Alleria Shepard

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Alleria Shepard
Shep portrait 2.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Lilith Shepard
Father Brendon Shepard
Spouse N/A
Siblings Triss Shepard
Children N/A
Born Year -13 Day -229, Time: 16:59:47
Died N/A
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.73 meters
Coloring Light brown hair
Eye Color Hazel
Political Information
Affiliation Nova Industries, Rogue Squadron
Rank Commander, CEO
Positions Leader of Nova Industries, Rogue Squadron High Command
Prior Affiliation Galactic Empire


Alleria stands at 173 cm tall. She has short, soft, light brown hair and deep hazel eyes that seem like they could cut straight through you. She is quite toned and muscular, which results in her weight being slightly above that of most females, approximately 10 stone. Alleria is often seen sporting a blaster by her side, but rarely wearing armour as she prefers unrestricted movement.


Alleria was born to Lilith and Brendon Shepard on Coruscant, and enjoyed a privileged upbringing at the hands of the wealth and nobility of her family. As her parents were both highly important, from a young age Alleria was taught the art of self-defence, making her proficient with both her fists, and her blaster.

At the age of 25, Alleria took her skills a step further, joining Imperial Army. After a surprisingly swift graduation, she was transferred to the 3rd Imperial Legion; the Shadow Guard- From here, Alleria began her career within the Galactic Empire. Within two months of her service, she received her first promotion to Private First Class, and within 6, she had reached the distinguished rank of Master Sergeant- Which consequently led her to being promoted to Executive Officer of Alpha Brigade, 3rd Imperial Legion.

Although considered second in command of Alpha Brigade, she assumed control as the serving Commanding Officer left on an unexpected Leave of Absence. In the coming month, she mainly served on Coruscant, but was also deployed to several non-Core worlds on peacekeeping missions which consisted mainly of suppressing local gangs and violent protests. Unlike most Imperial Soldiers, Alleria rarely resorted to lethal methods. However, she was smart and well trained, knowing when such methods were necessary.

Just over a month after Alleria took up her post as Executive Officer of Alpha Brigade, she stepped down from it- Giving no reason for her decision. A week later, she ceased active service. Throughout her short career in the Imperial Army (just seven months), Alleria was noted as a valued soldier with potential leadership capabilities, whom saved at least 4 different lives. Although not highly decorated, she was a highly respected soldier by her peers.

The next day she left for the Outer-Rim, leaving behind her family, her life. Upon arrival, she took up a new post in Nova Industries- her Uncle’s former job, CEO. Shortly after, news spread of her ascension, and Imperial Intelligence discovered that throughout her career, she was in fact spying on the Galactic Empire for Rogue Squadron- feeding them valuable intelligence on the Imperial Army’s movements, allowing the Galactic Alliance to strike at vulnerable convoys.

Today, Alleria retains her position as CEO of Nova Industries, and also holds a seat in the Rogue Squadron High Command. Ever since her defection, the Galactic Empire has been searching for her- without success.

Recent History

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Preceded By:
Shosho Smahnatia
Leader of Nova Industries
Succeeded By:
Preceded By:
Shosho Smahnatia
Rogue Squadron: High Command
Year 8 Day 237
Succeeded By: