Alisni Kal`Nihs

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Alisni Kal`Nihs
Biographical Information
Race Ishi Tib
Homeworld Tibrin
Mother Special, see Biography
Father Special, see Biography
Spouse Unmarried
Siblings Special, see Biography
Children None
Born BCGT -10 D65
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.98 meters
Coloring Mottled Green
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Trade Federation
Rank Cadet
Prior Affiliation The Avance Coalition


"Tall, slender and stoic for his race. His face quite the model of his race, his demeanor being that of a palace guard, and his eyes quickly taking in all that surrounds him. Something of an oddity for his race. His eyestalks are in constant movement; I assume to keep his vision shifting enough to give nearly full three dimensional view."

- Gideon Bodnari


"Grace by stoicism."

- Alisni Kal`Nihs

Early Days On Tibrin

Alisni was born, along with several hundred other Ishi Tib, in a hatchery on Tibrin. His early life was filled with the water and learning how to be an Ishi Tib. Organization came natural for all Ishi Tib. Though a few had other instincts. Warriors in the making, they beat on each other while in the hatchery's brood pools. Alisni took to his instincts well but always tried to hide them as well as he could. The other warrior hatchlings kept at each other while the instincts were still strong. Each slowly subcomming to their lessons from the Broodmother. Several were more resistant and quite dangerous around the other hatchlings. They were seperated, along with Alisni, into another brood pool. This was isolated from the others. They fared there well, even with the Broodmaster goading to fight and hone their instincts. Alisni developed speed beyond his hatch-mates, along with a natural talent for directing troop movements and tactics in the simulators. Something not seen in an Ishi Tib in quite some time. Raiders. Try as they might, the Ishi Tib gave a valiant effort to negotiate their way out of a planetary invasion by the Raiders. Many were killed and even more wounded. Several of his brood-mates, the warriors, were taken by the Raiders. Alisni could not let this happen. He took the nearest speeder and organized the rest of his brood-mates to make an assault on their freighter that held the others. After a brief and bloody fire fight, Alisni was aboard the freighter as a prisoner as well.

Riding The Spacelanes

The Raiders left Tibrin several days later and took them to the stars. Alisni was not content being a prisoner to anyone. Several others and himself worked the restraints off and escaped the cargo hold. Making their way to the bridge and seizing control, they realized they were lost. Alisni was chosen to determine their course and find a route to a friendly world. Many weeks passed, and even after that no friendly worlds on the scanners. A random exit from hyperspace brought them to the system of Ka`Dedus, a Coalition controlled world. They hailed the starport and requested help setting the freighter full of refugees down with out destroying the ship and the port. They sent a shuttle with a local pilot, and they were rescued from their space oddessy. Alisni felt a twinge of guilt. His world had been raided and all he could do was protect the warriors; few civilians would ever remember his name let alone his deeds. He was to live life with a single name, never achieving the Rite of Naming. His brood-mates felt his sorrow as well, for none of them would recieve names. Alisni was stoic to begin with, but this loss of honor and status made him even more so. Not much could be worse to him. The brood kept to itself on this cold unforgiving planet and they made use of an abandoned warehouse to continue their training. Scrounging together enough credits to purchase several training weapons and a simulator, they set about making a tightly-knit combat unit. Alisni excelled at several things above the rest of the brood: Piloting starfighters, repairing ships, ground tactics, leadership, and creating useful items for the rest of the brood. Things handy to have with a combat unit. Something itched in Alisni's soul. It was something that burned and caused many a restless night; the yearning to regain his honor in the eyes of his ancestors and race. Few of his kind would be seen in the galaxy, and he wanted that impression to be of a strong, proud race. When there was nothing else that the brood could help him with, he let them all know of his intentions to travel the stars in service and thus gain a name within the eyes of the ancestors. They all felt his pain of not having a name, but felt that without at least even a placeholding name, he would be ridiculed by the other races. The brood took upon themselves the name of 'Kal`Nihs'; 'Those who seek honor'. Something even their ancestors could not object to. With their own naming, each set to the stars determined to make their ancestors proud.

New Home

Alisni found service first with The Avance Coalition in Y09. He entered the Academy to see if there were things TAC could use that he knew or could know. He seemed to be seekig inclusion by races other than his own. Within TAC he found others that he connected with; yet, his own world view drive him into seclusion away from any one. He became a wandering mess of a being.

Space Dust in the Solar Winds


Current Whereabouts

In Y19, found Alisni on the planet Dor where he finally recognized the change in his being. He was ready to enter service, without the self burden of guilt. What happens will happen, and all he can do is his best. The fates will guide him unto what they wish. He joined the Trade Federation in late Y19, where he currently is a Cadet again.