Annabeth Hawkes

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Annabeth Hawkes
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother Charlotte Hawkes (Missing; Presumed Dead)  
Father Augustus Hawkes
Siblings Tiberius Hawkes
Ampelius Hawkes
Born Year -7 Day 96
Died Year 14 Day 191
Physical Description
Gender Female
Political Information
Prior Affiliation

Annabeth Hawkes was born into the prestigious House Hawkes and groomed for a life in the public spotlight. While she showed little interest in the art of law or politics, she showed a keen sense of creativity, enjoying the relaxing nature of painting a majestic canvas or writing an inspiring piece of literature. The hobbies continued through her childhood and into her adult education, before she enhanced her skills with an interest in urban development, a skill she always enjoys using throughout her employment. While sophisticated and very particular on her relationships, she is regularly seen in taverns and establishments with a less than savoury nature, in an effort to communicate with all other walks of life while maintaining her standards and composure. A keen shopper and nature advocate, she is rarely seen in anything but the finest materials, while advocating a position of caring for animals, never wearing them as trophies or garments.

Home to Hawkes

Spread Your Wings

Annabeth was born to parents Augustus and Charlotte Hawkes, the youngest of three children. Given their experience at parenthood, Augustus and Charlotte quickly placed Annabeth into the finest care while their political and philanthropic endeavours kept them away from their newly born child. Surrounded by hired hands, along with her two brothers Tiberius and Ampelius, Annabeth was welcomed into a society of means and prosperity, one of warmth and wealth for her to dabble. As the ability to talk and walk came naturally, Annabeth was slowly introduced to similar habits of her siblings, a life of medicine and political life in the spotlight. The house of Hawkes had grown used to seeing themselves in the public spotlight of Alderaan, frequently entering political races and endeavours to better the lives of the more average sentients, either as a Mayor or Governor of the planet. While the introduction wasn't completely fruitless, Annabeth failed to show a similar level of interest as her fellow siblings, not enjoying the sight of blood or showing much interest in the arts of public life and political lifestyle. While only at the age of four the prospect of being groomed was far-fetched, she wanted to simply enjoy her childhood. While her other brothers studied history and campaigns on how to enrich and control their lives, Annabeth showed a more keen interest in running through the large gardens on the grounds, escaping through the various shrubberies and flower gardens, falling asleep in the sun rather than with her head buried in a book.

Growing in sophistication and knowledge, Annabeth began her professional education at the Education de Alderaan in Terraium City on Alderaan.

The House Hawkes Palace outside Mercatol City.

Understanding the intricacies of life easily, Annabeth was able to excel at her classes, allowing her spend more time throughout the various gardens of the school, embracing nature and its beauty instead of the ever-repeating nature of education. Her gifted mind was easily able to interpret the basic teachings of her classes, keeping her above the grade average. While the core curriculum was one of a less stimulating nature, Annabeth saw enjoyment in various creativity areas, which transpired throughout her private life. As she spent time analysing the growing plants, caring for them and nurturing them into majestic figures, she was able to capture various moments by painting various scenes, recording the final drawings and artwork in her personal datapad while also writing basic prose for her personal correspondents. While at the age of six the writings were rather rudimentary, they were still stimulating and an enjoyable read, a skill that would only improve with age and experience. As the years began to pass by at a more rapid rate, Annabeth not only grew in knowledge, but experience. Her writing was improving and her abilities in the real world were increasing. While born into a life of privilege, away from danger and the hardships of everyday life, she never shy'd away from getting her hands dirty. On the outskirts of the school, there would regularly be a pasture littered with Nerfs seeking a feed. While forbidden and going against stringent rules set forth by the school, Annabeth would regularly jump the fence and spend hours with the animals, feeding and caring for them while capturing them in both her journals and artwork.

Following in Footsteps

Upon graduating from the Education de Alderaan facility, Annabeth returned to the homestead on the outskirts of Mercatol City to spend time with her family once more. Tiberius had recently shipped out to a young gentleman's academy in Aldera, a path Annabeth would no doubt soon follow, but for the remainder of the year Annabeth spent some time with her parents and uncle Hadrian, telling them about her growing education and her various hobbies throughout the years. While she had maintained visits where possible, she hadn't been able to spend a great deal of time with Augustus and Charlotte. Having a limited affinity for her uncle Hadrian, Annabeth had no qualms in spending time away from her uncle, she however did miss her parents. As a gift for her fine work throughout her minor years of education, and more importantly for her thirteenth birthday she was given a small BARC Speeder to allow her more express travel throughout the various cities close by on Alderaan. Despite her relatively young age and sophisticated nature, she was allowed free reign by her parents. Given their experience with two sons before her, they had little fear in Annabeth's abilities to fend for herself. While she had received no combat training and had no capacity within her to harm another being, she had the evident skills from her heritage to talk her way out of anything she desired. Using the speeder, Annabeth travelled to the Royal Jade City having heard of its rumoured beauty and mesmerising landscape, something with failed to disappoint. Upon her arrival she was simply taken aback. The ever expanding horizon displayed the most incredible sunset for her, something she immediately captured on her personal datapad. Finding a small open area of peaceful space, she sat and removed a small quill and holopad, and immediately began to write, sometimes drawing within the margins. Her affinity for creativity had allowed her mind to wander to areas of bliss within the horizon, something she aspired to capture with each word she wrote.

After spending a number of days in the sun and nights under the stars, Annabeth returned to her parents with news that she would be boarding close by in the city of Aldera with her brother Tiberius Hawkes, while she spent time at the Aldera Institute, a advanced school to help prepare her for her eventual acceptance into the University of Aldera. While they spent nights together in the same house alone, Annabeth spent limited time with Tiberius, instead devoting a great deal of her time to her private hobbies, enjoying the ideas of artwork or writing the next enthralling piece of prose to inspire another. While her coursework failed to once again meet a challenge, Annabeth used her extra time to form a small institute corespondent, giving her the ability for students to share their work to a wider audience. Contributing a number of articles and entires in its first issue, Annabeth began to grow a solid reputation, something many aspired to as they tried to get an edge in their coursework. Whether an article about political uprising, a creative take on her imagination or the history of her BARC Speeder, each piece managed to enthral with little to no criticism.

Moving In Another Direction

Next Chapter

Graduating from the Aldera Institute was granted a year earlier due to her extensive extra circular activities and her outstanding academic record. With a year until her intake with the University of Aldera where she would join her brother Tiberius, Annabeth decided to spend some money, using some of the assets her family had built up over the years she began to retask her wardrobe, embracing a more regal stature publicly, while investing in various small enterprises and endeavours. While come prospects would return a minimal investment given their small nature in the welfare of other Alderaanians, she saw an interest manifest in property and development of cities. While she continued to write and paint during her hiatus, she would instead change from painting scenery or the environment to one of a grand new city or a plan for change within someone that was growing dilapidated. With the choice for subjects for her next stage of education still undecided, Annabeth decided to focus on a life in urban development, one of growth and nurturing instead of death and destruction. Given her enjoyment in the matter, Annabeth began to volunteer at a small planning office in Aldera, keen to get a head start on her university degree. As the Tenloss Syndicate was in the motions of rolling out a number of new development cities on the planet, the planning office was always full of work to do.

Annabeth celebrates the birth of her development.

One such development city was that of Kappa, planned within the large forest of the same name. Given her affinity for nature and its beauty, Annabeth submitted a plan to the office that saw the continual growth of the planet's economy with the new city in prime efficiency, while still maintaining the beauty of the forest surrounding it. Overwhelmed by her enthusiasm and design, the plan was chosen and submitted to the local government for approval, which soon saw the city developed.

With a city development under her belt, Annabeth spent time overlooking the city while her studies commenced, finding it easier to contemplate and understand the work at the University of Aldera given her recent experience. Borrowing a Delta-Class JV-7 Escort Shuttle from her father, Annabeth was able to easily travel to and from university and survey the work underway, without sacrificing her development to her education. As the development continued over several months and years, Annabeth found her education growing more and more around the prospects of development and further away from the desires and paths of her parents and brothers. While she negotiated contracts and understand the inner workings of real estate, she had no desire to lobby or become a political activist, she wanted to plan and watch her vision become a reality, while in turn trying to save the environment and its beauty. While many aspired to be her, or in turn be with her, many failed to meet her exacting standards. Remaining focused on her coursework and the city development of Kappa, she had little time for friendships and relationships. While she was able to refute many easily, she was obsessively pursued by Corellian Gregor Orian. Mesmerised by her beauty and abilities, Gregor would constantly seek Annabeth's attention in classes, while following her outside in personal hours, in an attempt to seduce her. While somewhat attracted, Annabeth refuted the various advances made to focus on what she deemed important, a task which grew increasingly difficult as time continued.

Disperse the Distractions

As she moved closer to graduation from the University of Aldera, Annabeth was still being harassed by Gregor, unable to send a clear message due to her kind hearted, warm personality. She continued to humour him will rejecting his various advances, doing everything within her control to distract him, even attempting she introduce him to others of a female form. With her desire still not sinking into the bewildered Gregor, Annabeth sent a communication to her brother Ampelius Hawkes for assistance. While she was able to return her focus to the final weeks of her classes, Ampelius was able to dissuade Gregor from her, reminding him of the various legal avenues he could pursue should Gregor not call off the hunt for his desires.

The ever present Gregor Orian and his unmeasurable desire for Annabeth.

Graduating with her Urban Development degree from the University of Aldera, Annabeth quickly received an offer for paid employment within the Aldera Planning Office, however given she had just had her twentieth birthday, she had a desire to travel and experience a holiday before undertaking a permanent position of employment. Using the family assigned Delta-Class JV-7 Escort Shuttle, Annabeth took her first trip off world and travelled the rest of the Alderaan system, spending some time on Delaya before travelling through the shipyard district of the Tyed Kant system and the Tepasi system. The constant development within the shipyards of Tyed Kant showed Annabeth what an effective manufacturing scheme looked like, something she had failed to experience within her lifetime. As she remained inside the Delta-Class JV-7 Escort Shuttle, she couldn't help but break out her datapad and write the experience down. The rapid movement of machinery, the colossal construction effort through the many shipyards, the whole experience was mesmerising to her.

Given her degree in Urban Development was done, Annabeth, having seen the undertaking by the shipyards of the Tenloss Syndicate, wanted to be apart of a larger enterprise, something that affected a greater audience and not just the people of Alderaan. Refusing the offer to return to the Aldera Planning Office, Annabeth looked around various galactic enterprises, regardless of their location or affiliation, to find something that would suit her desires. While an extensive search, it managed to turn up a worthy prospect, one of Rwookrrorro Industries. While a Wookiee founded and primarily affiliated company, she felt welcomed and had a desire to make a difference with the population of tribesman and women. Given the use of a family BFF-1 Bulk Freighter but father Augustus Hawkes called the Pride of Sovereignty, Annabeth commenced some raw material hauling tasks to help the regional company out of their headquarters. While the work gave her a sense of philanthropy and one of helping others, it detracted from her desire to plan and develop cities and lands for governments, enterprises and citizens, given that hauling materials wasn't so majestic. Despite the use of a larger ship and helping out a small, growing Rwookrrorro Industries with their tasks, Annabeth quickly felt her desire wain and resigned from the company, instead returning the the family homestead on Alderaan. Wondering if perhaps she was destined to remain on her home planet and not see the galaxy, she spent the next few weeks among the gardens on the estate, caring for the various animals and majestic plants that littered the grand gardens of the homestead, pondering her next career move and what she would ultimately want to do.

Do What You Know

Using the Skills

After some considering and consultation with her parents, Annabeth decided to desired and logical move was to return to her skills within Urban Development. Despite the contracts open to her and her family on Alderaan, Annabeth wanted a new environment to play with, somewhere she hadn't experienced or lived with, to give her a fresh start and a clean slate. Through research and investigation into several markets and societies throughout various regions of space, Annabeth decided to settle with Anzat, the Anzati home world in the Maldrood sector. Landing in the capital city of New Belmont, Annabeth traveled through the various business districts in search of a desirable first contact for her employment. While the Anzatan Commonwealth presented a strong opportunity, the relatively new subsidiary Anzatan Medical presented an even bigger challenge. With a growing medical enterprise in its inception stages, Annabeth would be able to plan and develop the various medical hubs it would require, while also developing a number of social centres and entertainment precincts to enhance the local population. Meeting with a number of representatives, Annabeth with introduced to Raptor Cardel, who invited her into the company, seeing her quickly transfer to the planet of Centares, the headquarters of Anzatan Medical with the Maldrood sector.

Settling into her new environment, Annabeth was quickly given a role within Urban Development and tasked with the development of the essential cities for the medical company to operate. While her initial efforts were warmly regarded and implemented, she founded the larger projects more of a challenge. Instead of planning smaller cities and communities, she found herself needing to implement entire districts and operations for a larger company that was being groomed to support a government wide operation, something Annabeth hadn't experience thus far. While open to the challenge, she quickly undertook longer hours, pouring through research and statistics to create the most efficient and effective environment she could for the company. While spending a number of nights at the headquarters, she was approached by Raptor Cardel with the desire to assist her. Welcomed given her relative inexperience and lack of sleep, the two began to work together in a larger capacity, a relationship that soon crossed over into a personal nature, that while initially covert, was made public to internal operators within Anzatan Medical. With the relationship revealed and a strong and effective team developing the company's enterprises, Annabeth continued to work with Raptor, seeing an even greater output of cities and plans, which in turn saw an increase to all medical outputs for the growing company.

However, after a few months of hard labour it all came crashing down. With Anna and Raptor's relationship strained, the two eventually separated due to personal conflicts. Not looking back, Annabeth boarded her ship and set to the galaxy. Away from the Anzatan Commonwealth, to a new venture.

New Horizons

Vorsia Awaits

Soon after leaving Anzatan Medical, Annabeth confided in some friends. They advised her to journey to the Neshig sector of the galaxy, and to Vorsia Companion, home of Countess Lilith Delcroix. Arriving on Vorsia, Anna was greeted by the Countess and her friend, Tex Navos. This led to an eventual work relationship. Annabeth joined Dark Skies Gearworks, headquartered out of Vorsia and led by the Countess herself. However, Annabeth's stay was short and erratic, having only nearly completed one half of a job. Something rocked her world and her family's, leading the young woman to have a series of panic attacks. While on the sight of a major job in Trade Federation space, Anna's father Augustus Hawkes called her bearing news no daughter would wish to hear. Her mother Charlotte was kidnapped, the home on Alderaan ransacked. While her father kept a few choice details away from his daughter, Anna had already caught wind of whom the culprit might actually be. However, this news caused Annabeth to immediately and permanently resign from DSG and head home, to Alderaan.


Annabeth died alone, emotionally unstable, and on the edge of a total mental breakdown. She joined her family in the Empire, shortly after the death of her mother. Even then, she only followed for emotional support during the long, tear-filled nights. Endlessly she questioned who would take her mother's life. It only drew her closer to madness. However, academically she excelled. Missing Honours in the Imperial Academy by one point, finishing her exams quickly. Bouts of suicide flung from the far reaches of her mind onto the forefront. In a inevitable climax, on day 191 of the 14th year, she took her life in the bathroom of her academy dorm. Annabeth was only 21 years of age.