Alun Tringad

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Alun Tringad
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Kuat
Residence Loedorvia System
Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
Born Year 40 (BCGT)
Languages Fluent: Galactic Basic, Kuat, Hapan
Limited: Binary, Huttese
Religion Unknown
Quote ""
Physical Description
Gender Male
Age 57
Height 6' 4" (1.92m)
Weight 196lbs (88.9kg)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Political Information
Political Standing Neutral
Citizenship Trade Federation (level 1)
Affiliation CorEx
Citadel Group
Current Positions Managing Director of Operations, CorEx
Chief Security Officer, The CorEx Group
Managing Partner, Citadel Group
Past Positions Director, Imperial Security Bureau (Galactic Empire)
Officer, Imperial Navy (Galactic Empire)
Prior Affiliation SYT Transport
Galactic Empire
Awards Multiple Imperial Navy and COMPNOR decorations
Signature Tringad-sig.png

Alun Tringad is a retired Imperial Naval officer and former Director of the Imperial Security Bureau. An experienced security and intelligence professional, he currently serves as Chief Security Officer for The CorEx Group and Managing Director of Operations for CorEx. His career dates back to Year 0, with the vast majority of it spent with the Galactic Empire before entering the private sector in late Year 16. He is the majority shareholder and Managing Partner of private security firm Citadel Group.


Early Life

Early Imperial Career

Imperial Security Bureau

Back to the Navy


After the conclusion of the Second Imperial Civil War, all seemed well within the Empire. However, malevolent forces were at work, and it was not long before Emperor Charon was overthrown from within by Vodo Bonias and his former Dark Empire followers. Charon was succeeded by Greyson Uebles, later proven to be a puppet of Vodo's, and chaos ensued. Alun was among the many Charonist Imperials who refused to serve Uebles, and he resigned his Imperial commission and disappeared into civilian life.

Naval Reserves

Alun surfaced a number of times during the following years, each time serving a brief tour of duty with the Imperial Navy before ultimately returning to the Reserves. The most recent, a deployment with the Naval Command Fleet in Year 12, would be his last period of official service to the Throne.

Citadel Group

SYT Transport

While working to build and grow the Citadel Group, he accepted part-time work as a freighter pilot with SYT Transport, a galaxy-wide shipping and logistics firm. While he was only with the firm for a short time, he made a number of friends and business contacts that would serve him well.


Additional Information



Past & Present Associates

Notable Positions

Current Positions

Managing Director of Operations (CorEx)
Preceded By:
Aetius Morbus
Alun Tringad
17.250 — Present
Succeeded By:
Chief Security Officer (The CorEx Group)
Preceded By:
Position Created
Alun Tringad
17.050 — Present
Succeeded By:
Managing Partner (Citadel Group)
Preceded By:
Position Created
Alun Tringad
16.300 — Present
Succeeded By:

Former Positions

Member of the Board of Governors (CorEx)
Preceded By:
Alun Tringad
Succeeded By:
Position Abolished
Director of Risk Management (CorEx)
Preceded By:
Position Created
Alun Tringad
Succeeded By:
Position Abolished
Director of the Imperial Security Bureau
Preceded By:
Alun Tringad
Year 1Year 2
Succeeded By:
Jim Stratus