Allen Holocain

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Allen Holocain
Allen Holocain Avatar.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Kayla Holocain
Father Jonathan Holocain
Siblings Juliet Holocain
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Coloring Brown hair
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Commonality
Rank O-1


Growing Up

Allen Holocain was born to Jonathan and Kayla Holocain. Raised on the planet of Tatooine in the town of Mos Eisley, Allen had a happy life. He and his parents would always go to the pod races where his father would often participate. Allen had a love for the sport and a knack for building things. When he was six, he built his first pit droid that would help him and his mother around the house. His mother would find him asleep by a droid or by the pod races his father owned. And when he turned twelve, his father let him come work for him as a mechanic for the pod racer. Needless to say, Allen was thrilled by the offer and took it immediately. Soon afterwards his parents told him that his mother was pregnant with his little sister. Overjoyed by the news, Allen started to modify the pit droid to help with the baby. But his efforts would soon prove useless soon enough, when he and his father were at the pod races one day and his mother was on her way to visit her sister on the city's outskirts, she was abducted by a band of Tusken Raiders. When Allen and his father found the speeder there was no sign of where she was or might have been taken. Heartbroken, Allen and his father continued to race.

A year had passed since the terrible incident and as Allen was finishing the final check of the pod racer another racer asked him for some help. While Allen was gone, one of the other racers, who remains unidentified, placed a bomb in the pod. And as Jonathan finished the first lap, the bomb went off, killing him and three other racers as well. Devestated from seeing his father murdered, Allen left home, and while he was in the town center he saw somthing that would change his life forever. It was Garrdula the Hutt yelling at her chauffeur.

"It was a horrible sight, her anger was so tremendous that even I felt sorry for the chauffeur she was yelling at. I could only try to help him fix the broken down speeder," Allen reported.

While offering his assistance, he told Gardulla about what had happend to him, and when he finished, he didn't have enough time to run before her guards had tied him up and thrown him in the back of the speeder. Scared and confused, Allen had no idea what would happen or what would become of him.

A New Life

After finding out that he had been captured to be Gardulla's personal mechanic, Allen could only question why. "Why has all this happened? For what reason would this happen to me? I've done nothing wrong that I know of so why would they want to kidnap me?"

Two years had passed, and as Allen was working on a sail barge, he was ordered to repair a speeder bike and move it to the main garage. And so after fixing it he realised that this was his chance for escape. He took the bike to Mos Eisley, where he sold it and used the money to buy a ride off planet. Enraged by this, Garrdula placed a bounty on his head for his return so that she might execute him in punishment.

"It had been a year since I had escaped from that horrible place. And finding out that I had a bounty on my head, I decided to make a plan to get away. As I sat in a small dinner in Coruscant, I planned my next route, and all of the sudden a bullet came flying past my face coming within an inch of killing me. It was a bounty hunter. And as I ran he fired on shot after shot. It was lucky for me he wasn't a good shot. But that luck didn't stick because I had tripped on a pipe, and as I looked up thinking that this was the end, something happened that I will be forever thankful for. A Jedi killed him in my defence. To this day I still don't know his name, but his padawan gave me the most important advice I would ever need: "learn to defend yourself." So I did, and I never had a problem with anyone ever again."

Being trained in sword fighting and martial arts, Allen had come close to being as swift with a sword as a Jedi with a lightsaber and continues to adapt his fighting style to that of his opponents. And after four years of fighting every gutless scum that would try to take him back to the hutts, he had enough. He realised that to end it he would have to send her a message, so he returned to her the bloodstained helmet of her best bounty hunter. In response, his bounty was lifted.


Allen is now a pilot, transporting materials for anyone willing to pay. He remains on the down low in fear that a bounty hunter who had long been looking for him might show up. He is also working on his trade business and sells anything he can get his hands on. While he continues to search for his father's killer, he is aware that what happened to his parents ultimately made him the man he is today.