Alys Irokini

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Alys Irokini
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Maires, Hapes Cluster
Mother Liana Irokini
Father Silas Irokini
Born Year -7 Day 190
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.67 meters
Coloring Pale
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Mecrosa
Rank Captain Hauler Class
Positions Station Development
Prior Affiliation Robin Hood School of Culture and Education

Baby Becomes a Lady

Life Has to Start Somewhere


Alys was born on board the Golan II Class Military Station Orbital Dreams to Silas and Liana Ta'em orbiting Hapes on Day 190 of Galactic Year -7 during unexpected trade negotiations between a number of wealthy Hapan families. Once her families negotiations had concluded and Liana had recovered from childbirth, Alys was moved down to the surface of Maires, where most of her father's weapon production business was located. There she spent a large amount of her childhood in and around their estate on the outskirts of the planet. With highly militant and conservative parents observing her every move, critiquing her every response and punishing every wrong answer, her upbringing was incredibly strict. Spending many hours around their estate a day reading various historical articles and manuscripts on Hapan Culture, Alys rarely had a moment to relax and have some fun. As she grew older this only began to affect her psyche as she began to talk back to her parents and rebel against their strict conservative nature, sneaking away from the estate and ignoring their various requests. Despite beaten for her various indiscretions, she would only rebel more to feel the sensation of freedom.


On her twelfth birthday, Alys was sent to Hapes where she would be attending boarding school at the Robin Hood School of Culture and Education to further embrace her parents desires for discipline and order. While the initial prospect of boarding school angered Alys, she soon came to the realization that her life would change, she would get the chance to live without the constant supervision of her parents which would allow her to experience more adventures, learn skills they failed to encourage and meet new people she would otherwise never get to even acknowledge. Once on Hapes, she would also be under the guardianship of her grandparents who, as opposed to her parents, where much more loving and compassionate. Alys' life in the Capital would never be the same.

Life in the Capital

As their only grandchild, Darius and Ti'Rea Irokini spoiled Alys to no end and would bring her to their estate on her days off from school. Alys spent every waking moment enjoying everything that she was never allowed to do while under the eyes of her parents. While her rebellious attitude still fostered itself deep in her mind the grandparents had taught her Honor, Pride and Strength, the three core words valued by every Hapan. As her courses became more and more difficult, Alys only rose to the challenges knowing that her achievements would be met with kind words and many rewards. Her education continued to improve and family support also became more frequent as her accomplishments soon made their way home to Maires. Receiving highest honors for a number of her courses, she had successfully graduated and had seen herself change into a better Hapan.

With a new understanding of life and with a strong moral background now in place, her abilities could flourish without the petty need to rebel against those around her that failed to support her view. Upon her graduation from the Robin Hood School, Alys was unsure what her next step in life would be, despite the number of glamorous employment opportunities available to her within the Cluster. Alys decided to undertake some public service as enlisted in a number of medical operations that provided assistance to the less fortunate. While her assistance in public service didn't pay very well, she learned enough that when her grandfather became ill with dementia she was able to step in and care for him when her grandmother was no longer capable of doing so. Even with Alys' best efforts Darius' mental state continued to deteriorate and within a year he had passed. Ti'Rea losing the will to live without her husband died of grief a few short months later.

Alys, having nowhere else to go, had no other choice but to return to Maires with her parents.

Define Your Own Destiny

Doors Close, Others Open

Alys' homecoming on Maires was just as she had imagined it would be. She received a brief congratulations for her graduation, but it was followed by a reprimand on why her choice of going into public service had been a mistake. She had been on the planet for less than a minute and once again she was being dictated. Alys could feel the rebel of her youth fighting to overcome everything that her late grandparents had taught her. However, wanting to honor their memory she suppressed those feelings, Alys was not that girl anymore and hoped that her parents would see that she was a mature young woman capable of making her own decisions. Wanting to prove herself to her parents, Alys decided to attend the University of Maires where she could learn to speak Galactic Basic and take courses in Business and Trade. She was hoping that her father would allow her to join his weapons business so she could assist him in trade negotiations.

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