she was serving in Talost she started to write and explore her feeling through Holonews articles. This caught the attention of a neighboring faction and they offered her a job.

In year 10 day 44, she was promoted to the position of President of Galactic Tabloid Publications. The faction prospered and was hiring more employees and printing many more Holo articles.

After some time with the group, she had to take a hiatus and relax her senses, many moons she was left sleepless by her actions in her previous employments and took up a spiritual trip organized by Alissma that changed her life forever.

Alicia stepped down as President and joined Alissma, she began to repent and follow the ways of Ara.

The years passed by quickly and Alicia began to be more involved in her new home, first doing mundane tasks, ferrying ships and new members and whatever else needed to be done. While on these voyages she took solace and comfort in the teachings of Ara, so much that the teachings were committed to memory. Being able to discuss and talk with the Elders had a huge impact and cemented her willingness to stay and follow the path.

Her path took her to repent and to seek forgiveness, her mind started to be at ease and gradually she started to find the peace she had been looking for. Wanting to spread that peace and guidance to the galaxy she started a Charity for underprivileged sentients in the galaxy ( New Members receive a free ship and guidance when possible, just send Alicia a DM for details). This proved to be a slow start but slowly by investing and trading she grew a small Charity into a huge operation that, at first catered to sentients near Alissma space, expanded and now stretches to the far reaches of the galaxy.

After taking some time for herself she met Aylee Stewart.....