Amulet of Anguish

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Amulet of Anguish
Type Necklace

Perhaps one of the most haunting, remembered items of jewelry ever fashioned by sentient hands is the Amulet of Anguish . The orgins of the amulet are unknown and little is known exactly of what, if any powers it has. However, what is known that every one of it's possessors, saving Force users, has either died a miserable, painful death, or caused deaths of a similar nature to hundreds, sometimes thousands of sentients.


The amulet was first discovered in a tomb on Anzat by a team of researchers. They were lead by an Anzati named Chapary Storl. Storl was fascinated with the amulet and took it for his personal possession, a move which was illegal. Storl spent years researching the amulet and had amassed some very fascinating fact regarding the amulet and its history. However, his research was largely lost when his lab mysteriously caught fire, destroying his work. Storl himself was caught in the blaze, but survived, only to die of his burns and smoke inhalation after suffering horribly in the ruins for several days. The amulet was unscathed in the inferno.

In Pirate Hands

A scavenger found the amulet in the ruins of Storl's lab. He immediately sold it for basically nothing, but that did not save him from the dread fate of the amulet. He was found dead the next day, with chemical burns across 95% of his body. His customer escaped such a gruesome fate. The Pirate Lord Chill Quato took possession of the amulet, incorporating it into his Heavy Battle Armour. It was around this time, that he began his meteoric rise to power in Hutt Space. The death toll from his reign there numbered in the millions. However the amulet did catch up with Quato. His life ended with a heavy Ryll overdose, which he recovered from but left him unable to swallow, or breathe properly. He ended his life on a respirator.

His second in command, Nell Vngash made it his personal mission to keep the amulet from being used by anyone else. To that end, it was buried with Quato. Also with that in mind, Vngash lead research into the amulets origins. His discoveries were astounding.


The Amulet of Anguish was an ancient Sith artifact, designed by none other than Dathka Graush, an ancient Sith sorcerer who had ruled Korriban. He was a brutal ruler, even by Sith standards, reanimating the dead to fight for him, then taking their spirits into his specially designed crystalline heart. This heart was rumored to make him immortal. Vngash learned that the amulet had been designed to hold the Sith lord's after his murder, to prevent him from rising from the dead. Whether the heart was there or not, no one learned, for none were willing to open the amulet. For a time, the necklace passed into lore.


The amulet would not stay buried forever. Vandals defaced Quato's grave. Over time, it fell prey to grave robbers. The most valuable item they discovered was the Amulet of Anguish. Those who knew it's history were long dead, and it changed hands several times on the market, each time costing the owner his life in a miserable fashion, until it fell into the hands of Perrin Wolfstar the leader of the New Anzat Order. Wolfstar would not long remain in possession of the amulet. NAO was absorbed into the Galactic Empire, and Princess Gabriella Storm lead a purge through the order known to history as the Anzat Purge. Wolfstar was caught up in the purge and horribly tortured before being executed. Gabriella Storm took possession of the amulet. She too would meet a painful end, as her disloyalty to the Empire cost her both her position and her life. The Emperor ordered the amulet put on display in a museum of Imperial treasures on Selonia .

Selonia Jewel Heist

However, the amulet was not to remain a museum piece for long. A group of noted jewel thieves, lead by a well known pirate named Teniel Djo wanted the museum's treasure's. Djo was perhaps the greatest pirate of her era, and she managed to completely hoodwink the Imperial guards at the museum, despite publicly announcing she would raid the museum and even giving the exact day of her raid. Knowing the guards would be expecting a diversion of some kind, she gave them one. Which, because they were expecting it, they ignored and immediately began searching the museum for the true break in. However, once the guards ignored the diversion, Djo's crew turned the diversion into the real break in, picked off the guards one by one, and emptied the museum completely. Djo had no use for the amulet and sold it immediately to an unknown Dark Force user. How exactly it left his hands is unknown. However, it passed into the hands of Hawke Tanor, who currently possesses the amulet.