Andromeda Armory

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Andromeda Armory
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader Joni Wight
Owner Samuel Ashen
Historical Information
Founded Year 12 Day 287
Dissolved Year 13 Day 73
Political Information
Affiliation Confederacy of Independent Systems
Industry Production, Item Manufacturers
Holosite Andromeda Armory

The first leader of Andromeda Armory was Shotan Turok. Leadership changed on Year 13 Day 44 to Joni Wight. It is unclear if this is a permanent change or temporary change. It is later revealed by Shotan Turok on Year 13 Day 46 that he had been injured in an accident and thus been incapacitated. He puts the blame on himself due to the accident for the company's slow delivery of weapons and that he should of asked Samuel for assistance earlier. He asserts that Joni and Samuel are honest and that all will get their ordered weapons and he is sorrowful that he had caused so much trouble.

On Year 13 Day 73 Andromeda Armory closed its doors.


During a time of change and uncertainty within the galaxy, Andromeda Armory emerged as a strategically positioned arms powerhouse, as a group of specialists that found each other in a growing time of uncertainty. These specialists came together to form a strong company, however, the demands and knowledge of business overwhelmed them. A friend stepped in to help: Samuel Ashen of Andromeda Security. Thus was born Andromeda Armory. The company quickly rose to prominence by manufacturing outstanding weaponry that governments, mercenaries and bounty hunters desired. The company believed that the best enemy is a dead enemy and to accomplish that you need the biggest gun in the gun fight. So, we ensure to have most anything a customer could want at the finest quality. Andromeda Armory has built a reputation for excellence. A reputation that continues to this day. Our work force is trained by some of the best instructors in the galaxy here at Andromeda Armory Academy-trained to construct each piece with the knowledge of a professional and the precision of a master-you can always count on Andromeda Armory’s weapons to be of the finest quality. Shotan Turok, President and CEO of Andromeda Armory, worked diligently to maintain such a high level of quality. As a leader within the weapon producing community, it was the CEO’s choice to always maintain not only the best quality, but the best prices as well- a giant amongst giants, producing the galaxies best commercial weapons for its customers at the best prices imaginable will carry Andromeda Armory into a new era of weapons servicing excellence. As part of the Andromeda family, security within the corporation and without is above standard, ensuring the delivery or the depot of the weapons protecting them from the likes of pirates, thieves and the other miscreants of the galaxy Andromeda Armory as a part of the Andromeda Family of Factions enjoys complete Security from Andromeda Security, so your orders are always safe.[1]



  • Andromeda Armory Banner Year 13.png (Year 13)