Amara Shailene

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Amara Shailene
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Born Year -10 Day 314 Time Unknown, Corellia
Physical Description
Gender Female
Political Information
Affiliation Aliit Graks Oya'karir
Rank Foundling/Initiate
Prior Affiliation Mid-Rim Resource Management (Director)
"Ijaat cuyir ner beskar'gam, ner beskar'gam cuyir ner ijaat"
— Amara Shailene, via translator

Amara Shailene is the former Director of Mid-Rim Resource Management, a mining faction operating out of the Locris, Foless, and Hook Nebula sectors.

Director, Mid-Rim Resource Management (Retired)
Landgrave of Xi
Marchessa of Axelos
Lady of Black Rose Palace, Urce III


Very little is known about Amara's past, partially because she isn't particularly well known, and because she isn't often inclined to discuss it. Imperial census records place her birth at Y10 BCGT on the planet of Corellia. The names of her parents, however, appear to have been expunged. This has led some to believe they were 'disappeared' by Imperial authorities. Amara has neither confirmed nor refuted the claim.

On Day 140 of Year 24 CGT, Amara was accepted as an initiate of Aliit Graks Oya'karir by Aliit'alor Kaze Zill, becoming a Foundling of that Mandalorian Clan.


Political Leanings

Despite statements to the contrary, Amara claims no side in the Imperial Civil War, a claim she holds to be proven by having had contacts, business dealings, and amicable relations on both sides.

The Shailene Papers

A serious of various personal political, philosophical, spiritual and other musings.