Ancient Rakatan Hypercore

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Ancient Rakatan Hypercore
Type Rakatan technology

Ancient Rakatan Hypercore is an technological artifact of an bygone era of Infinite Empire, who ruled most of the galaxy more than 25,000 years ago. The artifact in itself is theorized to be revolutionary piece of technology for the Rakata and today's standards. Although no one has discovered any meaningful way to incorporate the technology in current hyperdrive engines, it still shows promises in other fields, as the hypercore could give possible insights of Hyperspace itself and physics that are involved. The core was retrieved on Tattoine by Dr.Barkahm, an academic, who through the expedition kept records, that gave insights of how the team was able to find the treasure trove of Rakatan technology.


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On year -2 an expedition was carried out within the outskirts of Western Dune Sea on planet Tatooine. The team of explorers was led by Dr.Barkahm, an controversial archaeologist who was cast out from the academy on being accused of raiding tombs and selling artifacts to black market. While he had a dirty past , he was a man of extensive knowledge of ancient civilizations. Dr.Barkahm was also a staunch supporter of theory that Tatooine was once a lush world that had large oceans and a world-spanning jungle inhabited by the native and technologically advanced species known as Kumumgah. Whose culture and civilization was destroyed by Rakatan Infinitive Empire. The theory amongs some of the intellectual circles is that Kumumgah rebelled against Infinitive Empire rule and in response Rakata subjected the planet to an orbital bombardment that "glassed" (that is, fused the silica in the soil into glass, which then broke up over time into sand) the planet and boiled its oceans away. As such Dr.Barkahm held a belief - that somewhere under all those sand seas may lay untouched structures of Rakatan origin that would still hold untouched cache of artifacts of the ancient empire. Somewhere around year -3 he was first contacted by private investors who offered to fund expedition to Tatooine, and at the end of the very same year he was ready to begin the expedition.

Eth Tadmap.jpg

Route that the team took from local spaceport

Following the lead of local oral legend from Jawas and some of the moisture farmers, Dr.Barkahm was able to find the place that was locally known as Howling Tomb, a cave with complex inner structure that no one had explored fully. It gained the name Howling Tomb, as during great sandstorms wind created such echoes in the deep cavern walls that it seemed that the dead was calling. The cave was like a labyrinth and to many explorers it was their tomb. First chemical compound tests proved promising as sand nearby the tomb had high consistency of rare elements not found on surface. With that the camp was set up and reinforced as the cave was near the Sand People hunting territory, one of the reasons why the cave wasn't much explored. First teams that were sent returned with no results as they usually reached the dead ends in the cave structures, and per protocol needed to return with the data to map out the place.

Desert cave.jpg

Entrance of the Howling Tomb

Frustrated with no results and couple of deaths that resulted from Sand People skirmishes over couple of last nighst, an disciple of Dr.Barkahm, named Kernard Cal developed a new way to faster discover anything worth of interest within the cave. By combining the chemical analyzer that detected the rare elements in the sand and radio mapping geometry computer, the young disciple was able to create a tool that could detect rare elements at greater distance thus making a map of traces of rare elements. It payed out, as clear trace was revealed that led to one of the unexplored cave tunnels. A team was sent, and what they discovered was unbelievable.

The tunnel led in to a grand antechamber like room, that clearly showed signs of intelligent design, as there were barely readable aurebesh markings in the walls and there was overall symmetry to the room. Dr.Barkahm noted that perhaps the room was actually part of a ship or a facility, but as eons passed, it was swallowed by the sand while erosion turned the metallic outer hull into stone. Further investigation, revealed that deeper in the structure were strange looking panels of sorts with an Rakatan figure overlooking them. Dr.Barkahm theorized that they were computers or terminals of this structure that was buried. The team also discovered in a room that looked like and engineering bay, a device that was in outstanding prime condition as it seemed that no decay had touched it. On sight analysis of basic chemical compounds showed that the device was indeed 25,000 years old. The device also had a glow and seemed to be still active. Dr.Barkahm wrote down in his report that while Tatooine was supposedly been put under heavy orbital bombarded by Rakata in the last generations of their Stellar empire, they might not know of the ship/facility existence when they commenced the bombing. Perhaps it was a rogue organization within the Infinitive Empire. It is to be discovered yet, Dr.Barkahm wrote in the last entry of the report.

Initial research on Hypercore

When team returned the core to their investors at Caldria space station, they immediately began investigation of the strange devices and artifacts that were uncovered from the cave. Dr.Barkahm was allowed to work on the device and unlock its purpose. He theorized the device was actually an Rakatan prototype of new hyperspace core, that was using the phase-space theory and was in constant flux of phasing in and out and thus bringing some amounts of energy in form of unstable Tachyonic matter from the different plane of dimension. The principle was something similar when ships entered in hyperspace, but the core didn't traverse any distance. It also didn't create any trans-physical effects that created ripples in space-time. It just made micro jumps in and out of hyperspace unknown amount of time, as even with most sophisticated video or any other information capturing technology it seemed that device remained still. He further theorized that the new hyperspace core was developed to replace the existing Force-based technology that had profound consequences which led in the end to the total collapse of the Infinite Empire. The hyperspace core is currently located on Caldria space station within the Outer Rim region. Only time will tell what new mysteries it will reveal about the last desperate struggle or Rakata or even hyperspace itself.