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Amelia Rose Kolczynski is a Kiffar/Zeltron hybrid from Clan Nah`utal. She is a Family member in Black Sun. Formerly, she served as a 1st Lieutenant in the Imperial Army.

Amelia Rose Kolczynski
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar / Zeltron
Homeworld Kiffex
Clan Nah`utal
Mother Anna Nah`utal
Father Unknown (biological), Gregor Kolczynski (adopted)
Partner Castiel Angelos, Kara DuMonte
Siblings Adelaide Kolczynski
Languages Kiffu, Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 168cm / 5'6"
Weight 62kg / 136lb
Coloring Pink
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun
Positions 2IC of Defense, Blades Marines CO

Minister of Indoctrination

Prior Affiliation Galactic Empire
Signature Amelia signature.png



Childhood & Abduction

Amelia was born on Kiffex to Gregor and Anna Kolczynski into the clan of Nah`utal. She had a relatively normal childhood, but as the only child, she could have been described as slightly spoiled by her parents. She was taught the basics of Kiffar society and she played with others well, but there was always a fierce independent streak underlying her behavior.

This tendency to do whatever she wanted caught up with her at the age of eight when she had been playing in the woods alone, a few kilometers from her home. A small group of men belonging to a black ops mercenary group, the Black Snakes, were camped out and the young girl had stumbled upon them. They took it on themselves to kidnap her, figuring they could try to ransom her back to her family. This plan fell through when their commander recalled them, but the group decided to take her with them, figuring she’d have some value as a servant. Unbeknownst to her, her parents had recently found out that they were expecting a second child, another girl. This small happiness was the only bright light amongst their grief. The family reached out to their fellow clanmates for any information on their daughter, but there was nothing to be found.

So a servant she became, and not a very good one, which led to various beatings until she finally learned her place in the mercenary group. Finally, it seemed like she had learned her place at the bottom of the barrel, serving the mercenary group in a limited role.

Mercenary Work

The leader of the group noticed that the young woman seemed to have an aptitude for combat, having noticed that she had taken interest in weapons and warfare. Deciding to take a risk, he put her through military training. As she grew older and practiced, Amelia’s skills as a soldier grew exponentially, which caused the leader to take more interest in her development. When she was fifteen, she was finally allowed to join a raiding mission, but only as a sniper. They didn’t want her on the front lines just yet, as she was still young and inexperienced. Biting back her complaints, since those would only be met with a stern backhand, she did her duty.

Over time, she proved herself worthy on the battlefield and they started to assign her to actual missions, getting her some much needed combat experience. Never second guessing her orders, she was fully indoctrinated in this life and showed no desire to leave.

Everything changed when she was twenty-five and she found the perfect opportunity to escape. It had taken a considerable amount of time, but she had finally been trusted enough to work alone. This opportunity occurred during a battle with the Corellian militia, which was not going well for the Black Snakes, who were retreating. Seeing a chance to end this, she caught up to the leader and attacked him, which resulted in a brief scuffle and a barrel to his face. Now at gunpoint, she disarmed him and screamed savagely as she bashed his face in with the butt of her rifle until she heard no more protests.

After he was permanently silenced, she left his body to rot and dropped her weapons, heading towards the Corellian militia with her hands in the air to surrender. One of the soldiers, Musashi Kensen, accepted her surrender and brought her into custody.

Prisoner of War

Amelia was taken as a prisoner of war by the militia, and, for days, she was completely unresponsive to their questioning. Finally, she asked to see the leader of the militia. When he arrived, Amelia was about to give him her name when the fear of reprisal kicked in. As she slipped back into silence, he started to realize that she had been subjected to some serious trauma. Eventually, he started to send one of his men, the man who captured her, to bring her food and water and try to talk to her, since he was more of the friendly sort.

After weeks of this, she finally started to speak again, and coherently. She explained that she had been abducted as a child and she wasn’t quite sure what she was doing here. With this information and her name, Kensen brought the information to the militia’s commander and soon she was released into psychiatric care.

Psychiatric Hospital

She was admitted to a mental hospital on Corellia, the militia’s homebase, where the doctors had diagnosed her with a severe case of posttraumatic stress disorder. At this time, her family was informed that she was, indeed, alive but highly unstable. They would not allow any correspondence or visitations in fear that she would have a major panic attack. Once these were occurring less often, they allowed her to mingle with the general populace.

That was where she met Vladamiur Veselov, who she quickly befriended even though he was quite off his rocker. Amelia was manipulated to help Vlad, who needed some assistance with his therapy sessions. After being informed that his therapist position was open, she disguised herself and posed as his therapist. This, of course, was mostly them sharing stories, real or made up, and generally wasting time. She never asked what happened to his original therapist, but in the end she didn't really care. Due to everything in her past, she had grown desensitized to death and the like, mostly feeling nothing about it.

Unlike Veselov, Amelia's therapy actually seemed to be effective and soon she started to come to terms with herself and her disorder. Believing that she was stable enough to be released back into society, the doctors discharged her from the hospital into the care of her friend, Musashi Kensen, who had checked in on her every so often when she started to show signs of recovery. They had become friends as he was the only person who ever actually visited her in what she liked to call 'The Madhouse'.

Road to the Empire

After some time, Amelia finally figured out what she wanted to do. She decided to reconnect with her family and clan, and much to her surprise, her parents introduced her to her younger sister, eight years her junior. Her father started to take her out hunting, which she seemed to pick up rather quickly. To her, it felt relaxing to be out in the forest by herself, shooting game and enjoying the peace.

After spending a few months hunting and reconnecting with her family and clan, Amelia decided to enroll in the Imperial Academy, much to the urging of her cousin, Draelor Nah`utal and clanmate, Zhaff Orikan. Making a rather poor decision for someone with PTSD, she decided to set her sights on the Imperial Army.

Imperial Service

After many hours spent with therapists and the like, Amelia was somehow cleared for the Academy and the Army afterward. The Imperial doctors erroneously believed that her PTSD would not affect her duties and could be handled with more therapy. With monthly mandatory sessions, Amelia was getting a better handle on controlling herself and her disorder, which allowed her to be an effective platoon commander. With the help of Vexander Graves, Amelia has effectively blocked the harshest triggers for her PTSD, allowing her to control her emotions much better. Due to this treatment, her panic attacks have stopped, something which she had struggled with since her past traumatic experiences. Due to this, she's better able to socialize and relax, causing an improvement in her temperament and mood.

After only two months of service as a platoon commander, Amelia was promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant and given two awards, Mentioned in Dispatches and the Imperial Activity Medal. She felt that her new focus and drive contributed heavily to all of these, which have left her forever grateful to Graves for his assistance.

Three and a half months into her command, Amelia was training an elite squad of stormtroopers out in the glacial plains. During the night, there was a surprise wampa attack, most likely retaliation from their hunting earlier in the day. The squad managed to kill the wampa, but one trooper, Baz Rudemo, was killed and two others were left in critical condition. After the medics rushed to the scene, Amelia was left with the first fatality under her command. The young platoon commander had locked herself inside her makeshift office on the AT-AT and contemplated her failure, but also the issue that she did not feel much turmoil over it. Finally, she started to cry, but not because of her trooper's death, but because she had become so emotionally detached. Something inside her was truly broken, and she didn't leave her office for at least an hour since it took her that long to compose herself again. The next day, they resumed their training with their commander seeming a bit harder than before.

Finally realizing that the decision to join the Army was probably the worst decision she could have made, Amelia retired from Imperial Service over halfway through the Year 17. Traveling with her sister, Adelaide, who had also retired shortly before her, she went out looking to find herself or perhaps even a new adventure.

Finding Solace in Vice

Amelia spent time with her sister as they flew between various nightlife hot spots, where, thankfully, Adelaide kept her out of too much trouble; the younger Kolczynski preventing her from overindulging in many vices, some of her favorites being booze and hookers. At a bar, she ran into a friend that she hadn't seen in a while, Xyre Weltmon, who convinced her to join the Black Sun Collective, which would be a change of pace from the Empire. There, she was introduced to ryll by Kyran Caelius, and she knew that she had found a new vice. Luckily, her sister was still there looking out for her. After her partner, Jaryn, slipped into a coma, Adelaide had to drag Amelia out of the refresher, where she was found snorting ryll off of a hooker's arse.

After her grieving period, Amelia did indeed get her vices under some semblance of control, somehow turning into a functional alcoholic. She still sits by her comatose partner's bedside daily, reading her stories and waiting for her to wake up, even though the doctors are doubtful that will ever occur. Thankfully, her work never faltered, and eventually, she received an invitation to join the Black Sun Family, which she graciously accepted. Now, as a part of the Family, she serves the Dark Prince and lives a life according to the motto -- Family, Honour, Profit.

A Shocking Discovery

When Black Sun's annual physicals came along, Amelia complied and visited Doctor Spree Razzix, the Vratix doctor of Xucphra for her check up instead of her usual clan doctor. Much to her surprise, Doctor Razzix discovered that she had a second liver, which was quite abnormal for a Kiffar. After a DNA test and confirming the results with her birth records, the good bug revealed that she was indeed a hybrid -- both Kiffar and Zeltron. Processing this news was quite difficult for her and she immediately asked him for a prescription to Space Xanax and then quickly left the office.

After finding out what she was, the first thing she did was call her cousin, Draelor Nah`utal, to break the news to him. Thankfully, he knew already and had assured her that her clan status was not in jeopardy. When asked why he never informed her, she was told bluntly that she had enough to deal with. This prompted anger in her, but she did her best not to show it since she did understand. After the call, she knew she would need to talk to her mother but she had decided that'd be best left for another time, after she had time to process this... revelation.

Bad Romance

As usual for her, Amelia met a woman in a bar and seduced her quite handily, but unlike most, she kept this one around. This woman was Mishka Sorokin and the pair very quickly fell in love and started a tumultuous relationship. The two had their ups and downs and there was great passion between them and it was hard to tell what was more likely -- a passionate lovemaking session or a vicious fight. After a few weeks, the couple were broken up for seemingly good, but the Falleen had Amelia entranced. Over months, she did everything she could to win her back and eventually, she won out and the two got back together after a few months of being apart. The relationship was going extremely well and Amelia was actually committed and monogamous with her, which was a surprise to both of them. Eventually, she proposed to her Mishka and they were to be wed. Unfortunately, the two started to butt heads again and she once again found herself single.

This led Amelia to a downward spiral since she was so close to being happy and she boozed around, hopping from different bars and clubs to just use and abuse others -- using her pheromones to have her way with anyone who struck her fancy. It took a while, but she was eventually able to pull herself out of her funk and that was when she met her current partner, Castiel Angelos.


As a hybrid, Amelia stands out in Kiffar society -- her pink skin shines in the sun. She had once thought this was sunburn, so she wore bronzer to hide it, but on discovery of her mixed heritage, she decided to let her true color show. She proudly wears the Nah`utal qukuuf above her left eye, unlike many in her clan. Also, she chooses to wear her clan symbol under her left breast -- the Nah`utal wolf. On her right side, going from her thigh to her ribs, is a trio of roses that symbolizes her difficult journey through life. On her left hip, she has a heart-shaped tattoo to symbolize her lost love, Jaryn. The Black Sun logo is on the inside of her right wrist with Family, Honour, Profit written on the inside of her left wrist.


Amelia picked up painting while she was in the hospital as a form of therapy and has continued to practice it to this day. A friend of hers, Ethan Travis, urged her to start selling her paintings since he believed them to be quite good and that collectors would be interested in the pieces. She also enjoys travelling with her friends, enjoying both holidays on the beach and in the mountains and everything in between. Another interest of hers is Boloball -- she manages one of the teams in the Black Sun Boloball League (BSBL) -- the Nah`utal Wolves.

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