Anomis Wox

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Anomis Wox
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Unknown
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown (deceased)
Siblings None
Children Riard Wox
Born c. Year -55
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Gray/White
Eye Color Gray
Political Information
Affiliation Wox Logistics
Trilon Inc.
Rank Admiral
Positions 2IC
Prior Affiliation The Kalsi Ascendency
Joruba Trading Corporation

Anomis Wox (IPA: ənoʊmis ʋɒks) is a Human male who currently leads Wox Logistics, an unincorporated shipping company. He is also a member of Trilon Inc..


A gruff-voiced, tall man of nearly seventy years, he has shoulder length gray hair and a full, but trimmed beard. He always wears a black suit with double-breasted gold buttons and a black cape.


Little is known about Woxs past. He is a human, possibly born in the Core Worlds region. Some suspect his birthworld to be Corellia, due to his preference for Corellian Engineering Corporation ships. He fathered a son, Riard Wox.

Early in Year 14, he emerged from twenty years in hiding and acquired a YT-1300, the Flamesaw, from an old friend. It would become his flagship. Shortly thereafter, he attained employment with Joruba Trading Corporation, working with Brand Malden, ferrying raw materials and building trading stations. While in that employ, he founded Wox Logistics, an unincorporated shipping company.

After 6.5 months with Joruba, Wox left to join Jack Kalsi, the son of an old friend, founder and leader of The Kalsi Ascendency. Wox was appointed second-in-command of the latter trading conglomerate. He has used this position to grow his shipping company and increase contacts. The Ascendency later merged into a scheme run by Corey Vildras, which ultimately dissolved. Wox then returned to his former associate Brand Malden, who was a leader of Trilon Inc.


The ship prefix used by Wox is [WOX].

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