Anabelle Nah`utal

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Anabelle Nah`utal
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Mother Aethia Nah`utal (née Nyalah)
Father Decessus Nah`utal
Marital Status Married
Spouse Nikai Tonnak
Siblings Draelor Nah`utal
Born Year -6, Day 256 (Age: 22)
Religion Follower of Pashia
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Coloring Tanned
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Nah`utal Capital Group
Title Chief Financial Officer
Prior Affiliation Galactic Empire
Signature AnabelleSignature.png

Anabelle Nah`utal (/ænɑːbɛll nauːtɒl/; born Year -6, Day 256) is a Kiffar who is currently Chief Financial Officer of Nah`utal Capital Group. She was previously enlisted into service within the Galactic Empire.



Anabelle Aethia Nah`utal was born in Year -6, Day 256 on Kiffex. She is the daughter of Aethia and Decessus Nah`utal of Clan Nah`utal. She has one sibling, her older brother Draelor Nah`utal. She had a mostly normal and happy childhood, generally keeping out of trouble to an extent. With her clan living on the edge of a great forest, as a young girl she would frequently adventure sensibly into the untamed wilderness to study the flora and fauna of the surrounding landscape. These early mini-adventures sparked a near obsession with the native plants and animals, something that would drive her to want to learn more about Kiffex and neighboring Kiffu. For proper schooling Anabelle was tutored in her family's manor. Learning general education in subjects ranging from mathematics, science, Kiffar culture/history and galactic history. Surprisingly she was most interested in learning more about galactic history and in particular the fall of the Old Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire.

The pampered life was Anabelle's life. Born to the Clan's Sheyf as his only daughter had it's pros and cons. More often than naught she got her way and what she wanted - utilizing her position within Kiffar society to her advantage. For most of her young childhood she accumulated a band of followers, proving herself to be socially competent. The luxury in the young child's life progressively made her spoiled, more than happy to accept the material things and friends that came along with them.

It was around this time that her brother was sent away under circumstances that Anabelle couldn't yet comprehend. It was a goodbye that she didn't want to have happen, but her brother would keep in good contact with her while he was gone. With the departure of Draelor, Anabelle would have to step up and take on greater responsibility both within her private family and her clan. Anabelle's nearly flawless and easygoing life was replaced with one of Clan and personal responsibility. Her extensive knowledge of the landscape that has built up over the years came into practical use. She would accompany hunting parties out further than they went before as a guide of sorts. When she wasn't with the hunting parties, she was back at the clan stronghold helping domestically with errands her mother needed to have done.

Reaching the age of sixteen, Anabelle discovered she had a talent for singing after performing a local song in front of a large group in the center of the stronghold. It was a rush of adrenaline that she enjoyed very much, loving to be the center of attention for those few short minutes. After the successful act, Aethia sought to better improve her daughter's new talent. Shortly thereafter Anabelle was regularly seeing both a vocal coach to improve her range and a choreographer to improve her dancing. At the next Life Day festival held in the stronghold, Anabelle performed a sequence of songs with related choreography that was extremely better than the first. She felt after these successes that she could truly do anything that she put her mind to.

Adulthood came to Anabelle virtually without any change to her status quo. She was already handling many responsibilities within the clan, and have been doing so since she was a young child. She yearned to do something more and go someplace else. The sky was the limit, and she had the mentality that she could quite literally do whatever she put her mind to. This started the fantasies of leaving Kiffex, only to return once or twice a year to visit family and friends. Subconsciously she may have wanted to copy Draelor in the sense of his freedom to come and go as he pleases. The young Kiffar woman began to learn all she could about the basics in the galaxy, such as perfecting Galactic Basic and becoming acquainted with Core etiquette. Becoming acquainted with the rest of the galaxy, and in particular the Core was daunting but Anabelle was passionate about learning the information. What good would getting off of Kiffex do if she couldn't fit in or politely communicate with others.

Leaving Kiffex


In the early days of Year 15 Draelor returned home for one of his annual visits, an event that the entire family looked forward to. Arriving in style aboard a ATR-6 Assault Transport Phasmatis, Anabelle was immediately enchanted with this off-world splendor. After a greeting, the curious Kiffar managed to get her brother to let her look inside the craft. By this point in her life she had only limited exposure to spacecraft, let alone be allowed on board one. She was astonished, simply put. One room in particular amazed Anabelle and that room was the cockpit. It's seemingly endless rows of buttons and electronic equipment that was so foreign to her blew her mind. Being able to comprehend more things now, she asked a lot of questions and was curious as to what everything did.

Eventually pried from the ship altogether, Anabelle returned to her duties but her spark to leave the planet was stronger than ever. Over the next couple of days her drive to work, which usually was extremely high, faded at the very real prospect that she might not leave at all. Ultimately she spoke to her brother about her conviction to leave the planet on their way to a droid shop. Surprisingly Draelor related to Anabelle, something that quickly calmed the anxiety-ridden woman. She was terrified of talking to her mother and father about the subject of leaving, somehow she thought that she was expected to stay planet-side for the rest of her life. Anabelle simply didn't want to disappoint her parents. To much relief, her brother sympathized enough to help her talk to their parents about her dreams of leaving. Due to her own conviction to leave and her brother's vouching, Aethia and Decessus reluctantly agreed to let their daughter go.

Extreme happiness was the only emotion the young adventurous Kiffar felt after the confirmation. She wasted no time at all and began to tie up some lose ends within her village and personal life, content on only coming back to the planet for holiday visits. She completed her last tasks for her mother; it was a double sided coin. Her whole life was lived here and now that she finally had what she wanted within her grasps, she began to get cold feet about leaving. Consulting her mother about her hesitation, Aethia only said one sentence to her daughter - Wherever a Kiffar goes, be it Coruscant or beyond, Kiffex will always be that Kiffar's home. And that Kiffar will always have a family awaiting her return - it hit home for Anabelle. She had to live for herself, not for her family or friends on Kiffex. Finally in Year 15 she made the long awaited leap of faith, fulfilling her dream, she boarded a spaceship with her brother and took off from the planet. It was a freeing experience, she was now a free woman able to see the galaxy.

Self Searching

It was soon after leaving the planet with her brother that she would part ways with him. Draelor had a career, Anabelle didn't. But through her studies and schoolwork back home, she had places she wanted to visit. Places that had the highest reputation throughout the galaxy. The serene creative planet of Alderaan came to mind first. Not one to jump in head first usually, she tried to plan somewhat what she would do. Or even how she would get there. Finding transport, she arrived at the planet a few days later. It was all rather overwhelming and scary at first. Anabelle had arrived at Aldera, the planet's capital and what seemed to be it's largest city. Buildings of uncountable floors towered up from the landscape and gave a feeling of awe. It was unlike Kiffex in many ways, but also similar in some ways as well. It was these similarities Anabelle enjoyed. Naturally, the Kiffar eventually wanted to explore the sprawling countryside and the many villages that dot it.


Finally setting out into the countryside on her own after acquiring the needed credits and supplies, Anabelle ventured for a few days on her own. It was nice. It gave her the freedom that she longed for for so many years. However, one does not make a livelihood on simply wondering around from village to village. The young woman eventually settled into a small village out in the boot end of nowhere. It was here that she would be taught another life lesson - appreciate what you have when you have it. Anabelle Nah`utal was lucky being born the only daughter of a Kiffar Sheyf, Sheyf of a major Southern Kiffar Clan at that. It took her a trip to Alderaan and a pilgrimage into the middle of nowhere to figure that out. Ana felt foolish in a sense. Foolish that she had to go through all this to come to a simple realisation. She told herself that she would no longer be silly and act on whims, or desires of personal freedom. She already had it and didn't realise it.

Woldona. A word that Anabelle would soon come to know, love and hate all at the same time. After returning to civilisation, Ana came into contact with her brother whom had something to do. It was better than sitting on her own, having a meaningless job and possibly getting stuck on Alderaan like she was on Kiffex. Accepting, Draelor sent for her. In no time she was aboard a ship of her own and flying off to the Woldona system. Woldona is a far cry from Alderaan, a far cry from the core... a far cry from a lot of things. Located in the outer rim, Anabelle felt a little overwhelmed. But she had a job and was dedicated to do it well. She became the forewoman over some of her brother's properties on the planet, overseeing construction and the re-location of sentients. After initial apprehension she got very much into her job and found that she actually enjoyed it and the experience she was getting out of it. During her downtime and travels back to the civilised galaxy, Anabelle came into contact with the eccentric Varlathotep Al`Jormungandr Ragnvaldansson, an Iridonian galactic figure.

Some time after they met, Varlathotep Al`Jormungandr Ragnvaldsson passed away after an escape pod malfunction, sending her helplessly hurtling towards the Mondress sun. This along with the completion of her work for her brother signaled a new chapter in Anabelle's life. She was soon on a ship heading away from Woldona.

The Empire

Anabelle's ship was off heading towards Coruscant where she had every intention to join the Galactic Empire. The Empire would prove to be a home, a place to where she could focus her energy. To be frank, the young woman was excited to arrive on Coruscant. Finding temporary room and board on the planet, she began to seek enrollment into the Imperial Academy. After being processed by customs, the Kiffar found herself on the galaxy's most populated and arguably most important planet. It was a new lifestyle but once again she would adjust, after all she had little choice in the matter. Arriving at the Imperial Academy, she was assigned a Training Officer, given studies, and shown to her room. It was all a blur and the hectic lifestyle of Coruscant jarred her senses, but she gladly began studying her material. On the academy grounds she took solace in a small park, electing to study there over anywhere else most of the time. It was the smallest piece of tranquility she had during her academy tenure.

She was a very devoted, albeit nervous student. Preferring to delve into her studies over social contact with others, Anabelle made very little friends initially. However, at heart she was a social butterfly and eventually reached out to other people. Sharing the same bond with other recruits, she knew she had made the right choice to come to Coruscant. The blood, sweat and tears put into studying paid off and Anabelle graduated from the Imperial Academy on Year 15, Day 127 with honours. She immediately requested to be put into Regional Government. Having no interest in the army, navy or industry... she knew her heart lied with civil service.

Anabelle was seemingly settling well into her new Imperial way of life. The Core, and the Empire more specifically, exposed her to a new way of life. Setting herself into a new apartment, she decorated it with the latest in home furnishings. Whether admitted or not, materialism ran rampant in the minds and culture of the Core and Anabelle certainly fell victim. The Kiffar indulged herself with fashion mostly. It was different from her homeworld, in most cases everyone was first judged by their outer appearance. This judgmental mentality fueled an obsession with Anabelle and her appearance, wanting to make her assimilation into Core society as smooth as possible. In a galaxy where you're put under scrutiny for it, this seemed the most logical choice. Over time, she did in fact find her place within the Empire and the galaxy at large - finally finding happiness with herself.

Returning To Your Roots


Anabelle had seen so many worlds, and so many people in the short time that she had been in the Empire. It was all eye opening, it shed light on how the galaxy lives - in Imperial Space that is. Shortly into her tenure as Junior Superintendent, the Kiffar would realise that she made the wrong career choice upon entry into the Empire. She loved her work in Government, however, the workload seemed to become all too much for the young woman. A few good things would come of it though, such as meeting Nikai Tonnak. The two met at an offworld bar and immediately hit it off. A few short weeks later, they were officially dating. Thereafter, Anabelle put her transfer request in. She wanted to join the Imperial Army. The Kiffar were a very warlike race, so it seemed to be a natural fit. The physical activity wasn't too demanding due to her childhood on Kiffex. With luck, she was stationed near Nikai which proved to be the catalyst to strengthening their relationship. As well as transferring, the young Nah`utal applied to become a Writer for the Imperial Information Service and summarily was placed on the resurrected project of the Iron Will magazine.

Things were looking great, a great career and a fulfilling personal life. News from home would see all of that halted. Anabelle's mother had fallen severely ill, prompting the Lieutenant to take an emergency leave of absence for nearly a full month. It was bitter sweet, as it slowed Anabelle's progress in the Empire... but family always comes first. Tending to her mother day by day, she saw the aging woman become healthier and healthier with each passing week. Eventually it was deemed that she was healthy enough for Anabelle to return to the Empire in ernest. Anabelle, a superstitious woman, believed there was a lesson to be learned in everything. From this family crisis, she rose stronger in will than ever before. Taking back a healthy dosage of loyalty and family values, the Lieutenant returned to her duties with more zeal than ever before.

Soon after her return to the Empire, it would seem her superior officers would take note of this refreshed drive. Anabelle was promoted from Second Lieutenant to First Lieutenant on Year 16, Day 19. She was soon given a new post, a harsh and frigid world. It was the complete opposite from Kiffex. Consequently, this new mission would take Anabelle and Nikai further away from one another. There was a fine line between their personal life and their Imperial duties, something the coupled valued immensely. Once on the planet the new wildlife astonished Anabelle, from the seat of her combatspeeder she saw many Tauntaun. Ferocious creatures with little sympathy and regard for life beyond their own. Frankly, the young officer didn't feel quite at home in frozen conditions.

The frozen planet would prove to be the first among many to be visited by Anabelle, all of which were so diverse and filled with many flora and fauna. It harkoned back to her childhood and early teenage years when she would tag along with some woodland hunter parties and saw the wilds of southern Kiffex up close and personal. However, there was little time to truely take in the beauty and splendor before she was rushed off towards the next destination. The outer rim was chaotic and soon her business there was finished, she was on a shuttle headed back to the core. Civilization. She settled back into the normalcy she had before. One day by surprise Nikai showed up at her apartment, it had been some time since they've seen one another due to conflicting schedules. Nikai proposed after over a year the two had been dating, Anabelle said yes.


Shortly after her return to the core, Anabelle would see herself transferred. It was decidedly in the best interest of the young woman, moving to the Imperial business center that is Corellia. She was offered the position of being the Executive Officer for the 3rd Brigade, settling into her new post with ease. She much preferred the hustle and bustle of Corellia, carving herself out a nice existence on the planet. Almost simultaneously accepted with her post in the Army, Imperial Intelligence hired the Captain to become the newest Military Intelligence Agent for the Corellian sector. She would quickly learn that the rumors stating that II is the most difficult branch to gain entry to were not merely rumors, but facts. After undergoing rigorous examinations and tests, she was cleared for duty and began serving immediately.


In the waning days of Year 16, Anabelle attended the Regional Government's inaugural Masquerade Ball. The event hosted many prestigious Imperials from across the Empire, including the Emperor himself. Attending with her Fiancé, Anabelle would find the night to be a success. Attending Empire-wide events was usually always a success for those in attendance, meeting and socializing with Imperials would usually prove beneficial in the long run. This was something Anabelle was quick to catch on to since the beginnings of her career. Shortly after attending the event, Vash Andron, the then current BCO of the 3rd Brigade, needed to take an emergency leave of absence with no clue when he would be able to return. Seizing this opportunity, Captain Nah`utal applied to become the new 3rd Brigade Commanding Officer, which was swiftly accepted. Drawing upon her experience as the 3rd Brigade Executive Officer, Anabelle took command of her Brigade on Year 16, Day 285. Through determination and proving her value to the Imperial Military, Anabelle was promoted to Major after taking the reigns of the 3rd Brigade.

Taking command of the Brigade was a valuable experience that taught her the inner workings of command within the Empire. The Nah`utal was a natural leader, something she proficiently proved during her time as the Commanding Officer. She soon, however, had many things begin to build up in her personal life and she had to eventually retire from command. She was placed back into rank-and-file, being soon transferred to a different sector briefly before becoming Executive Officer of the 6th Brigade. This was a second shot for Anabelle to continue to prove herself to her superiors and those working under her. She wished to prove her strength, willpower and endurance; it's a Kiffar state of mind. During this transition, Major Nah`utal retired from several posts she had within the Empire to solely focus on the administration of the 6th Brigade. This alienated her from many of her counterparts, who seemed to hop at the opportunity to take on addition responsibilities within the Empire. Her attention was already spread thin, she didn't wish for it to detract from her duties.

Gradually as Year 17 progressed, Anabelle began feeling disenchanted with the current state of affairs within her personal and professional life. Her greatest and closest confidant, Nikai, told her to do what she wanted and he would support his fiancee. On Year 17, Day 133 Anabelle officially retired from service within the Galactic Empire on good terms. She was not a traitor to the New Order but in fact she kept the ideals of the Empire with her during her departure. Her leaving was met with many good lucks from many people whom she worked with, though truly, she never became close with many people within the Empire. They only knew her on a strictly professional level which is something she values being a private person. Leaving the bustling skies of Corellia and Tapani behind she boarded her personal ship and headed to her home, Kiffex.

Draelor contacted Anabelle soon after her departure from the Empire, questioning her what she was going to do now. Expressing that she didn't know and that she honestly wanted to take some time off her elder brother quickly offered her a position within his company, Nah`utal Capital Group. If anyone knew Anabelle's strengths and her value as an employee it would be him. She became Chief Financial Officer, taking to her responsibilities and duties nearly immediately. Hit the ground running. So much for the downtime the Nah`utal had hoped for. Her appointment within Nah`utal Capital Group officially marked the end of her Imperial career and marked the beginning of new exciting opportunities. After all Anabelle has started over before, what could one more time do?